Shion Suzuhara Stroking Her Erect Cock In Black Lace Lingerie and Stockings

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Sep 072015
Japanese Shemale Shion Suzuhara Masturbates In Black Lace Lingerie and Stockings

Japanese ladyboy Shion Suzuhara dressed in slutty black lingerie, wanks her cock with her hands in satin gloves in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Shion Suzuhara is back dressed in her slutty black lingerie, heels and gloves in her latest video on SMJ.

Shion is a gorgeous youthful newhalf, with nice tgirl tits and an lovely erect cock that is just perfect in size and shape.

Posing in her lingerie and stockings she shows off her slender body, her lace panties pulled to one side so her cock and balls swing as she moves toward the bed.

Shion kneels on all fours and Hiro reaches out and runs his fingertips over the soft flesh of her shapely ass and gives it a few slaps of his hand. He presses his thumb against the material of her black thong that runs between her buttocks and stretches tightly over the ring of her anus.

Shion lays back and her alluring eyes shine with pleasure as she wraps her gloved fingers around the shaft of her tumescent penis and waggles it about like a floppy sausage. Her satin clad fingers tickle her balls as she continues to stroke her cock, which soon stiffens up and stands erect between her thighs.

Her gloved fingers leisurely stroke along the curved shaft of her throbbing cock and press at the base, making her erection look even longer and causing the light to shine off the taut skin of her bulbous cockhead.


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