Ran Hasegawa – Japanese Maid Teasing and Masturbating In Sexy Black Stockings

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Apr 292015
Japanese ladyboy Ran Hasegawa wanking in her maid costume, black stockings and heels at Shemale Japan

Japanese maid Ran Hasegawa in black nylon stockings, pulls down her panties and plays with her shecock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Ran Hasegawa dressed as a sexy maid in black stockings is just the girl you need to help service your needs, perfectly. In fact, if you had this cute doll in your employ, I doubt there would be much housework getting done, as I’m sure you would find her useful in lots of other ways.

Sitting with her legs crossed, she flirts and teases with some cheeky upskirt poses of her sexy, white pantie thong between the cheeks of her fabulous ass cleavage. She pulls the back of her thong to one side, exposing the puckered ring of her anus, her shapely buttocks bounded by the taut black suspenders pulling on the tops of her stockings.

You invite her into the bedroom and she gets on her knees like a proper submissive housemaid and tilts up her magnificent ass. Ran pulls her panties down around her thighs and places her hands around her buttocks, spreading them wide apart to offer you the pleasure of her ladyboy pussy.

Laying back with her feet up on the bed and her legs open, she pulls out her erect cock and waggles it around between her stockinged thighs. Ran presses her erect shemale schlong forward and then lets it rebound against the thin waist band of her thong that is stretched between her legs.

Pulling back her legs so her cock and balls are sandwiched between by her thighs, she tugs on her flexible joy stick as she caresses the soft flesh of her gorgeous round arse.


Konatsu Satsuki – Horny Schoolgirl In Uniform Jerks Off Her Cock and Cums Over Her Belly

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Apr 242015
Naughty ladyboy Konatsu Satsuki teasing in school skirt and socks at Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese schoolgirl Konatsu Satsuki strips off her uniform and wanks her cock until she cums over her naked belly in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Konatsu Satsuki lifting her skirt in school uniform at Japan Shemale
Japanese Ladyboy Konatsu Satsuki shows her stiff cock under her school skirt at Shemale Japan

Konatsu Satsuki is so cute as she relaxes at home in her school blazer, plaid skirt and socks as after a long day at collage. She’s been feeling horny all day long and now she just wants to play her cock and release her sperm to relieve her sexual frustrations.

Konatsu finds it’s not easy being a teenage girl with a cock that keeps getting stiff at inconvenient times, especially while sitting at her desk in the classroom. The tightness of her panties around her bulging erection made her want to put a hand up her skirt and jerk off under the desk. But she decided it would be better to wait until after class and then she could release her cock from it’s constraint and give it some proper attention.

Once home she stood in her socks and lifted up her skirt, revealing her tiny pantie thong and the smooth flesh of her thighs. She pulled her skirt higher and bent over to pull aside her panties and expose the tight ring of her bum hole, the place where she’d like someone to rub the head of their cock and penetrate her tight little ass.

Konatsu turned around and pulled her cock out of her panties and started wanking, her balls so round and tight in front of her closed thighs as she jerked herself off.  She wrapped her fingers around the shaft of her erect penis, tugging the taut foreskin back over the shiny purple knob of her throbbing dick with every stroke of her hand.

Stripping off her uniform, Konatsu reclined in a leather chair and tossed herself off, building up her pleasure until she climaxed and ejaculated gobs of thick, hot sperm over her flat, naked belly.


Minami Minamino – Japanese Crossdresser Wanks and Cums Over Her Belly

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Apr 122015
Sexy Japanese Newhalf Minami Minamino Looks So Fuckable In Her Pussy Costume At Shemale Japan

Japanese crossdresser Minami Minamino teases in her pussy cat costume then wanks off and cums over her flat belly in her video at Shemale Japan

Minami Minamino is actually a crossdresser from Tokyo and looks every bit as feminine as our other girls when she is dressed up in her favorite outfits.

In her last video she dressed as a sexy schoolgirl and today she’s looking super hot in her sexy pussy cat costume that features some playful kitty ears, fluffy bikini bra and panties.

Minami had rubbed baby oil all over her body that gave it a nice sheen, which showed as she stood and posed in her costume and pink stiletto heels.

She turned and stood with her legs apart, giving her tight little ass a tantalizing wiggle, making the curved cat tail sway as she moved her sexy bum.

Pulling down her panties she left them stretched around her thighs, then spread her ass cheeks and bent over to show where she likes to be fucked while standing, as this is her favorite position.

Minami stripped off her panties and got on her knees, her heavy balls swinging between her naked thighs as she offered up her ass for anyone to use and fuck.

Minami lay on the bed to masturbate, a look of concentration on her face as she beat off, her fingers wrapped tight around the shaft of her stiff cock.

Her body jerked in a spasm as she reached her cliamx and ejaculated thick, white jets of sticky cum all over the tanned flesh of her naked belly.


Himena Takahashi – Curvy Japanese Ladyboy Enjoying A Wank In School Uniform

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Apr 082015
Japanese Ladyboy Himena Takahashi In Sexy School Uniform and Panties At Shemale Japan

Curvy Japanese Ladyboy Himena Takahashi enjoys being wanked-off in her school uniform in her latest video at Shemale Japan

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Japanese Schoolgirl Himena Takahashi Wanking Her Cock In Sexy School Uniform

Japanese Newhalf Schoolgirl Himena Takahashi Strips Naked At Shemale Japan

Himena Takahashi is just what you guys requested to see – a curvy Japanese ladyboy dressed in schoolgirl uniform playing with her cock…

Himena arrives home after a long day studying, looking very sexy in her blazer, short plaid skirt and knee high socks. Sitting on the bed she opens her legs to let you put your hand up her skirt and feel the bulge of her cock through her pretty lace panties.

Himena closes her eyes with a look of pleasure on her face, enjoying the feel of your hand as you rub the front of her panties and make her cock harder. The soft flesh of her thighs against the back of your hand feels warm to the touch as you grope her cock and balls through the crotch of her pantie thong.

Pulling her cock from the side of her panties, you take her erection and wank it off, tugging back the foreskin and rubbing the cockhead against the soft wool of her plaid skirt. You hide her cock under her skirt and continue to jerk it off in your hand, then let it go to look at her erection tenting under the folds of the material.

Himena enjoys having you wank her off in her skirt, the dry friction against her throbbing cock making her even more excited as you continue to give her pleasure.