Newhalf Reina Minazuki – Japanese Shemale In Slutty Schoolgirl Uniform Jerks-Off Her Hard Cock

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Apr 012013
Japanese Newhalf Reina Minazuki In Slutty Schoogirl Uniform Wanks Off Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Reina Minazuki lifts up her schoolgirl skirt and jerks-off her hard cock in this video at Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Reina dressed in her slutty school uniform lifted up her short red plaid skirt to show that her cock was already erect and poking out of the top of her tiny black panties.

Even though the thick shaft of her erect cock lay flat against her belly, she was able to make it twitch in her lap without using her hands, simply by contracting her sphincter muscle.

Reina stood and putting her hands under her skirt she pulled her panties down her stockinged legs and took then off.

Then she sat and lifting her skirt once more, she took her cock between her fingers and masturbated by jerking it off with short, deft strokes.

Hiro reached out and wrapped his fingers around her thick, meaty cock and she smiled with pleasure as he stroked it off in his hand.

Reina sat on the bed with her legs open and lightly touched her nipples as she tugged on her cock, which made her tight scrotum bounce up and down with each stroke of her hand.

Kneeling on the bed she lifted the back of her skirt and tilted her ass upwards, then pulled the cheeks apart with both hands and winked the puckered brown ring of her anus.


Japanese Shemale Reina – Slutty Secretary In Stockings!

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Apr 212010


Japanese Shemale Reina  is all dressed up as the slutty secretary and ready to meet all your needs.

After a hard day at the office, it’s time to relax and let your slutty secretary Reina give you some executive relief.

Wearing your favorite black stockings with the lace tops, sexy garter-belt, and tight thong panties, Reina is ready to tease and please.

Her cock is already stiff with excitement, and can hardly be contained in her panties as she crosses and uncrosses her sexy stocking legs.

Watch as she releases her erect cock with it’s super curve, and waves it around between her stocking thighs.

Cum and play in the office with Reina, your sexy stocking secretary at Shemale Japan.

New-Half Reina’s New Boobs and Cute Cock Show.

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Dec 012009

New-Half Reina Show's Off Her New Boobs & Plays With Her Cute Cock

Super cute new-half Reina has just recently had her boobs done and just loves to show them off.

So we booked her in for another photo and video session, and took her for a walk where she lifted her skirt and flashed her panties.

Then we went back to her room where Reina removed her panties and showed us her cute cock standing erect in her lap. The contrast of her stiff erection against the material of her plaid skirt was extremely exciting to behold.

Then our pretty faced Reina played with her girly cock and put on a show for us, much to our delight.

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Asian Kinky Newhalf Fucks Herself With Giant Ass Toy

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Oct 012008

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We discovered a girl yesterday who is a little bit scary. She’s tall, powerfully built, lovely, and really freaky. Her name is Reina and I met her while visiting Osaka, Japan.

She took me back to her hotel room and said she was going to change into something more comfortable.

I obviously have no clue what that word means, because when she came back out, she was decked out in some of the most uncomfortable looking clothes I’d ever seen.

Reina is into some really freaky stuff and I bet you can’t wait to see what she does with that vibrator. Check it out if you dare!