Ren Ouka Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Off Her Stiff Cock In School Uniform

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May 212014

Cute Japanese Ladyboy Ren Ouka strips off her panties and wanks her stiff cock while still in her school uniform in her video at Shemale Japan

Ren Ouka looks so cute as she poses like a shy schoolgirl in her uniform, her smooth legs will have you wanting to run your hands up her thighs and feel the bulge in her panties under her short, plaid skirt.

Ren turns around and lifts up the back of her skirt, giving a glimpse of her pink panties and sweet bum cheeks, so soft and just begging to be touched and squeezed.

Being a naughty girl, she drops her panties slowly down her legs and steps out of them, then turns and lifts up her skirt to show her semi-erect dong, hanging between her thighs.

Ren unbuttons her shirt and pulls it open to play with her flat breasts and nipples, while she looks down and strokes her sweet penis and it’s thick purple cockhead in her hand.

Her cock gets harder and stands erect at an angle, lifting up the fabric of her short, plaid skirt and twitching under the soft material, which surrounds her throbbing member.

Ren sits on the floor with her legs open, then wrapping her fingers around her stiff  rod, she tugs on it gently with her hand moving up and down the shaft.

Her tight balls bulge in her tight scrotum as she pulls herself off and the puckered ring of her ass winks as she masturbates with her skirt surrounding her erect cock.


Renka – Beautiful Japanese Newhalf Plays With Her Cock In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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May 092014
Japanese Ladyboy Renka Plays With Her Hard Cock In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

Beautiful Japanese newhalf Renka enjoys having a play with her erect cock in sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Shemale Japan

Shemale Japan continues to bring you the hottest and freshest newhalf cuties from Japan and today we welcome Renka, who is a 25 year old transsexual escort working in Fukuoka and Hakata in Kyushu.

Renka has a real air of sophistication about her and has a beautiful face which is framed by dark hair, a great body with soft milky skin and a super hard cock.

Renka decided to do her first video with us after hearing good reports from other models who had appeared of SMJ and she loved stripping off and getting her cock hard in front of the camera, she’s quite a natural in fact.

Renka has fabulous legs and here you’ll see her showing off her erect cock that bulges under the clingy nylon gusset of her sheer pantyhose.

Rolling her pantyhose down so they were stretched around her thighs, she then pulled up the tiny black lace pantie thong so it was tight around her balls.

Turning around, she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and used her fingers to spread open the muscles of her ladyboy fuck hole.

Renka turned around again to wank her cock, her hand stroking at leisure along the distinct curve, up to the ridge of the thick, bulbous cockhead, which reflected the light across the taut skin of the purple crown.


Shion Suzuhara – Horny Japanese Ladyboy Fucked Up The Ass In Hardcore Video

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May 072014
Shion Suzuhara Super Sexy Japanese Ladyboy In Uncensored Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese ladyboy Shion Suzuhara gets fucked up the ass in her uncensored hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Shion Suzuhara Japanese Ladyboy Gets Her Cock Sucked At Shemale Japan

Shion Suzuhara Japanese Ladyboy In Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

Shion Suzuhara Japanese Newhalf Fucked In Uncensored Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

Shion Suzuhara makes her debut appearance on in true hardcore style in this video, where she really shows what a sexy tgirl likes …. Getting fucked by a stiff hard cock!

Shion is one seriously hot young ladyboy, beautiful and slender in appearance, with some gorgeous tits and a hard cock that is just perfect in size and shape.

Shion is 20 yrs old and tells us she loves having her nipples and asshole licked and teased before getting fucked. ‘It drives me wild’, she says and admits to enjoying rough sex, the harder and filthier it is, so much the better!

You’ll see Shion in action in this hardcore video where she is dressed as dirty teenage slut and enjoys having a hand up her short, plaid skirt, groping her cock through her panties until it’s stiff and hard.

Kenji takes hold of her erect prick and gives it a good tug in his hand and rubs his own cock up the side of her stiff stalk, so their cockheads meet and touch.

Shion then gets down on the floor in front of him and tilting back her head, she opens her mouth to let him sink his meat sword deep in her throat and fucks it so his balls bounce off her chin.

The dirty little slut sucks and slurps on his bell-end as she jerks-off her hard, throbbing cock in her hand, she’s so excited having his schlong fucking her hot mouth and feeling it hit the back of her throat.

There’s a lot more hardcore goodness that follows, too much to describe here. If you want to see Shion getting fucked up the ass, do not miss this full length uncensored video…


Ren Ouka – Cute Japanese Newhalf In Pink Lingerie and Black Pantyhose

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May 022014

Cute Japanese Newhalf Ren Ouka strips down to her pink lingerie and black pantyhose then strokes her cock at Shemale Japanese


Ren Ouka is our newest addition to SMJ and we think you are going to love seeing this 19 yr old newhalf stripping and playing with her cock.

Ren speaks English, Japanese and Korean as she has traveled extensively in her lifetime and lived for a time in the USA, where she studied for 3 yrs in Chicago.

Her mother was a fashion model in Korea and it would appear she’s inherited some of her mother’s figure and good looks. She certainly knows how to pose and look sexy in her short skirt and show off her legs in her black pantyhose.

Ren works in a show pub here in Japan where she entertains guests and tells us she is attracted to men who are wild and passionate when she’s having sex.

Watch as she slips off her heels and sitting with her feet on the sofa, she puts her hands between her thighs and rubs her cock through her pantyhose and panties.

Stripping off her pink satin bra and pantyhose, she then pulls out her super sweet cock from inside her panties and laying back she strokes her erect member in her hand.