Aug 162013
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Newhalf Karina Shiratori arrived home from college looking smartly dressed in her uniform and wearing a pair of sexy glasses on her pretty face.

Kneeling on the bed she unbuttoned her blazer and felt her prominent boobs through the front of her tight, white shirt. She then pulled the front of the shirt open to reveal a lacy black and white bra underneath and pressed the cups together around the mounds of her transsexual titties.

Karina sat with her legs spread open and moving her hand over her crotch, she lifted her skirt slightly so her panties came into view.  She rubbed the hard bulge of her cock through the front of her tight panties and her heavy balls squeezed out through the sides of the crotch as she massaged them with her hand.

Pulling her panties to one side, she took hold of her hard dick and tugged back the foreskin to uncover the purple crown of her magnificent cock. Then wrapping her slender fingers around the shaft of her meaty dick, she tugged on it hard and waved her shlong around from side to side, like a piece of heavy salami in her fist.

Removing her panties she lay on her side, pulling her buttocks apart to show the puckered ring of her sexy ass and playing with her cock and balls, which were pushed between the back of her thighs.

Karina lay on the bed with her little plaid skirt pulled around her hips and her hand moving swiftly as wanked herself off. Feeling the approach of her orgasm on it’s journey from the base of her balls to the end of her prick, she increased the rhythm of her hand and suddenly ejaculated thick, white semen all over her pretty, school skirt.


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