Reina Uses Her Oiled Feet And Hand To Jerk Off Her Boyfriend

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Jul 032009

Reina Uses Her Oiled Feet And Hand To Jerk Off Her Boyfriend

Japanese teen shemale Reina makes her hardcore debut on Shemale Japan in this movie, where she is dressed in her favorite schoolgirl outfit.

Reina is relaxing after a hard day at school, but her boyfriend is horny and starts to play with her feet. He puts his face between the soles of her socks, begging her to let him play with her feet and trying to make her interested in sex. Reina is having none of it, so she pushes and slaps his face with her feet to make him go away.

But it is no of use, because he keeps pestering her, even taking off her socks and sucking her toes. Eventually, Reina gives into his desires, but she makes sure he knows ‘who is boss’, pulling his hair and letting him worship her legs and feet.

Then she makes him sit on the floor, and wrapping her legs around him from behind, uses her oiled up feet to massage his cock. Sandwiching his prick between her oiled feet, Reina makes it stand stiff and erect as she jerks manipulates his penis between her feet soles.

Bending forward, she then tugs his hard pole with her pretty manicured hand, masturbating his manhood with her oiled fingers tight around his shaft.

Then she makes him lie on the bed and getting between his legs, she penetrates his ass with her shecock. As she fucks her boyfriend she jerks his cock with one hand, finally making him shoot his thick white cum over his own naked belly.


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