Japanese Ladyboy Miran Wanks Her Huge Throbbing Cock Inside Wet Pantyhose

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Sep 282015
Japanese Ladyboy Miran Rubs Her Huge Throbbing Cock Inside Her Wet Pantyhose In This Video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Miran wanks her huge throbbing cock inside her wet pantyhose and cums over the mirror in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Newhalf princess Miran returns for her 19th appearance here at SMJ and this time she gets her pantyhose all wet in the bath tub and wanks her huge, erect she-dick!

Everyone is loving the new videos of Miran which she has filmed over the past few weeks and she’s not done yet! In fact Miran loves showing off her fabulous body, perky tits and getting her cock out for us and being a TS superstar she never fails to deliver!

In her latest video Miran’s cock swells inside her white pantyhose as she releases a stream of piss which soaks the gusset and runs down her inner thigh. Pouring bathwater over her crotch, she rubs her erect and swollen member through the wet lycra that clings around the shaft of her throbbing dick.

Pushing her hands down the inside of her pantyhose, Miran wanks her hard cock and the purple head of her erect penis bulges under the wet layer of nylon. She stands in the tub and pours water over her pantyhose ass, then turns an gently thrusts her hips as she presses her nylon clad cock against the surface of the bathroom mirror.

Miran sits on the edge of the tub and strokes her huge erection, her slender fingers wrapped around the thick girth of her fantastic knob! Her face glistens with sweat as she focuses hard on wanking her cock and building up to her orgasm. Then sensing she is near to her climax, she stands and ejaculates multiple gobs of thick cum which splatter onto the mirror and run down it’s reflective surface.