Himena & Miharu – Japanese Newhalf Maids Suck, Fuck and Cum In Hardcore Video

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Jul 182015
Japanese Newhalf Maids Play With Their Cocks In Their Pretty Dresses At Shemalejapan

Japanese newhalf maids Himena & Miharu play with their cocks, suck and fuck in their hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalfs Himena & Miharu dressed up as slutty maids and gave a steamy performance as they got down to some delicious sucking and fucking in this uncensored hardcore video.

Both looked adorable in their lacy outfit as they sat together on the couch and lifted their dresses, their hands reaching out to play with each-others stiff hard cocks.

Together they kissed and wanked their cocks, then took turns to suck each other off, their pretty heads bobbing as they slurped on those hard throbbing she-dicks in their soft wet mouths.

Stripping off their dresses, Himena got on her knees and offered up her ass and Miharu thrust her cock up her friend’s tight bumhole and gave it a pounding. Miharu being the ‘top’, fucked her cute friend up her little ass and Himena enjoyed getting fucked like a submissive girl in every position.

Himena & Miharu both held hands as they lay together on the bed, wanking their erections as they built up to their orgasms. Miharu knelt and ejaculated jets of hot cum over Himena, who soon followed by releasing her own sticky load and climaxing over her naked belly.


Himena Takahashi – Curvy Japanese Ladyboy Enjoying A Wank In School Uniform

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Apr 082015
Japanese Ladyboy Himena Takahashi In Sexy School Uniform and Panties At Shemale Japan

Curvy Japanese Ladyboy Himena Takahashi enjoys being wanked-off in her school uniform in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Himena Takahashi Wanking Her Erect Cock Sexy School Skirt At Shemale Japan

Japanese Schoolgirl Himena Takahashi Wanking Her Cock In Sexy School Uniform

Japanese Newhalf Schoolgirl Himena Takahashi Strips Naked At Shemale Japan

Himena Takahashi is just what you guys requested to see – a curvy Japanese ladyboy dressed in schoolgirl uniform playing with her cock…

Himena arrives home after a long day studying, looking very sexy in her blazer, short plaid skirt and knee high socks. Sitting on the bed she opens her legs to let you put your hand up her skirt and feel the bulge of her cock through her pretty lace panties.

Himena closes her eyes with a look of pleasure on her face, enjoying the feel of your hand as you rub the front of her panties and make her cock harder. The soft flesh of her thighs against the back of your hand feels warm to the touch as you grope her cock and balls through the crotch of her pantie thong.

Pulling her cock from the side of her panties, you take her erection and wank it off, tugging back the foreskin and rubbing the cockhead against the soft wool of her plaid skirt. You hide her cock under her skirt and continue to jerk it off in your hand, then let it go to look at her erection tenting under the folds of the material.

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