Rinka Sanjyo – Pretty Japanese Ladyboy In Black Stockings Wanks Her Cock & Cums

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Nov 232016

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Rinka Sanjyo strips down to her black stockings, wanks her cock and cums in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Pretty newhalf Rinka looked so desirable as she posed in her sexy black lingerie and stockings. Leaning against the wall, she lifted up her sheer nylon negligee, revealing the tight black pantie thong that cupped her cock and balls.

Rinka turned and looked over her shoulder, the tresses of her beautiful long hair falling down her back as she swayed. She pulled up the negligee and ran her thumb under the elastic waist of her panties that divided soft, round cheeks of her cute little ass.

Rinka lay back on the bed with a dreamy look on her face, her mouth so sensual and kissable in shiny lipstick. Her hand went to her pantie thong and pulled out her limp cock and began to play with it. She leisurely stroked her cock and made it full and erect, her fingers tugging back the foreskin over the shiny purple knob. She repeatedly pushed her erection forward with her thumb, then let the shaft spring back and slap against her tummy.

Rinka took off her panties and lay on her front, tilting her rear end up and swaying gently from side to side to show the broad round cheeks of her of her fuckable ass. Stripping off her negligee, she turned to lay on her side, her erect cock pushed to the back of her stockinged thighs. She spread one hand over her ass and pulled it wide to show the soft brown ring of her ladyboy pussy, so inviting and fuckable.

Rinka reclined against the pillows, closed her eyes and focused on wanking her hard cock. Her shiny, full lips parted and exhaled soft sounds of pleasure as she sensed the onset of her orgasm. Hand moving swiftly up and down the shaft of her throbbing dick, her body jerked as she reached climax and ejaculated jets of hot cum over her naked tummy.

Watch pretty ladyboy Rinka Sanjyo wanking and cumming in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Rinka Sanjyo – Pretty Japanese Shemale Wanking In Cosplay Uniform Video

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Oct 032016

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Rinka Sanjyo strips off her cosplay uniform and wanks her throbbing cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

We are thrilled to see the return of stunning Okinawa princess Rinka Sanjyo, stripteasing in her anime cosplay uniform and wanking her tgirl erection for our ultimate pleasure in her latest video at SMJ.

Rinka stands next to the mirror in her cosplay uniform, lifting up the back of her skirt to show the ‘whale tail’ of her pink pantie thong and pert buttocks. She tugs her panties down to her thighs, her gloved hand pulling aside her buttocks to show the puckered ring of her anal pleasure hole.

Turning, she lifts the folds of her uniform skirt around her waist and strokes the shaft of her stiff member and gleaming purple cockhead with her gloved fingers.

Rinka looks at herself wanking in the mirror and presses the bulbous purple knob of her erection against the mirrored surface. She holds the base of her cock between her fingers, waggling it in front of the mirror, the pulsing veins bulging thick and hard along the side of the cockshaft.

Rinka stands above us, hand sliding up and down her throbbing dick; her plum shaped balls pulled tight in her scrotum with every stroke of her wanking hand. Running her forefinger along the side of the thickly veined shaft, she slides it over the rim of the shiny purple glans of her impressive cock.

Rinka turns and pushes her erect member down and traps the thick shaft between the back of her thighs. She looks at her beautiful self in the mirror as she bends to present her ass, spreading her shapely buttocks and exposing the tight ring of her ladyboy pussy.


Rinka Sanjyo – Horny Japanese Schoolgirl Wanking In Uniform and Playing With Her Erect Cock

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Mar 162016
Rinka Sanjyo - Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Schoolgirl Has A Hard Cock In Her Panties

Horny Japanese ladyboy schoolgirl Rinka Sanjyo wanks in her uniform and plays with her erect cock and sexy ass in this video at Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Rinka Sanjyo returns today in her fourth exclusive video for SMJ while dressed as a cute Japanese schoolgirl in short plaid skirt and socks. Watch her pull down her sexy, tight panties and wanking her delicious hard cock for you in her latest hot solo scene…

Breath taking is one way to describe Rinka Sanjyo, a pretty 19 year old newhalf escort from Japan, with her ultra-feminine looks, tight little ass and gorgeous tgirl erection! Being of mixed race, she is gifted with a rare beauty and exotic sensuality, which is why she is much sought after on the escort scene.

If you like girls who smoke, you’ll find Rinka smoking a cigarette while sitting in a chair on the outside balcony at the start of this video. Dressed in her schoolgirl outfit, she gives a teasing view under her short plaid skirt and shows off her beautiful bare thighs and legs in long, white socks.

Indoors, Rinka sits in the leather swing chair with one leg over the arm and lifts up her skirt to reveal her erect cock sticking over the top of her sexy panties. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkle as she takes hold of her stiffy and gives it a leisurely wank in her hand, her balls bulging under the tight cotton material of her pantie crotch.

Rinka pushes her erection between her legs and crosses them over so the thick shaft and purple head of her dick throbs against the soft flesh of her naked thighs. She lays on her side and gives a view of her stiff cock and the cheeks of her butt, divided by the thin cotton thong that stretches over her sexy bum hole.

Rinka pulls her panties from under her buttocks, stripping them right down her legs and over her socks and shoes. She pushes her erect cock downward and lets it spring-back against the soft wool of her sexy plaid skirt, then pulls back her legs and exposes the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy that looks so inviting.

Rinka gets on her knees with her cock pressed back between her thighs as she offers up her shapely ass and spreads the cheeks with her hands. She remains in that position and moons her fabulous ass, swaying her buttocks and spreading them open in invitation to come and fuck her pink, ladyboy pussy.

Watch horny schoolgirl Rinka Sanjyo wanking in her uniform and playing with her cock and sexy butt at Shemale Japan