Makoto Nanase – Horny Japanese Ladyboy In Black Stockings Gets Her Tight Ass Fucked Hard

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May 162016
Japanese Ladyboy Makoto Nanase Fucked Up The Ass In Suspenders and Stockings Video

Horny Japanese ladyboy Makoto Nanase dresses in slutty black stockings and gets her tight ass fucked hard in this hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese ladyboy Makoto dressed for sex in her lacy black nightwear, slutty stockings and heels. She certainly looks like she is gagging for a good fucking and soon gets one when her boyfriend arrives and pumps her ass with his throbbing dick.

Makoto sits with her legs stretched out and resting on the table top, stroking her thighs as she waits in anticipation. When her boyfriend arrives, she slips her hand inside his dressing gown and massages his balls and cock to get it hard and erect.

Makoto unties the sash of the gown and it falls open, her boyfriend’s cock springing out hard and erect in front of her face. She reaches out and strokes his balls, taking his erection in her mouth and making lots of slurping sounds as she sucks on his purple cockhead.

Makoto pulls aside the crotch of her panties and she pushes her cock between her stocking thighs and her lover gets on his knees and sucks on her delicious tgirl erection. She stands above him and fucks his throat with her throbbing dick, her hips pumping as she thrusts her meaty member into his wet and willing mouth.

Makoto leans over the dresser table and stands with her legs apart and her lover strips her pantie thong down her stockings and over her heels. She spreads the cheeks of her ass and his tongue darts out and flickers over the puckered ring of her tasty bum-hole. She responds to his hot tongue rimming the sensitive flesh of her anus and grabs her cock to wank it while he gives her anal pleasure.

Makoto lays on the bed and her lover gets behind and slides his erection up her tight lubricated bum hole. She gasps as she feels the throbbing flesh of his shaft penetrate deep inside her hot tgirl pussy, filling the hot tunnel of her tranny fuck hole with pulsing man meat!

Watch Makoto Nanase getting fucked in her suspenders and stockings in this 29 minute hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Jan 212012

Makoto Nanase Japanese Ladyboy Wanking In Shiny Pantyhose Video At Shemale Japan

Makoto’s glossy pantyhose shimmers like a million stars in this video from Shemale Japan, which begins by observing her caressing her lovely legs in close up.

Looking very smart in her pinstripe suit, secretary Makoto raises her skirt to reveal her erect cock bulging in her panties behind the gusset of her shiny hose.

Makoto breathes heavily with the excitement of the moment, as she undoes her silk blouse and rubs the crotch of her pantyhose.

Tearing at her pantyhose, Makoto grabs her cock from behind the triangle of her black thong and beings to masturbate.

Our beautiful secretary has been aching to release her cock all day, and now she delights in the pleasure she gives herself as she passionately tugs on her stiff rod.