Newhalf Aya – Beautiful Japanese Shemale Wanking In White Lacy Lingerie To Climax

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Jan 152014
Sexy Japanese Newhalf Aya In White Lingerie and Stockings At Shemale Japan

Beautiful Japanese Newhalf Aya in sexy white lingerie wanks to climax and cums over herself in her video at Shemale Japan

Beautiful Japanese newhalf Aya is so feminine and cute, yet you’d never guess just by looking at her that she is packing a lovely hard cock down her tiny little panties.

Aya dressed incredibly sexy wearing a sheer nylon negligee which opened to reveal a half-cut bra and perky brown nipples, a pair of fishnet stockings with white lace tops on her shapely legs and some shiny white heels.

Aya posed in her all white lingerie and turning to show the tiny white triangle of her pantie thong, she ran her hands in white satin opera gloves over the curves of her semi-naked body.

Squatting down on her heels with her legs open wide, she pulled the material of her white panties, tight around the growing bulge of her tumescent cock.

Aya then stretched her panties to one side and her erect cock and balls emerged, so she stood sideways to give a view of it standing at an angle from her body and sensually stroked it in her gloved hand.

Having removed her negligee, she lay stretched out on the bed and played with her clitty cock and strummed her nipples with her fingers as she masturbated.

Using her usual masturbation technique of pressing and rubbing her cock between her thighs, she built up to her climax and jerked in spasm as she reached orgasm and hot sperm spilled out of her shemale shecock.