Kureha Kanzaki – Slutty Japanese Ladyboy Jerks Off Her Cock In School Uniform & Cums Over Her Naked Thigh

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Dec 152012

Kureha Kanzaki - Japanese Ladyboy Wanks Hard Cock In Schoolgirl Skirt And Uniform Video At Shemalejapan

Kureha returned home from school feeling very horny and lifted up her paid skirt to show off her sexy leopard print panties. She’s a real flirt, this one, with a big smile on her face as she held up her skirt and a nice big cock stuffed down her panties all ready to be stroked for pleasure.

Kureha pulled at the waistband of her panties and suddenly her stiff cock sprang out and she squirmed as Hiro lent a helping hand and tugged on her thickly veined prick. She then pulled her lovely big cock out of the side of her panties and waved it about, swinging her hips from side to side so her erection wobbled in front of our eyes like a flesh sword.

Turning around Kureha pushed her thick cock and heavy balls between her thighs so they stuck out from behind, then lifted her leg onto the table and stroked her throbbing cock downwards, milking the shaft in her hand and teasing back the foreskin over the shiny purple knob.

Opening her crisp white shirt she pulled up her bra and pinching the thick, brown bud-like nipples she rolled them between her fingers which gave her much pleasure. Kureha is a natural submissive so she got on her knees and wanked her cock between her legs, as Hiro rubbed the brown button of her anus and spanked her sexy schoolgirl ass.

Kureha then took off her panties and laying back on the couch she pumped her stiff rod in her fist. There was a look of concentration on her face as she built up to her orgasm and then suddenly she climaxed and shot thick strands of sperm over her naked thigh.


Kureha Kanzaki – Japanese Ladyboy In Sexy Panties Plays With Her Shecock

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Oct 272012

Kureha Kanzaki - Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Thick Cock in Video At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Kureha Kanzaki is a very playful ladyboy and you’ll see just how she likes to flirt with the men she meets in her first video for Shemale Japan.

Kureha has lovely, soft skin and was keen to show off her shapely legs and ass in her fashionable denim shorts she was wearing. She was in a very cheerful mood as she turned around and knelt to show me her tight, sexy butt, then lay back on the couch and pulled her shorts downwards to reveal the white satin thong she was wearing underneath.

She rubbed the bulge of her hard cock through the front of her panties, then pulled them up tightly so her testicles spread out from either side of her pantie crotch. Her hand dipped into the front of her thong and moved behind the fabric as she played with her shecock, then she tugged the panties to one side and allowed her erection to spring out.

Pulling up her bra revealed that her dark brown nipples were hard and erect with arousal, her tumescent cock growing even bigger as she wanked it slowly in her hand. Her fingers slipped between her thighs and spread the puckered ring of her ass to show where she was wanting to be fucked as she pumped her erect and thick veined cock in her hand.