Japanese Teen Marin Has Nice New Titties

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Apr 202009

Marin poses with her lovely new boobs in this photo set and video from Shemale Japan.

Marin sounds and looks just like any 19 year old girl here in Japan, and works in a shop in Osaka with other teen girls, where she blends in perfectly.

Marin looks totally passable with her glowing tan, tapered legs and cute girlish looks. Now that she’s had some breast augmentation surgery she looks even more like a beautiful girl.

I’ll bet there are many men who look at her in the shopping mall, thinking she is a gorgeous looking girl, not knowing that she has a nice cock hiding down her panties.

Would they have sex with her if they knew she had a cock? Yes, I think many of them would, after all she is so very beautiful.

Japanese teen Ladyboy Marin is a big favorite of ours and has appeared in 6 photo sets and 6 videos at Shemale Japan