Rise Kaneshiro – Cute Newhalf Stripped Naked Wanking Off Her Huge Cock

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Nov 282014
Rise Kaneshiro Pretty Naked Japanese Ladyboy Playing With Her Stiff Cock At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese newhalf Rise Kaneshiro strips off her panties and gets naked, then wanks her huge erect cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Newhalf Rise Kaneshiro is fast developing from naughty teenage girl into a beautiful woman, as you will see in her latest video…

This is a Rise that we have never seen before, looking so sophisticated and sexy in her smart office wear as she sits and runs her hands over the soft, bare flesh of her crossed legs.

Rise beguiles with her typical shy manner, so charming and appealing to a lot of men who like the submissive nature of Japanese girls. So naturally, she complies with Hiro’s request to open her legs and show the bulge of her cock behind the crotch of her cute blue panties under her skirt.

Getting up, she stands to pull up the back of her skirt and give a view of her pantie thong between the hemispheres of her cute little butt, then gives her sweet ass cheeks a slap of her hand. She pulls aside the back of her thong and spreads the heart shaped cheeks of her ass to give a naughty look at her lovely tight bumhole, which is where she likes to be fucked.

Rise turns and pulls her stiff cock out of her panties and waggles it between her fingers, tugging back the taut foreskin over the shiny purple cockhead as she wanks it off. Its quite a contrast, seeing this huge cock belonging to such pretty girl, and even Hiro can’t resist reaching out and giving that magnificent specimen an good wank in his hand.


Miharu Tatebayashi – Japanese Newhalf Jerking Off and Ejaculating Loads Of Cum

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Nov 242014
Japanese Newhalf Miharu Tatebayashi Plays With Her Stiff Erection In Panties In Her Video At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese Newhalf Miharu Tatebayashi jerks off her big cock and ejaculates lots of hot, thick cum in her video at Shemale Japan

Miharu Tatebayashi is a petite, 22 year old, newhalf from Tokyo who loves to play with her big, stiff cock at every opportunity and showed us just how she likes to stroke it and make herself cum…

Miharu was chatting away to Hiro when she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and as if by magic she produced a very stiff cock that stood strong and erect in her lap. She teased her rigid cock, sliding the tips of her fingers of both hands up and down the long shaft and over the dome of her bulbous cockhead.

Stripping off her clothes, pink panties and bra, she stood with her erect member at an angle from her body, then gently thrust her hips back and fourth so her cock stabbed at the air and her heavy balls swung between her soft, creamy thighs.

Thrusting her hips, she pumped her cock with her fingers wrapped around the shaft, the taut foreskin pulling back over the swollen head of her dick as she moved her hips in a steady rhythm. The purple crown of her erect cock poked out of her clenched fist as she fucked her hand, her balls now even tighter in her scrotum, building up under the pressure of releasing her jizz.

Miharu sat with a look of concentration on her pretty face as she squeezed her throbbing cock in her hand, making her tight balls bob between her thighs as she wanked herself off. She uttered small sounds of pleasure at the approach of her orgasm, then suddenly ejaculated multiple ropes of thick semen which poured out of the end of her cock onto the floor.