Japanese Newhalf Sayaka Kohaku Jerking Off Her Thick Cock And Ejaculating Cum Over Her Naked Belly

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Apr 052013
Newhalf Sayaka Leggy Japanese Ladyboy In Heels With Big Hard Cock At Shemale Japan Shemale-Japan

Newhalf Sayaka Kohaku Jerks of her big cock and ejaculates cum over her belly in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Sayaka smiled as she stood in her sexy all-in-one party outfit and pulled down the top to reveal the perky brown nipples of her lovely formed breasts.

She turned around to give a view of her long legs and moved her ass which looked so inviting in her tight fitting dress. She then lifted up her dress at the back to show off the cheeks of her ass and give a glimpse of her white pantie thong that ran between the cleft of her honey toned buttocks.

Sayaka removed her panties and leaned against the wall as her fingers caressed the ridge of her erect cock, which could be seen as an outline through the front of her tight dress. Then reaching under the dress she pulled out her big cock, already thick and erect with excitement and moved her hips so her erect appendage swayed from side to side in front of her.

Sayaka wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of her thickly veined erection, the light shining on the taut skin of the bulbous purple head of her cock as she sat and jerked herself off on the couch.

Having stripped off her clothes she lay down naked on the bed and closed her eyes as she concentrated and pumped the shaft of her shecock with rapid strokes of her hand. Her fist became a blur as she sensed the approach of her orgasm, then she suddenly climaxed and ejaculated her ladyboy cum onto her naked belly.


Teen Newhalf Sayaka Ayasaki Plays With Her Cock In Bikini Thong

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Jun 092011

Pretty Japanese Teen Shemale Sayaka Jerking Off Her Cock In The Bathroom Video

Sayaka dressed in a sexy paid bikini skirt and fur leggings and ‘fuck me’ heels, then played with her lovely cock in this video for Shemale Japan.

Nagoya’s finest Teen Newhalf Sayaka loves teasing her sexy plaid bikini thong and turned to give a rear view of her smooth legs and pert little ass.

Sayaka loved how the material of her bikini clung to her ass, and pulling her pretty panties to one side she whipped out her cock.

Her gorgeous hard erection in her hand, Sayaka stood and stroked herself off, pulling the triangle of her bikini upwards so it cupped her balls and cock like a hammock.

Then squatting down in her heels, her heavy balls hung out of either side of her pantie crotch as she played with her stiff rod.

Retiring to the bathroom, Sayaka covered her genitals in lubrication then slid her cock, ass and balls along the edge of the bath to give herself pleasure.


Newhalf Sayaka Ayasaki Plays With Her Cock And Balls In Fur And Leather

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May 272011

Japanese Newhalf Sayaka Pretty Ladyboy With Big Cock In Pics And Video At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Sayaka Ayasaki plays with her huge cock, dressed as a very sexy cowgirl in fur leggings and ‘fuck me’ heels in our latest video at Shemale Japan.

When 18 year old Sayaka Ayasaki debuted on Shemale Japan late last year, she took the site by storm, and quickly established herself as one of our top models.

We are so pleased to see her return looking super sexy in her cowgirl outfit, shaking her cute little ass and playing with her cock and balls.

‘This leather and fur is so soft and sexy, it makes my cock so hard,’ she said, as she stood and stroked her lovely erection with her manicured hand.

Sayaka’s cock looked perfect as it stood to attention from under her sexy leather skirt, her hand tugging at her throbbing rod as she enjoyed the pleasure of masturbating in her soft leather and fur outfit.


Sayaka Beautiful Transsexual In Stockings

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Apr 262009

Japanese transsexual Sayaka in red stockings plays with her cock at Shemale Japan -  sayaka-shemale-japan

Busty Sayaka in her slutty secretary outfit, wears red stockings and heels, that accentuate her hot legs and bubble ass in this photo set and movie from Shemale Japan.

27 year old Sayaka is a North-eastern beauty from the snow country of Sendai. She has gorgeous long red hair reaching to her hips and likes to go to dance clubs, where she devastates all the men with her voluptuous G-cup tits, milky white skin and sexy looks. In fact, lots of guys fall for her feminine good looks, without knowing that she`s got a big penis stuffed down her panties.

Sayaka neither escorts, nor performs in porn and lives as a normal girl working as a beautician. Only on Shemale Japan are you privileged to see Sayaka`s sexy body and watch her playing with her lovely shemale cock.

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