Megumi – Japanese Shemale Wanking In Black Lingerie and Stockings

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Sep 092016

Japanese ladyboy Megumi in black lingerie and lace-top stockings wanks her hard cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Stunning Japanese shemale Megumi looked so sexy as she ran her hands through her long flowing hair, sitting on the chair dressed in lacy black lingerie, showing off her legs in stockings and sexy stiletto heels.

Megumi took hold of her soft cock and squeezed it in her hand like a squishy sausage, stroking her meaty member up to full erection. She lifted and extended her legs on the table top, holding them close together so she sandwiched her hard cock between her stockinged thighs.

Megumi grabbed the cheeks of her arse and pulled them apart to show the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy – stiff cock and shaved balls bulging under pressure between her crossed legs. Her hand squeezed the soft flesh her buttocks and stretched her anus a little; the thick shaft of her trapped cock causing the swollen purple cockhead to expand against her naked thigh.

Megumi opened her legs wide and waggled her tumescent cock between her fingers, letting it jounce and roll around between her open thighs. She pressed one hand against the base of her tumescent cock, while her other hand pulled and stretched the shaft into full erection.

Megumi pulled back her legs against her chest and brought her sexy heels into close view. Looking between her legs she spread the cheeks of her arse with both hands and grabbed the shaft of her throbbing cock. She stroked the meaty shaft of her throbbing dick, her fingers lightly touching the sensitive ring of her anus as she wanked herself off in her sexy stockings and heels.

Watch Megumi wanking her hard cock in black lingerie and stockings in her latest video at Shemale Japan