Japanese Shemale Kaede Gets Fucked By Her Boyfriend In Uncensored Hardcore Video

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May 252013
Japanese Ladyboy Kaede Fucking In Hardcore Movie At Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Kaede get a fucking from her boyfriend then fucks him up the ass in this uncensored hardcore video

Kaede was horny for sex with her boyfriend, so turning around she lifted her skirt to tease him with a view of her panties covering her sweet little ass.

Jiro got down on his knees and put his face right between the cheeks of her butt and savoured the smell of her ass through the soft material of her pretty panties.

Removing her panties, she pulled her ass cheeks to one side and Jiro licked the puckered ring of her anus with lustful abandon, his tongue rimming her perfect butthole and tasting the sweetness of her ass.

Kaede lifted her dress to offer Jiro her stiff cock, so he stuck out his tongue and it glided over the purple crown of her erect prick. She brushed her fingers through Jiro’s hair as he gave her a blow job, which made her utter girly sounds of pleasure as he enthusiastically sucked on her cock.

They both got naked and Jiro lay down on the floor of the shower room while Kaede covered her cock and balls with baby oil. Straddling his hips, she moved her slippery butt crack over the stiff rod of his erect penis, then inserted his cock in her ass and allowed it to slip deep inside her ladyboy pussy.

Kaede’s cock stood hard and erect from her groin as she quickly bounced up and down on Jiro’s cock, and he grabbed her stiff member and jerked it off at the same time.

Jiro then took his turn to have Kaede’s lovely slim cock up his ass and she fucked him hard, while wanking his oiled up erection in her hands.

The pair ended up in the bedroom where they started fucking again on the bed in a series of positions. Jiro pumped his hard prick up her tight, little ass, while she jerked herself off and finally climaxed by squirting hot jizz over her naked belly.


Japanese Shemale Escort Yuno-Kominami Wanking In Her Black Garterbelt And Stockings

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May 202013
Japanese Shemale Yuno Kominami In Sexy Black Stockings Plays With Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale escort Yuno-Kominami wanks in her sexy black garterbelt and stockings in this video at Shemale Japan

Yuno-Kominami is 24 years old newhalf escort who lives and works in Tokyo and as you can see in her latest video, she likes the goth alternative look and used to be in a Visual-Kei rock band in her teens.

When we met up she was wearing some black lace over a sexy leopard print top, and a black garterbelt with the suspenders attached to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Sitting on the sofa she opened her legs to reveal she was wearing black panties and the tip of her erect cock appeared over the top. As she slowly pulled down the panties her thick, erect penis emerged in all it’s glory; a great big shlong with a large thobbing cock head that stood proudly in her lap.

Yuno looked so gorgeous as she sat with her stockinged legs spread and her fingers covered in black lace gloves wrapped around the girth of her stiff cock. Licking her lips she tugged on the shaft of her erection, her lace fingers touching and teasing her anus for extra pleasure. Her hand moving in quick rhythm as she wanked her shlong and the light shining off the purple dome of her cockhead

Having stripped off, she knelt on the bed in just her garterbelt and stockings and gripping her cock in her fist, she rapidly pumped her her hips as she wanked herself off.


Japan Shemale – Yuu Hoshibana Teases Her Hard Cock In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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May 172013
Yuu Hoshibana Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Cock In Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japan shemale Yuu Hoshibana teases her hard cock through her sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Shemale Japan

Yuu Hoshibana is a well known newhalf escort in Tokyo and is quite a flirt, as you will see in her latest video where she strips down to her pantyhose and plays with her fabulous cock.

Like I say she flirty and made sexy talk as she unbuttoned the front of her tight fitting blouse and opened it to reveal she was wearing a hot pink, lingerie bra with black lace trim. Then she turned around to lift up the back of her skirt and show off the pert cheeks of her sexy little ass sheathed in a layer of tan, sheer nylon pantyhose, under which I could see she was wearing a pink pantie thong.

Yuu rolled down her pantyhose until they were around the tops of her thighs, then moved her ass around like a dirty little slut, with the thin pink material of her thong stretched over her asshole between her buttocks. She stood there kneading her bum cheeks in her hands, rolling her nipples between her fingers and touching her cock through her panties, which by now was getting quite hard.

Yuu pulled her pantyhose back up then sat down and rubbed her erect cock trapped behind her panties, through the outer layer of her pantyhose. Then she pulled down her panties and released her stiff cock still inside her hose, and rubbed the round head of her cock against the thin, yet tight nylon fabric of her stretchy pantyhose.

As she tore a hole in the front of her pantyhose, her stiff cock broke free of it’s confinement and she gave it a quick wank as it poked hard and erect through laddered nylon hose.


Japanese Shemale Mai Ayase Shoots A Heavy Sperm Load Over Her Naked Belly

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May 152013
Japanese Shemale Mai Ayase Is A Sexy Nude Ladyboy Wanking Her Hard Erect Cock

Japanese Shemale Mai Ayase Jerks-off her cock and shoot a heavy load of cum over her naked belly in this video

Mai Ayase stood half naked by the window wearing only a white blouse and concealed her erect cock in her hands by keeping it pressed close to her belly.

Then slowly she removed her hands and allowed her cock to spring free, and stood with her erect penis stuck out at a forty-five degree angle as her hands caressed her slender body.

Mai’s cock is really big when erect and she stood showing off the thick curve of the shaft, with the light reflecting off the taut shiny skin the huge purple, bell-end.

Mai Ayase turned and pushed her cock down so it was sandwiched between her thighs, then lightly brushed her hands over the cheeks of her sweet ass and pulled them apart to give a view of her ladyboy pussy.

Laying on the bed she softly uttered words of lust as she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft of her shecock and began to wank it with a steady rhythm of her hand.

The throbbing purple head of her cock looked like a huge plum as she pumped it up with rapid strokes of her fist, then suddenly cried out as thick ropes of sperm shot into the air and landed on her naked belly as she climaxed.


Japanese Ladyboy Lisa Wanks Her Shecock In Ripped Nylon Pantyhose

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May 132013
Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Lisa Shows Her Cock In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Lisa wanks her shecock in her ripped and torn sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Shemale Japan

Lisa  looked very sexy in her smart suit as she stood and lifted up the back of her skirt to give us a view of her pert ass cheeks sheathed in a layer of fine, sheer nylon pantyhose.

Reaching under her skirt she used her fingers to rip open the front of her pantyhose and her fabulous cock flopped out and hung down with the purple bell end swinging between her thighs.

Lisa’s fingers clawed at the delicate nylon of her pantyhose so it laddered down her legs and got tangled around her heavy balls, uttering sounds of sexual delight as she grabbed the meaty shaft of her erect cock and wanked it off.

Sitting down in the chair she pulled her legs back and then ripped a hole in the rear of her pantyhose so her ass was exposed through the shredded nylon. Then she pushed her cock and balls between her thighs and pressed them together, the puckered ring of her anus winking in response to the sensation of her hand tugging on the shaft of her shemale shecock.

Lisa looked so beautiful as she lay on the bed wanking her cock and her hand increased in rhythm as she felt her sperm begin its journey from her balls, whispering words of sweet joy at the approach of her impending orgasm.

Suddenly she came and her body jerked in a series of spasms as thick, white cum shot out of the end of her throbbing prick and splattered over the laddered nylon of her pantyhosed thighs.


Japanese Ladyboy Reina Minazuki Plays With Her Fabulous Cock In Black Fishnet Stockings

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May 102013

Reina Minazuki Japanese Ladyboy Wanks Her Cock In Sexy Black Stockings and Suspenders at Shemale Japan

Reina Minazuki’s legs were covered in black fishnet stockings as she sat with her black sheer nylon top open, revealing the soft, flawless skin of her belly and her petite tits with their perky brown nipples.

Sitting with her stockinged legs stretched out, her curvy cock stood erect in her lap as she reached to grasp and give it a gentle stroke with her hand rubbing up and down the length of the thick shaft.

Getting up she walked over to stand near the shower and stood there displaying her half-hard, meaty cock and balls hanging down between her legs, all nicely framed by her garters and the lace tops of her sexy black stockings.

Reina removed her heels and then, still dressed in her lingerie, she slipped into the bath which was filled with clear water, making her nylon top and stockings all wet and clingy.

Getting into a standing position and bending over, she pulled her buttocks to one side to give a view of the puckered ring of her ass, all clean and wet from the bath. Then she pushed her cock and balls back so they were sandwiched between her thighs and moved her fabulous ass up and down in a very sexy way.

Reina then stripped off and lay naked on the bed, pumping her oiled up cock in her tight fist and squeezing out her juice from the shiny bell end of her throbbing erection when she climaxed.


Japanese Crossdresser Chuling Plays With Her Cock In School Uniform & Panties

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May 082013

Sexy Japanese Crossdresser Chuling Plays With Hard Cock In School Uniform And Panties At Shemale Japan

Chuling is proving to be a big hit on Shemale Japan which is no surprise as she is a very cute, 18 year old Japanese crossdresser with a pretty face, lush, jet-black hair, a slim figure and nice big cock.

Chuling lives in Tokyo and is already a bit of a starlet with her own cult following in Japan and her debut photo set and video which we recently released at SMJ has attracted a lot of new followers.

Chuling tells us she falls easily for bad-ass guys and would you believe it she’s still a virgin… Maybe she’s waiting for the right guy to some along and give her what she needs.

In her latest video Chuling is dressed as a sexy Japanese schoolgirl who lifts up her skirt and rubs her cock to hardness through her tight fitting panties.

It’s very erotic to watch as she puts her hand down her panties and plays with her cock behind the stretchy material that covers it. Then pulling her panties to one side to allow her cock it’s freedom, to give it a long, loving stroke of her hand as she tugs back the foreskin over the shiny purple knob of her erection.

Stripping off her panties, she pushes her penis so it is sandwiched between the back of her thighs, then sits and thrusts her hips up and down so the thick cock shaft slips through her fist as she enjoys her masturbation session on the bed.


Japan Shemale – Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Nene Aizawa Plays With Her Hard Cock

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May 032013

Nene Aizawa Is A Sexy Ladyboy Lifting Her Dress And Playing With Her Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Nene told us she is planning to go to the USA later this year and particularly has her sights set on living in California. She personally prefers western men, especially those with fit and muscular bodies, so if you are in the states you may just get the chance to hook up with this hot, little cutie later in the year

After Nene talked about her plans, she slipped off the straps of her dress to show us her perfectly formed hormonal tits which look very natural and round, with pink puffy nipples she likes to play with. She then stripped out of her dress to reveal her slender body with soft flawless skin and the jeweled piercing in her belly button.

Nene sat and teased her genitals by pulling her lacy pantie thong around her cock and balls, and her prick soon became hard and pushed against the material in the front of in her thong, until she finally released her erection so it poked over the top of her panties.

Her erect cock stood up straight and the purple head shined like a bright cherry she sat and wiggled it from side to side. Then she pulled her panties to one side and explored the gaping hole of her ladyboy pussy, as she stroked the shaft of her erect penis and played with a sticky strand of pre-cum on the tip of her finger.

After removing her panties she stood and spread the cheeks of her ass to show where she loves to take it up the puckered ring of her ladyboy cunt, then pushed her erect cock back and sandwiched it between the flesh of her soft, naked thighs.

Imagine popping this pretty girl’s cock in your mouth and making her squirm as you slide your tongue over her cherry red helmet and feel it pulsing as she builds up to her orgasm.


Horny Newhalfs Ran Mizumoto And Koyuki Kase Sucking And Fucking In Hardcore Video

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May 012013
Sexy Japanese Ladyboys Playing With Their Hard Cocks In Panties Hardcore At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese newhalfs Ran Mizumoto and Koyuki Kase get together for some sucking and fucking in their hotel room in this video at Shemale Japan

Newhalfs Ran Mizumoto and Koyuki Kase got together last week in a hotel room and were very excited from the start, quickly getting down to having some fun on the bed as soon as they met.

Koyuki in particular was very forward and immediately groped Ran’s cock through her dress to see how hard she was, then pushed her other hand down the top of the dress to give her tits a feel.

Ran slipped her hand under Koyuki’s short skirt and felt her friend’s cock through her while lace panties, while Koyuki put her hand under Ran’s dress and pulled it back to take her cock out of the red panties she was wearing.

Koyuki grabbed Ran’s thick cock and tugged on her shaft and teased her butt hole with one finger, then the pair kissed and their wet tongues danced around their mouths as Koyuki continued to masturbate Ran.

Koyuki kissed Ran’s naked tits and worked her way down her belly before popping her friend’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it with audible sounds as she bobbed her head up and down; sliding her delicate wet tongue over the purple crown of Ran’s huge erection, which gave both girls much mutual pleasure.

Koyuki lubricated her finger with some gel and slipped it up Ran’s asshole while she continued to masturbate her friend, pulling and tugging on that meaty cock and screwing her finger inside that butt hole, all of which Ran found very intense.

Ran got her chance to do the same to Koyuki and then pushed her cock up her tight, little ass and gave her the fucking she needed in lots of different positions. Then they reversed roles and Koyuki pushed back Ran’s legs and fucked her deep in her ladyboy ass cunt, while Ran jerked herself off and ejaculated over her own belly.

Koyuki then licked up her friend’s cum off of her belly and cleaned up the spunky cock with her tongue gliding over the taut skin of Ran’s throbbing bell end.