Cute Transsexual Newhalf Reina Himesaki Jerking Off In Lingerie & Stockings

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Sep 212011

Japanese Shemale Reina Himesaki Teen Newhalf Jerking Off Cock In Pink Stockings And Suspenders Video At Shemalejapan

Cute Transsexual Newhalf Reina Himesaki is one of the most regular newhalfs on Shemale Japan, and is back looking hot in a lingerie corset and pink panties and stockings.

This beautiful ladyboy is one of the prettiest of the Shemale Japan newhalfs, and her videos, of which she has done eighteen since her debut in 2009, show her jerking off and even doing a few hardcore scenes.

In her latest video Reina poses in her lingerie and stockings, then lays back naked on the bed and tugs vigorously on her cock.



Japanese Shemale Yuna Momose Teases & Masturbates In Uniform & Panties Video

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Sep 182011

Japanese Ladyboy Yuna Momose  Jerks Off Erect Cock In Schoolgirl Uniform Video At Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Yuna Momose saunters into the room wearing her school uniform and a shy smile.

Like most schoolgirls, Yuna loves attention from men, so she teases by giving slight glimpses of her panties under her skirt.

Lifting her skirt, she teases further by showing off the tops of her bare thighs and buttocks, and puts her fingers in the gap where her pantie thong cuts between the cheeks of her pert ass.

Getting on her knees, Yuna gives a rear view as she touches her butthole and fondles her ball sack through the thin strip of her panties.

Pulling her panties to one side, Yuna becomes more aroused as she moves her ass and fingers the brown eye of her butt.

Then sitting in a chair she pulls her stiff erection from her panties and strokes herself off.

Hiro reaches out and takes her throbbing cock in his hand, then vigorously wanks Yuna off and makes her orgasm.


Japanese Shemale Cocoa Jerks Off Her Cock And Cums On Leather

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Sep 142011

Cocoa Japanese Ladyboy Newhalf Plays With Cock In Fur And Bling Video At Shemalejapan

Japanese Shemale Cocoa is a bit of an animal in bed and has a passion for sex!

Twenty-one year old Cocoa lives in Osaka and works as a ‘Delivery Health’, which is a Japanese euphemism for outcall girl.

Cocoa loves to cum by being ass-fucked and jerked off at the same time, so if you ever take ‘delivery’ of this gorgeously tanned newhalf you’ll know how she likes it!

Cocoa came to my hotel room dressed in some sexy fur and her jungle bunny bra, boots and panties.

Stripping off she knelt on the bed she pulled out her stiff cock from her leopard print panties and started to stroke her hard erection.

Cocoa’s cock is one of the loveliest cocks I’ve seen on a newhalf, and I could have just sucked her off right there and then, but she wanted to show me more…

Kneeling on a leather seat, Cocoa tugged on her cock and the bangles on her wrist jangled as she jerked herself off vigorously.

As she increased her rhythm I noticed the look on her face as she neared her orgasm, and she shot several jets of cum onto the smooth leather surface.


Japanese Secretary Jyuri Plays With Her Erect Cock In Ripped Pantyhose Video

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Sep 072011

Japanese Secretary Jyuri Wanks and Plays With Her Erect Hard Cock In Torn Pantyhose Video At Shemalejapan

Japanese Shemale Jyuri is a smart looking secretary dressed in her conservative business attire, but when she gets home she likes to whip out her cock and relieve her sexual tensions, as seen here in her latest video at Shemale Japan.

Jyuri looks over the rim of her sexy glasses as her hands explore her legs encased in sheer glossy pantyhose.

She lifts her tight skirt to reveal her stiff cock trapped behind the sheer nylon mesh of her sexy pantyhose and gives her erection a good rub.

Ripping open the gusset of her pantyhose with her manicured fingernails, she frees her huge cock and encircles her fingers around the shaft of her hard erection.

She then tears the seat out of her pantyhose and spreading her legs, she teases the puckered ring of her exposed ass with her fingers.

Jyuri then waves the shaft of her erect penis as she strokes herself off, rubbing the bulging cockhead of her throbbing meat against her pantyhosed thigh for maximum pleasure.


Sep 052011

Nene Aizawa Pretty Japanese Ladyboy In School Skirt Plays With Her Little Cock Video At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Nene Aizawa has a fun time pulling down her panties and playing with her meaty cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan.

Nene’s lovely long flowing hair decorated with a pink bow, innocent doe-eyes and a pretty mouth painted with red lipstick, make her look so adorable.

Yet this sweet looking cutie has a big surprise for you hiding in her soft, silky panties as you’ll soon see in her video!

When Nene gets home from school she opens the front of her shirt and starts to play with her soft, round tits.

Undoing the button on her skirt, she lets it fall down her smooth legs and reveals the bulge pushing against the fabric of her tight little panties.

She pulls out her lovely erect cock and lets it poke out from the elastic waistband of her pants. She then gives her erection a good tug as she stands with it sticking out from under her school skirt.

Playing with her stiffened penis, she circles her fingers over the purple head of her pulsing erection, making little sounds of pleasure as she handles her joy stick.

Hiro could not resist reaching out and playing with Nene’s lovely stiff cock, making her utter sounds of pleasure as he tugged on her throbbing love pole.

For such a pretty, sweet innocent looking ladyboy, Nene sure does have a nice big shecock!


Japanese Newhalf Mai Ayase Jerks Off In Net Stockings and Shoots Cum Over Her Fist

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Sep 012011

Japanese Newhalf Mai Ayase Jerking Off In Net Stockings Video At Shemalejapan

Japanese Newhalf Mai Ayase dresses like a real classy MILF in her elegant dress, net stockings and heels in her latest video at Shemale Japan.

Mai Ayase seductively caresses her shapely legs in net stockings as she sits cross legged on the sofa, allowing the split in her dress to part and give a glimpse of stocking topped thigh.

The look on Mai Ayase’s face as her hand reaches between her legs and strokes the bulge in her panties, is one of concentrated sexual arousal.

Holding her cock in place,  Mai rubs and teases her prick behind the fabric of her black panties, until eventually she can’t contain her desire and pulling her panties to one side, out springs her huge erection!

Mai Ayase utters sounds of sweet joy as her fingers trace the rim of her bulging, purple, cock head; the thick veins standing out on the shaft of her throbbing erection as she strokes herself off.

Circling the sensitive ring of her butt-hole with one finger, Mai Ayase grips her cock and tugging on it hard, she shoots thick strands of cum over her fist and onto the glass table top.