Sep 052014
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Pretty Japanese ladyboy Megumi dressed in sexy schoolgirl uniform wanks her hard cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Megumi arrives home and as she looks in the mirror and combs her hair, she gives an upskirt view of her sweet ass cheeks under the folds of her plaid school skirt.

Hiro asks if she has not been wearing any panties at school today, so she lifts up her skirt to show him the thin cotton of her pantie thong stretched over her anus. Pulling her panties to one side, she parts her buttocks, exposing the puckered ring of her ass and touches it playfully with her naughty fingers.

Megumi turns around and pulling up the front of her skirt, she giggles like a girl as she rubs her cock through the cotton triangle if her sexy pantie thong.

Sitting on the desk with her legs open, she pulls down her panties so the elastic is tight under her squishy balls and squeezes the shaft of her cock like it is soft putty in her hands. She looks so pretty as she wanks herself off and handles her girly erection, so perfectly surrounded by the folds of her plaid school skirt bunched around her hips.

Megumi unbuttons the front of her shirt and exposing the soft mounds of her ladyboy tits, she plays with the stiff, brown nipples which stand out hard and teases them with her fingers.

It’s an incredible sight seeing a girl like Megumi, with her lovely hair framing her pretty face and sparkling eyes, wanking her stiff cock with her knickers snagged under her heavy, bouncing balls.


Jul 302014
Airi Mochizuki Cute Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Cock In College Uniform At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese ladyboy Airi Mochizuki wanks herself off in her college uniform in this video at Shemale Japan

Breath taking newhalf Airi Mochizuki made her debut a few weeks ago and she’s proving to be very popular. We’ve got a real good feeling about this girl as she just seems to have it all – pretty face and soft skin, perfect tits and an ass that is just begging to be fucked!

Today, Airi returns for her second SMJ appearance, dressed in a slutty school skirt and pull up socks, showing us how she likes to jerk-off when she gets home from school.

Not shy of letting us look under her short skirt, she turns and lets us get an eyeful of her hot little ass in those sexy cotton panties she’s wearing. What a naughty tease, this girl! It’s like she wants to get you excited to the point where you’d rip her knickers off!

Sitting on the floor, Airi opens her legs and rubs her hand over the bulge in the front of her pretty panties. Reaching inside her panties, she pushes her erect cock out of the side leg and pulls back the foreskin over the purple crown of her dick.

Walking up the stairs, she stops half way and gives another look up her skirt as she pulls down her panties and strips them off. Standing above us, she pulls the cheeks of her bare naked ass apart and tempts us with the puckered ring of her ladyboy bumhole.

Turning around, Airi lifts the folds of her sexy schoolgirls skirt and tugs on her shemale schlong and her shaved balls tighten in her nut sack as she wanks herself off.


Jul 232014
Cute Japanese Ladyboy Schoolgirl Wanking Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese shemale Rise Kaneshiro wanks her stiff cock in her school uniform skirt and sexy cotton panties at Shemale Japan

Rise Kaneshiro is a cute ladyboy with beautiful pale skin and a super stiff cock, yet she somehow manages to pack it down the front of her tight, little panties.

Not only does she look and sound like a cute Japanese girl, she’s also very submissive and likes to lay back and have someone pull down her knickers and play with her erection.

Today, we find her dressed in a slutty schoolgirl outfit, lifting up her flirty pleated skirt and showing us her sexy little cotton panties, which barely conceal the bulge of her cock.

Rise strokes the ridge of her cock through the front of her tight panties for a while, then pulls the crotch to one side and her dick springs out fully hard and erect.

Your going to love it when she rolls back and pushes her stiff member between her legs, trapping her flange at the back of her thighs and tangled in her knickers. It’s an incredible sight to see her cock straining against the stretched cotton of her panties and the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy, ready to be fucked.

Enjoy this seductive little minx hitching up her skirt and wanking her fabulous cock, as she tempts us some awesome shots of her tight, little button, bum hole!


Jun 062014

Newhalf Miran In Sexy School Skirt Plays With Her Hard Cock At Shemale-Japan

Newhalf Miran Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform At Shemale-Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Miran Wanking Her Cock In Sexy School Uniform At Shemale-Japan

Beautiful Japanese Ladyboy Miran Erect Cock In Sexy School Uniform At Shemale-Japan
Miran walked into the room wearing her sexy short plaid skirt, long white knee high socks and a pair of slutty perspex heels, looking so sexy in her slutty schoolgirl outfit.

The jeweled piercing in her belly button drew the eye towards her middle, then she turned and lifted up the back of her skirt to show off the sweet cheeks of her sexy little ass.

Her orange pantie thong ran between the cheeks of her bum, looking like a hammock as it ran under her balls supported by the crotch. Then she pulled her panties to one side and spread the cheeks of her bum with one hand to show of the puckered ring of her ladyboy fuck hole.

Miran pulled down the cups of her pretty orange silk and black lace bra and squeezed the perfectly rounded domes of her transsexual titties, their stiff little nipples standing firm and erect. She slid her panties down to her thighs and out flopped her lovely cock, which she waggled around like a piece of salami sausage as she held it between her slender fingers.

Miran’s meaty cock poked out like a thick rod from under the material of her short skirt, and standing with her panties stretched around her thighs, she proudly showed it off to us. Then she gripped the shaft in her fist and pumped her hips back and fourth, pulling the taut foreskin back over the purple knob of her fantastic schlong.

Stripping off her uniform, Miran sat in the chair and pumped her throbbing erection in her closed fist. Feeling the arrival of her orgasm, she cried out and ejaculated thick sperm which spilled over her fingers and slid down the shaft of her huge shemale penis.


Jun 032014
Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Yuria Misaki Naked Tits and Cock In School Skirt  At Shemale Japan

Yuria Misaki playing with her huge erect cock in sexy school uniform at Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Yuria Misaki Playing With Her Shecock In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Yuria Misaki Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Yuria Misaki certainly is a pretty newhalf who is driving everyone crazy with her stunning looks, shapely figure and hard cock, as you’ll see in her latest video…

Yuria flaunted herself in front of Hiro, looking perfect in her grey sweater and short plaid skirt, her bare naked legs so shapely as she stood in her slutty stiletto heels. Then she smiled like a sweet teen girl as she lifted up her skirt to reveal the bulge of her cock in the front of her pretty panties.

She turned and lifting the back of her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and spread the soft cheeks to show the puckered ring of her of her gorgeous little ass. Hiro drew his breath at the sight of Yuria with her skirt bunched around her waist, holding her sweet cheeks apart in her hands to show off her perfectly tight fuck hole.

Laying back on the bed, she lifted her legs as she slipped off her panties to give a view of her cock and balls sandwiched between the back of her thighs. Sitting upright, she opened her legs and taking hold of her erect cock, wiggled it about from the base of the shaft and wanked her thickly veined erection in her slender, manicured fingers.

Yuria knelt and held up her plaid skirt and show off the long curve and thick bulbous crown of her magnificent cock, pressing down on the shaft and releasing it, to make it wobble in front of her as it stood out at an angle.


May 212014

Cute Japanese Ladyboy Ren Ouka strips off her panties and wanks her stiff cock while still in her school uniform in her video at Shemale Japan

Ren Ouka looks so cute as she poses like a shy schoolgirl in her uniform, her smooth legs will have you wanting to run your hands up her thighs and feel the bulge in her panties under her short, plaid skirt.

Ren turns around and lifts up the back of her skirt, giving a glimpse of her pink panties and sweet bum cheeks, so soft and just begging to be touched and squeezed.

Being a naughty girl, she drops her panties slowly down her legs and steps out of them, then turns and lifts up her skirt to show her semi-erect dong, hanging between her thighs.

Ren unbuttons her shirt and pulls it open to play with her flat breasts and nipples, while she looks down and strokes her sweet penis and it’s thick purple cockhead in her hand.

Her cock gets harder and stands erect at an angle, lifting up the fabric of her short, plaid skirt and twitching under the soft material, which surrounds her throbbing member.

Ren sits on the floor with her legs open, then wrapping her fingers around her stiff  rod, she tugs on it gently with her hand moving up and down the shaft.

Her tight balls bulge in her tight scrotum as she pulls herself off and the puckered ring of her ass winks as she masturbates with her skirt surrounding her erect cock.


Apr 292014
Pretty Newhalf Makina Hoshinome Wanking In School Uniform and Stockings At Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Makina Hoshinome dressed in school uniform, panties and stockings, wanks her erect cock in her video at Shemale Japan

Newhalf Makina Hoshinome Wanking In School Uniform and Panties At Shemale JapanJapanese Ladyboy Makina Hoshinome Jerking Off Hard Cock In School Uniform At Shemale JapanJapanese Newhalf Makina Hoshinome Wanking Her Cock In School Skirt and Panties At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Makina Hoshinome is our latest hot find and we are excited to bring her to you in her first photo set and video here at Shemale Japan.

Makina is very pretty and looked so cute as she sat and chatted with us hugging her cuddly toy, her legs in sexy black stockings that came up to her naked thighs.

She has a shy and submissive nature and lovely feminine sounding voice, which makes her totally like a girl in every way. Her girly shyness made it all the more exciting when we asked her to open her legs and give an upskirt view of her pretty panties.

Reaching between her legs she felt her cock behind the front of her panties and pulled the material tight around the bulge of her package. She appeared quite shy and giggled as she allowed Hiro to rub her stiffening cock, through the crotch of her pretty cotton panties.

Pulling the crotch of her panties to one side she shyly exposed her lovely cock and smooth, shaved balls. Hiro took her prick in his hand and gave it a tug and she laughed like a shy girl with her hand over her mouth as he wanked off her shemale schlong.


Apr 142014
Japanese Ladyboy Kaoru Oshima Wanking Her Cock In Slutty School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Kaoru Oshima teases and masturbates in her slutty school uniform in this video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Crossdresser Kaoru Oshima Wanking Her Cock In Slutty School Uniform At Shemale JapanJapanese Otokonoko Kaoru Oshima Wanking Her Cock In Slutty School Skirt At Shemale JapanJapanese Ladyboy Kaoru Oshima Wanking Her Stiff Cock In School Panties and Stockings At Shemale Japan
Kaoru Oshima returns home after college and turns to give us a truly awesome glimpse of her tight and perfectly formed ass, just under the hem of her short plaid skirt.

Kaoru says she likes to tease all the boys in her class by wearing her skirt as short a possible, so she can show off the soft flesh of her bare thighs, framed by the tops of her stockings, she such a slutty girl!

Of course her skirt is just short enough to reveal a flash of her sexy knickers and she loves to bend over to make sure the guys get to see the cotton material of her pantie crotch, disappearing between the cheeks of her pert buttocks.

Kaoru demonstrates to Hiro how likes to lift her skirt and tease the boys by flashing her panties and let them see her pendulous balls hanging from the side of her pantie crotch.

She’s been rather surprised by how many off her male class mates actually accept she is a girl with a cock and balls. She even suspects they go home after letting them see up her skirt and masturbate while secretly thinking about how they would really like to fuck her up the ass, even though they know she has a cock!

But that just makes their fantasies all the more exciting and their desire to bed a pretty girl with an erect cock and fuck her up the ass is such a erotic experience like no other!


Mar 072014
Rise Kaneshiro Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Wanking In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Rise Kaneshiro strips off her school uniform and wanks herself off until she cums in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Rise Kaneshiro was feeling really horny when she got home from college, so she went straight to the bathroom to have a wank and play with her shecock.

She looked at herself in the mirror and admired how sexy she looked with her hard, erect cock surrounded by the folds of her sexy little skirt. She could have almost spunked over herself, right there and then!

Hiro caught her playing with her cock and wrapped his fingers around her warm erection, feeling it pulse in his hand as he pulled the taut foreskin back over the shiny, purple dome of her stiff shecock.

Rise opened her legs to show she was wearing her panties pulled to one side, her cock standing upright and the cockhead bulging as she slowly wanked herself off.

Rise stripped off her school uniform and climbed into a bubble bath, where she covered her slender body, tiny tits and hard cock in lots of soapy suds, which made her feel so sexy she needed to cum.

Having dried off, she lay on the bed and with short strokes her hand, she jerked herself off and eventually shot her cum over the soft flesh of her flat naked belly.


Feb 282014
Japanese Schoolgirl Newhalf Misaki Sakurai Plays With Her Erect Cock At Shemale Japan

———————— Pretty Japanese newhalf schoolgirl Misaki Sakurai masturbates in her uniform in this video at Shemale japan

Misaki Sakurai is just the type of cute Japanese girl you’d want to meet and give a nice cuddle and slip your hands up her short, plaid skirt to feel the bulge of that cock she’s packing in her panties!

Misaki looks very desirable in her uniform and her bare legs look so smooth and flawless, you’ll just want to reach out and run your hands under her skirt and feel how warm and soft her thighs are to the touch.

What a real teaser, turning around and lifting one leg to let you glimpse her pink panties under her skirt, running between the cheeks of her sweet little ass.

She bends over and looks back over her shoulder as she tugs at the crotch of her panties, then pulls them to one side to expose the puckered ring of her sexy bum.

Opening her shirt reveals she is wearing a pretty pink bra which covers her small breasts. Then she rolls herself back on the bed and hooking her thumbs into the waist of her panties, she strips them over her bum and down her bare legs to take them off.

Misaki kneels on the bed and tilts up her ass, her heavy balls dangling between her thighs as she exposes the tight hole of her ladyboy pussy where she likes to be fucked.

Taking off her skirt, Misaki lays back on the bed with a beauteous look on her pretty face as she quietly masturbates her sweet cock in her hand.