Konsatsu Satsuki – Japanese Ladyboy Strips Naked and Plays With Her Hard Cock

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Mar 272015
Japanese Ladyboy Konsatsu Satsuki Playing With Her Hard Erect Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Konsatsu Satsuki strips off her bikini panties and plays with her hard cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Konatsu has a fit and slender body and her typical tanned ‘Kuro-gal’ looks make her a big hit with many men who are attracted to this type of girl with their make-up and clothes.

Of course, Konsatsu has something a bit ‘extra’ to offer in that she’s got a nice big cock stuffed down her panties, through most guys wouldn’t know that as she is so feminine. So when she goes out to clubs and guys pick her up, they may get a surprise when their hands go up her skirt and find a nice bulging package inside her pantie thong.

In her latest video she shows you the goods and begins by stripping off her panties and stroking her erect cock. Her slender fingers hold the shaft as she tugs it gently and between her thighs her tight balls move up and down with each stroke of her hand.

Hiro needs to get a feel of this specimen, and reaches out to wrap his fingers around her hard prick to wank her off. His hand moves up and down along the the throbbing shaft, tugging back the foreskin over the shiny purple knob of her erect penis.

Konsatsu strips off her top and bra stands fully in front of Hiro as he continues to wank her chubby dick and lets him do what he wants. Then she kneels and Hiro runs his hands over the smooth skin of her buttocks as she stays in that position; the puckered ring of her ass looking so inviting as her cock and balls hang heavy between her thighs.


Rena Araki – Pretty Japanese Newhalf Strips Naked and Plays With Her Cock

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Mar 162015
Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Superstar Rena Araki In New Video At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese newhalf Rena Araki poses naked and looks at herself in the mirror as she plays with her cock at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Rena Araki Posing In Sexy Black Panties At Shemale Japan
Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Rena Araki Posing Naked In The Mirror At Shemale Japan
Japanese Transsexual Rena Araki Naked and Playing With Her Cock At Shemale Japan

Rena Araki (24) is a beautiful and charming newhalf from Tokyo, and won the “Japan’s Most Famous Transsexual AV actress” award in 2014. She is just the type of girl you could take out on a date and no-one would know she was packing a penis down her panties.

Long brunette hair frames her beautiful face and her eyes twinkle, she smiles warmly as she sits poised, hands resting lightly on her knees. Her voice is very feminine when she talks, and answers the questions that Hiro puts to her, in a charming and friendly manner that is so attractive.

Rena stands to strip off, slipping the top of her dress down her arms to reveal her perfectly formed breasts and their perky brown nipples. Her skin is smooth and flawless, as you will see when she slides the dress down her slender frame and lays back down on the sofa. Then she hooks her thumbs into the waist of her thong and pulls it down to reveal her erect cock as she draws her panties down her long, slender legs.

Rena stands and poses as she plays with her small but beautiful cock, just the right size for someone who is looking to get into sucking a she-dick for the first time. Well, we all have to start somewhere and given that she likes to meet guys to fuck, you may just get the chance to meet this girl one day if you are visiting Tokyo.


Yume Masuda – Cute Newhalf Schoolgirl Strips Off Her Panties and Wanks Her Hard Cock

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Mar 112015
Pretty Newhalf Yume Masuda In Sexy School Girl Uniform Skirt and Socks At Shemale Japan

Cute newhalf schoolgirl Yume Masuda strips off her panties and wanks her hard cock in her sexy, short skirt in her latest video at Shemale Japan



Yume sat on the sofa, looking quite demure in her school uniform – grey woolen sweater, short plaid skirt and knee-high socks – her voice both feminine and melodious while she talked about herself to our photographer, Hiro.

Yume appeared so sweet and innocent, with her long brunette hair framing her oval shaped face and cute dimples appearing at the side of her mouth as she chatted away about her sexy, short skirt.

But don’t be fooled – this girl enjoys having a mans hand up her tiny skirt, pulling aside her panties and and getting her hard cock stiff and excited. Yume likes to masturbate a lot and when she gets home after a long day at college, it’s up with her skirt and down with her panties for a much needed wank to relieve her frustrations.

We asked her to show us what she does, so she stood by the window and lifted up her flirty skirt to reveal her cock bulging under the stretchy material of her tiny, black thong. She giggled sweetly as she rubbed her cock through the tight, shiny nylon of her panties, then reached inside to release her erection from it’s confinement. Her stiff member suddenly sprang into view over the top of her panties, throbbing as it stood at an angle to her body.

Yume sat and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, then pulled them from under her ass and attentively stripped them over her naked thighs, socks and shoes. Opening her shirt, she pulled down the cups of her black bra and exposed the soft mounds of her tiny tits, and stroked her rigid cock that stood erect against the folds of her plaid.

Yume went over to the window and standing with her back against the frame, she lifted her skirt up high and took her cock in hand. Smiling sweetly like a real pretty girl, those characteristic dimples appeared at the edges of her soft pouting lips and she wanked her erection in open view of the window.