Miharu Tatebayashi – Japanese Shemale Wanks Her Hard Cock and Blows A Heavy Load

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Aug 222016
Japanese Ladyboy Miharu Tatebayashi Poses With Her Erect Curvy Cock and Heavy Balls

Japanese ladyboy Miharu Tatebayashi wanks her erect curvy cock and blows a heavy load of cum in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Miharu Tatebayashi makes her 18th exclusive appearance at SMJ dressed in a short pvc skirt and slutty stockings. Parading around her hotel bathroom like a natural born slut in her sexy outfit, she wanks her cock and ejaculates a heavy load of tgirl sperm.

Miharu walked forward and her heels clicked on the hard bathroom floor, groping her bulging cock through the panties under her shiny black micro-mini. She turned, bending slightly and swaying her ass in that short skirt, showing the crotch of her black panties between her tight buttocks

Miharu stood and lifted one foot onto the edge of the bath and pulled aside the crotch of her panties to release her erection. She looked back over her shoulder as she handled the shaft of her throbbing dick, her heavy balls bulging in the tight scrotum between her thighs.

Miharu turned around and stood once more with her legs open and her erect cock twitched in front of her pvc skirt. She got on her knees and pulled down the black pantie thong, leaving it snagged around her balls and spreading the cheeks of her shapely ass. Her fingers crept tentatively into her butt crack, touching and separating the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy which looked so inviting.

Miharu sat astride the bathroom chest and wrapped her fingers around the curved shaft of her cock and wanked it off. Her hand pumped her throbbing erection and the purple cock head expanded as she ejaculated nine jets of heavy cum which landed on the vinyl cushioned seat in front of her.