Feb 142014
Misaki Sakurai Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Maid Wanking Her Cock At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Misaki Sakurai masturbating in her maids uniform and stockings at Shemale Japan

Misaki Sakurai dressed in her pretty maids uniform and sexy knee-high stockings, got down on her knees to polish the floor in front of our guest. She gave a perfect view of her sexy ass under her short dress, her panties slipping between the cheeks of her bum as she went about her polishing.

She teasingly lifted the back of her dress and pulled her panties down to her thighs, then spread the cheeks of her ass with one hand, exposing the puckered ring of her ladyboy fuckhole as she remained kneeling on the floor.

Misaki stood with the front of her maids dress lifted about her waist and flopped out her long, semi-hard dick, which hung down over the elastic of her panties, stretched between her thighs. Then she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of her shemale schlong and began to wank it slowly in her satin gloved hand

Sitting on the floor, Misaki stripped off her panties and spread her stockinged legs wide, her heavy balls hanging pendulous in their sack as she tugged on her lovely, erect cock. She looked very cute in her pretty maids dress as she lay back, smiling with pleasure as she teased and stroked the length of her lovely erection with her satin gloved fingers.


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