Jun 192017
Japanese cosplay crossdresser Kanato showing her erect cock in sexy stockings at Shemale Japan

Japanese cosplay angel Kanato strips in stockings and pulls down her sexy panties and wanks her erect cock at Shemale Japan

The only country you can find delicious Asian tgirls who look like Anime character is in Japan. This tiny blue haired newhalf Kanato is already a TV celebrity in Japan, but she’s about to be overseas,  too!

Strictly speaking, Kanato is a cross-dresser rather than a newhalf.  She has never used hormones, however, when dressed up there is something about her that is so feminine and just very intriguing!

Kanato like to dress is various cosplay outfits and even her voice changes when she is in character. She sounds just like a real girl and they guys have no idea she is packing a nice big penis in her panties!

There’s nothing this lovely Japanese tgirl loves more than grinding her shemale dick against a horny guy and seeing the look on his face. Oh… and the surprise they get when the feel under her skirt and discover her throbbing erection straining to get out of her knickers!

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