Kaoru Shirashi – Beautiful Japanese Fem-Boy Jerks Off In Corset, Stockings And Suspenders

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Sep 022013
Beautiful Japanese Crossdresser In White Silk Corset, Stockings And Suspenders At Shemale Japan

Beautiful Japanese fem-boy Kaoru Shirashi jerks-off In white silk corset, fishnet stockings and suspenders in this video at Shemale Japan

Strictly speaking Kaoru is not a newhalf, but what is called a ‘Otoko-no-ko’ in Japan, which roughly translates as ‘cross-dressing boy’, or what is otherwise known as a femboy or ‘trap’ in the west.

It’s because of their beautiful looks and the way they dress just like girls, any man would find them attractive and not even know that they were packing a penis down their panties.

Karou is exceptionally good looking and what man who enjoys the beauty of women, could deny feeling aroused at the sight of this horny fem-boy in her sexy lingerie.

In her latest photo set and video, Karou looks exceptionally feminine in her white satin corset, lace panties, suspender belt and fishnet stockings.

Leaning against the wall she pulls her lace panties to one side, then bringing out her magnificent erect cock, she wanks it in her hands which are covered in white satin gloves.

Karou gets herself even more excited by flicking the leather tip of her riding crop against her erect cock, which has a lovely long curve that makes it perfect for stroking and wanking in her hand.

Karou oils up her cock so it glistens in the light and lays back so it stands up proud and erect in her lap, all nicely framed by her sexy suspenders pulling taut on the tops of her stockings.

Her hand makes wet, squelching sounds as it slides up and down the shaft of her throbbing cock while she masturbates, and as a murmur of pleasure escapes her lips, she turns onto her side and ejaculates thick, white cum from the end of her cock, which lands on top of the table she is lying on.


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