Feb 242014
Japanese Newhalf Konatsu Satsuki Wanking Her Tranny Cock In Lingerie and Stockings at Shemale Japan

— Japanese Newhalf Konatsu Satsuki strips off her black lingerie and jerks off in her fishnet stockings at Shemale Japan

Konatsu Satsuki looked like a sexy fuck doll as she stood in her black lingerie, slutty fishnet stockings and perspex heels.

The muscles of her legs tautened under the mesh of her net stockings as she posed, her heavy balls sagging from the sides of the thin crotch of her pantie thong.

Konatsu squatted in her heels and pulling her pantie crotch to one side, she wrapped her hand in their lace gloves around the stiff shaft of her erect penis.

Keeling, she untied the sides of her panties and stripped them away and her tumescent cock looked so erotic as it hung down, framed by the bows and frilly lace of her black suspenders stocking tops.

Konatsu stripped off her lingerie and kneeling on the bed in her stockings, she wiggled her slender hips so her thick dong swung from side to side.

She stroked the sides of her stiff member between the fingers of her palm and tugged the short foreskin back from the thick dome of her erect schlong.

Konatsu lay back and jerked off her prick until she climaxed and ejaculated thick, white jets of cum over her flat belly. The milky sperm spurted out of the end of her throbbing cock and pooled in sticky gobs around her belly button.


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