Sep 202013
Newhalf Kana Hoshino Is A Japanese Schoolgirl Lifting Her Skirt And Showing Off Her Erect Cock

Japanese Newhalf Kana Hoshino in schoolgirl uniform lifts up her skirt and wanks her stiff cock in this video at Shemale Japan

Newhalf Kana Hoshino dresses as a slutty schoolgirl who’d rather play with her sweet cock than attend her class and spends the day jerking-off in her latest video at Shemale Japan.

Kana looked so cute and adorable as she stood and posed in her school uniform, the soft flesh of her youthful thighs so tantalizing just below the edge of her short plaid skirt.

Turning around, she lifted the back of her skirt to show she was wearing pink satin panties,which looked so sexy on her neat, little bum. Reaching around to grab hold of her panties, she then pulled them tight between the cleft of her sweet buttocks and gave her ass a little shake.

Kana sat and circled her fingers over the bulge in the front of her sexy panties, then pulled them aside to release her erect cock and heavy balls. Her prick stood stiff and erect in her lap, and she gave a cute smile as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and wanked it nice and slowly in her hand.

Hiro reached out and pressed the bulb of her cock head between his fingers, then gripped the shaft and circled his thumb over the slit of her pee hole as he tugged on it gently.

Kana opened the front of her crisp white shirt and applied a vibrator to her tiny titties, making the soft, brown, bud-like nipples stand firm and erect. She then rubbed the the vibrator over the shaft of her cock which made it throb and the shiny, purple cock-head to thicken with pleasure.


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