Sep 252009
Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Sucks Cock In A Hotel Room

Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Sucks Cock And Fucks In A Hotel Room

Japanese newhalf Yuu sucks and fucks in satin corset and stockings in this full-length movie from Shemale Japan.

Yuu Kakisaki looked beautiful in her sexy white satin corset and net stockings sitting on the chair in the hotel room. She took out her cock from behind her panties and started jerking off while we videoed her action.

Then I presented her with my erect cock and she started to lick and suck on it. She continued to pull on her cock, while making lots of sucking sounds with her mouth as she slurped on my rod.

Her ladyboy cock was stiff with excitement and I reached down and tugged it, feeling her hot prick twitch in the palm of my hand as I jerked her off. Yuu reciprocated, licking my nipples and jerking my erect penis with her tight fist.

She looked so beautiful, with her cheeks flushed with lust and her cute cock standing up from her lap. I got on my knees and took her sweet erection in my mouth, working my tongue around her cock head which twitched and pulsed against my tongue.

Oh, my pretty princess, how much I wanted to give you pleasure! Suck your stork and feel your sperm spurting in my mouth! But I had other ideas…

Sitting in front of her, I took off her heels and she put her stocking feet around my cock. Her feet felt so cool around my hot erection as she played with it, massaging my shaft with the soles of her stocking feet.

I was crazy with lust for this girl… So I turned around and sucked on her nut sack, sucking her balls into my mouth and licking her cute cock some more.

Then I sat in the chair with my legs folded back. Yuu went down and licked my ass hole, while jerking my cock at the same time. It was an exquisite pleasure to watch her pretty face dive between my ass cheeks and feel her hot tongue licking my ass hole!

I knew I just had to fuck this girl, so I fingered her ass and penetrated her from behind, then got her to ride on top of me. But I was not finished yet…

The opportunity was too good to miss, so I made Yuu put her ladyboy cock up my own ass!

Yuu’s cock felt good and tight as she rode me, and with her erect penis still up my ass, she jerked off my prick and made me shoot hot, thick cum over my belly!


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