Jan 032010

Kanato Cosplay Shemale Japan

The only country you can find delicious shemale babes who look like Anime character is in Japan. This tiny blue haired babe Kanato is already a TV celebrity in Japan, but she’s about to be overseas,  too!

Strictly speaking, Kanato is a cross-dresser rather than a newhalf.  She has never used hormones, however, when dressed up there is something about her that is so feminine and just very intriguing!

She does all sorts of different anime characters, and when she is in cosplay character her voice changes – she sounds like a genetic girl and guys have no idea.

There’s nothing this lovely Japanese tgirl loves more than grinding her shemale dick against a horny guy and seeing the look on his face. They get even more of a surprise when they find out she has a cock down her panties!

If you love beautiful Asian transsexuals like I do, you’re going to enjoy seeing more of Kanato at Shemale Japan.

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