Mayumi Harukaze – Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Erect Cock In Suspenders and Stockings

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Mar 172017

Japanese Ladyboy Mayumi Harukaze strips down to her suspenders and stockings and wanks her erect cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Mayumi Harukaze posed in her stripy dress that barely covered her thighs, revealing her black suspenders and stockings tops. Standing in her stiletto heels and bending slightly, she pushed her legs together and stuck out her ass to give a tantalizing glimpse of her tgirl pussy under the hem of her dress.

Mayumi leaned back against the wall where she stood sideways, her erect cock springing out from under her dress as she pulled it up. She put one leg in front of the other and cupped the cheeks of her ass in her hands, pushing her hips forward to emphasize the length of her stiff member standing out from her groin.

Mayumi stripped off her dress and flaunted her fabulous erection, framed by the suspender-belt and garter-straps attached to her stocking tops. Her hands caressed her tits and fondled her heavy balls, her fingers lightly playing along the shaft of her cock as she began to wank it.

Mayumi knelt on the floor, put her head down and lifted her ass in invitation to come and give her a fuck. She spread her ass cheeks wide and the puckered ring of her tgirl pussy winked as she stayed in that position. She pushed her dick back between her closed thighs and wanked herself off, her balls bugling under the pressure of her hand as she stroked the shaft of her throbbing cock.

Watch Mayumi Harukaze wanking in her black suspenders and stockings video at Shemale Japan

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