Serina – Pretty Japanese Otokono In Schoolgirl Uniform Jerks Off Her Huge Cock At Shemale Japan

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Jan 212013
Sexy Japanese Shemale In Panties Jerking-Off Her Erect Cock

Japanese ‘Otokono’ Serina Jerks Off Her Huge Cock In This Video At Shemale Japan

Otokono, also known as Otokono Musume is the latest fetish craze to come out of Japan. It literally means ‘Male Daughter’ and unlike newhalfs, Otokonoko only cross-dress and take neither hormones or undertake feminization surgery to change their appearance.

A perfect example of this is Serina, an established television celebrity and an adult film performer in Japan, who is regarded as being the main trend-setter for this latest fetish – Otokono. Serina is totally passable as a cute girl when she is dressed up, yet this feminine looking tgirl is packing a huge 7 inch penis down her panties and guys are going crazy for adult movies of this hot little cutie.

In her latest video and photo set for Shemale Japan, she dressed up like a cute schoolgirl who lifts up her skirt to show she is wearing some sexy pink panties, which are so small and tight, her balls squeeze out of the sides.

Serina then lifts her skirt just a little higher and reveals her huge shecock which has a really big cockhead! She wraps her panties around her cock and balls then takes the shaft in her hand and gives her shlong a good wank!

Serina pumps her big cock in her hand with a look on concentration on her face as she builds up to her climax and when she finally orgasms she ejaculates thick, heavy cum onto the table top.


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