Jul 142011

Karina Shiratori Japanese Ladyboy Naughty Nurse Video At Shemale Japan

If all doctors looked like Newhalf Karina Shiratori, I’m sure lots of guys would fake ailments just to see her personally for a check-up.

Dr. Karina looks so pretty as she stands and looks over the rim of her glasses, opening the front of her white coat to show off her long shapely legs in heels.

Wanting to test your blood pressure, Dr Karina undoes her coat to reveal she is half-naked, except for a sexy polka dot bikini bra and panties that barely covers her tits and cock.

Making sure your pulse is racing, Karina pulls her cock out of the side of her panties and strokes it in her manicured hand.

There’s a look of sweet pleasure on her pretty face as she toggles her erection, causing the light to shine on the fat purple cockhead as she tugs it in her hand.

Dr Karina pulls out her titties and plays with her pert brown nipples as her hand swiftly strokes off her shemale shecock.

Watch in close up as Dr Karina pulls on her prick and shoots long jets of cum into the air as she climaxes in her video.


Jan 282011

Karina (Misaki) Shiratori Japanese ladyboy in plaid school skirt with cute tits and big cock at shemale japan

Super babe Misaki Shiratori has been voted most popular Japanese ladyboy by members of Shemale Japan.

Maybe it’s because she is a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan. Though I think it’s simply because she is very feminine looking, having full breasts with perky brown nipples you just want to squeeze, plus a great figure and a fantastic cock!

To date she has done 18 videos and matching photo sets for Shemale Japan, wearing a variety of clothes from kimonos to school uniforms and stockings.

In this her latest video, Misaki comes home from school and lifts up her skirt to play with her huge cock!

Then she strips out of her uniform down to her gold bikini, and gets into a Jacuzzi full of water and gives her cock a good stroke till she ejaculates!


Dec 012010

newhalf karina at shemale japan nice tits and cock

Karina (Misaki) Shiratori is neither a prostitute nor a porn performer; she is a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan.

When Misaki agreed to do a photo-shoot for Shemale Japan back in late 2009, we agreed not to show her doing a cum shot. But in recent updates she is now doing just that, and in this latest movie you’ll see how she shoots a thick wad of cum onto a plate!

Japanese shemale Karina has mastered that doe eyed look, something that will get you doing whatever she wants.

Feel free to be mesmerized by her flawless 22 year young body – the full breasts, the curvy hips, and the beautifully tapered legs.

Youthful and beautiful, Misaki is one of our most popular girls on Shemale Japan where she has done 18 movies to date.


Aug 252010

Karina (Misaki) Shiratori Japanese Ladyboy Cock In Stockings At Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Karina Misaki Shiratori looks incredibly sexy in stockings and suspenders, her hard cock poking out of her lacy panties in this video at Shemale Japan.

There’s nothing sexier than seeing a Japanese Newhalf in black stockings and suspender belt, and Karina just loved wearing this sexy lingerie set when she made this video.

Her ladyboy cock was soon stiff she had to release her lovely cock from the confines of her tight panties, and pull them down a bit so they were just under her balls.

I loved seeing her sexy cock as it poked out of the flimsy material of her panties and I was tempted to give that sweet penis a bit of a suck!

Karina posed in all sorts of positions, even with her ass up in the air and her cock pushed behind so you see her bulging cock and tranny fuck hole at the same time.

She even jerked off and shot her sperm over a plate and looked very satisfied when she was finished. Must have been that sexy lingerie that made her feel so turned on!

Enjoy this movie of Japanese shemale Karina Misaki Shiratori wanking in her stockings at Shemale Japan.

Feb 012010

Karina (Misaki) Shiratori

Misaki Shiratori is back on Shemale Japan with a new look and a new name!

Now known as Karina, I almost didn’t recognize her! However, I’m still mesmerized by her sexy body, long tapered legs, and playful smile. She looks better than ever!

Karina is a Japanese Superstar, a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan. One look at her amazing body and beautiful pale skin and you’ll see why. She has lovely breasts and a super cute smile.

When Karina agreed to do a photo-shoot for Shemale Japan, we couldn’t believe it, but here she is with her big hard cock for all to see.

She’s done 6 movies for Shemale Japan to date, and is now officially our most popular model as voted by our members. So come on in and see Karina (Misaki) Shiratori playing with her big fat cock in her exclusive movies at Shemale Japan.