Ran Mizumoto – Horny Japanese Maid Teases and Wanks Her Hard Throbbing Cock

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Nov 092016

Horny Japanese maid Ran Mizumoto gives upskirt views as she teases and wanks her hard throbbing cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Ran Mizumoto returns as a cute maid in her frilly uniform, giving lots of upskirt views before stripping off and wanking her cock in her 11th exclusive video for SMJ.

Ran gets right down to teasing at the start of this scene, giving us a view under her short skirt at her naked ass cheeks. She pushes her cock back and clamps it between her thighs, and sways her sexy little ass, pulling pulls aside her buttocks to show the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy.

Ran turns and lifts her skirt to reveal her big cock standing proud and erect in front for her and wraps her hand around the thick girth of her erection. She smiles at the sensation of her hand moving up and down the shaft of her throbbing member, her fingers creating a delicious friction as they rub against the ridge of her thick purple helmet.

Ran sits on the table with her stockinged legs apart and grips the shaft of her thickly veined erection and continues to masturbate. Her pretty face has a dreamy appearance, her eyes narrowing with pleasure as she focuses on her hand tugging and rubbing against the rim of her meaty knob.

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Ran Mizumoto – Sexy Japanese Stewardess Wanks Hard Cock In Fishnet Pantyhose

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Feb 222016
Ran Mizumoto - Sexy Japanese Stewardess Wanking Hard Cock In Fishnet Pantyhose

Sexy Japanese transsexual air stewardess Ran Mizumoto wanks her hard cock in ripped fishnet pantyhose in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Beautiful Japanese transsexual Air stewardess Ran sat in the chair looking so sexy in her pinstripe uniform, her skirt short framing her splendid thighs clad in fishnet pantyhose.

Pulling back the skirt, she opened her legs to reveal her huge erection throbbing behind the crotch of her net pantyhose. She put her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers, then rubbed them over the thick bulging head of her cock, straining under the tight mesh netting of her sexy pantyhose.

Ran gripped her cock through the front of her hose, feeling and squeezing the girth of her throbbing dick and its mushroom shaped purple cockhead. The she cut the mesh with some scissors and ripped the crotch open to unleash her stonking erection.

Wrapping her fingers around the curved shaft of her enormous penis, she wanked it leisurely in her hand. Her thumb and fingers chafing the rim of her enlarged cockhead as her hand increased it’s rhythm along the curve of her swollen erection.

Ran stood and looked at herself wanking in front of the mirror, her hand moving swiftly along the curve of her erect tgirl penis. She pressed her impressive cockhead against the surface of the mirror, the light reflecting off the taut skin of the shiny purple dome as she masturbated in her ripped fishnet pantyhose.

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Horny Newhalfs Ran Mizumoto And Koyuki Kase Sucking And Fucking In Hardcore Video

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May 012013
Sexy Japanese Ladyboys Playing With Their Hard Cocks In Panties Hardcore At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese newhalfs Ran Mizumoto and Koyuki Kase get together for some sucking and fucking in their hotel room in this video at Shemale Japan

Newhalfs Ran Mizumoto and Koyuki Kase got together last week in a hotel room and were very excited from the start, quickly getting down to having some fun on the bed as soon as they met.

Koyuki in particular was very forward and immediately groped Ran’s cock through her dress to see how hard she was, then pushed her other hand down the top of the dress to give her tits a feel.

Ran slipped her hand under Koyuki’s short skirt and felt her friend’s cock through her while lace panties, while Koyuki put her hand under Ran’s dress and pulled it back to take her cock out of the red panties she was wearing.

Koyuki grabbed Ran’s thick cock and tugged on her shaft and teased her butt hole with one finger, then the pair kissed and their wet tongues danced around their mouths as Koyuki continued to masturbate Ran.

Koyuki kissed Ran’s naked tits and worked her way down her belly before popping her friend’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it with audible sounds as she bobbed her head up and down; sliding her delicate wet tongue over the purple crown of Ran’s huge erection, which gave both girls much mutual pleasure.

Koyuki lubricated her finger with some gel and slipped it up Ran’s asshole while she continued to masturbate her friend, pulling and tugging on that meaty cock and screwing her finger inside that butt hole, all of which Ran found very intense.

Ran got her chance to do the same to Koyuki and then pushed her cock up her tight, little ass and gave her the fucking she needed in lots of different positions. Then they reversed roles and Koyuki pushed back Ran’s legs and fucked her deep in her ladyboy ass cunt, while Ran jerked herself off and ejaculated over her own belly.

Koyuki then licked up her friend’s cum off of her belly and cleaned up the spunky cock with her tongue gliding over the taut skin of Ran’s throbbing bell end.


Ran Mizumoto – Japanese Shemale With Big Cock Jerks-Off In Black Stockings & Heels

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Nov 212012

Ran Mizumoto - Sexy Japanese Ladyboy With Big Cock Wearing Black Stockings In Video At Shemalejapan

Ran Mizumoto appeared to be a bit of a shy girl at first, but she sure did get into jerking-off her meaty cock and showing us how much sperm she has in those balls in her debut video.

When Ran tugged her panties down and pulled out her cock we were pleasantly surprised at it’s overall size. Wrapping her fingers in a firm girp around the shaft she worked it up to full erection and presented us with one of the thickest cocks we’ve ever seen on a Japanese newhalf.

Ran’s cock could be best described as being quite ‘meaty’ with a lovely curve to it and a thick, round cockhead the like of which we had never see before. She had a neat trick of pushing her cock forward and letting it slap back against her naked belly like a meat hammer, then repeating the action and smiling in the knowledge that her cock is something quite special.

Removing her dress revealed she had small breasts with perky nipples, then she removed the rest of her clothes and lay down to concentrate on jerking off her large shecock. She wanked her erect cock with rapid movements of her hand as she brought herself to the point of cumming and suddenly she ejaculated thick white jets of cum which spilled over her fist and landed on her belly.