Jun 102013
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Today, we are very pleased to introduce Japanese shemale Kaoru Shiraishi, who is a 20 year old newhalf from Tokyo, making her debut in this photo set and video.

We just know you are going to love this cutie, who is very much a Japanese ‘girl next door’ type, with a pleasant personality and very natural looks.

Kaoru sits with her legs crossed and hands on her knees, occasionally sweeping her hand through her long brunette hair framing her face and looking very demure as she chats about herself awhile. She then stands and seductively strips out of her dress, letting it slowly slide down her body to reveal she is wearing a sexy bra and matching panties.

Turning to give a rear view, she tugs her panties down over her milky white buttocks, and looks back over her shoulders as she slips the straps of her bra down her arms to remove it.

Kaoru lowers her panties down her legs to the floor around her heels, then strepping out of them, she stands fully naked and turns around with her hand between her legs concealing her penis.

Suddenly her cock emerges hard and erect from between her fingers and she sits back on the sofa with it sandwiched between the back of her milky white thighs.

Kaoru’s cock has a classic curve to it and a shiny, reddish-purple bell end which she shows off as she kneels on the sofa and wanks the shaft between her fingers.

Kaoru Shiraishi at shemale japan_image_47026Kaoru Shiraishi Japanese ladyboy poses nude_image_45867Kaoru Shiraishi Japanese shemale with erect cock_image_22720


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