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Scantily dressed in her slutty clubwear, Miran’s latest video begins with her looking hot and sexy as she poses with her HUGE cock bulging right under the front of her tight fitting silver dress.

Hiro runs his fingers over her erect cock which throbs under the stretchy material of her dress, giving her a lot of pleasure as he rubs the outline of her hard dick.

Miran’s legs look amazing as she stands and poses in her sexy heels, bending over and lifting the back of her dress to give a view of her ass and balls, hanging heavy like pendants between her thighs.

Gripping her firm buttocks with both hands, she pulls them apart to show the tight ring of her ass, then turns around and reveals her magnificent, semi-flaccid cock hanging down in front of her.

Miran takes hold of her cock and starts to wank it in her hand, tugging the taut skin back over the bulbous purple head of her thickly veined erection and making her nuts rise and fall with every stroke of her manicured fingers along the shaft.

Hiro can’t resist getting in on the action and wrapping his fingers around the girth of her erection he wanks it off , giving that imposing specimen of shemale cockmeat a good tug with his hand.

Miran strips naked and laying on the bed she jerks herself off until she cums and ejaculates thick sperm over belly and over her fist.


Mar 282014
Japanese Newhalf Karina Shiratori Plays With Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Karina Shiratori flaunts her tanned body and plays with her hard cock in her 40th video at Shemale Japan

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The devastatingly beautiful Karina (Misaki) Shiratori delivers her 40th video and photo set with this update on Shemale Japan and it’s easy to see why she is one of our most popular girls.

Her pretty face, long dark hair and eyes, not forgetting her slender body, perfect tits and hard cock, makes her the ideal Japanese ladyboy that every guy wants to take to bed and spend the night.

The rise of this newhalf beauty began with her debut on Shemale Japan in 2009 and she has gone from strength to strength to become Queen of SMJ! It was quite remarkable she agreed to appear in the first place, as she was neither an escort or porn-star, but a show dancer who already enjoyed mainstream success in Japan.

At first she didn’t want us to show her cum shot, but in her 9th video she jerked herself off and ejaculated thick jets of milky white cum over her naked belly, then with a smile on her face she licked her own sticky sperm off her fingers.

In this her 40th video shot in Thailand, she shows off her fabulous tanned body in a close fitting dress, displaying her amazing legs in their sexy heels. Turning herself on, she rubs the ridge of her stiff cock through the front of her dress, then releases it and squeezes her tits as she strokes the shaft of her beautiful shemale schlong.


Mar 212014
Japanese Newhalf Ririca Wanking Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Newhalf Ririca teases in her latex dress and wanks her erect shecock in this video at Shemale Japan

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Fan favourite Ririca returns today looking very promiscuous in her slutty clubwear! Enjoy this naughty newhalf getting down and dirty as she wanks herself off in her latest video…

Ririca had downed a few drinks one night and decided to go out into the garden and play by the pool, so we followed her out as she tottered along on her heels.

Squatting down buy the poolside she extended one of her shapely legs, giving just a glimpse of her cock as it poked out erect between the tops of her thighs, under her tight latex skirt.

Ririca’s lipstick glistened as she pouted her lips and ran her hands over her body and legs, which gave off a shine of moisturized skin as she stood and posed in her heels.

Returning indoors, she swayed her body and danced to some upbeat music as she rubbed her fingers over the thick bulge of her erect cock, which strained under the tight latex of her short dress.

Ririca slowly pulled up her dress and her erection sprang out, then holding the shaft between her fingers, she waggled it about like a flexible length of salami sausage.

Her hands squeezed her boobs through the cups of her latex dress, then slipping the thin straps over her shoulders she stripped the top down and fully revealed the silky mounds of her transsexual titties.

Ririca lay back on the sofa and licked her nipples with the tip of her tongue as she gripped her erect cock and moved her hand up and down the length of the thick shaft.

Spreading her legs exposed the puckered ring of her bum hole, then slipping her finger up her tight anus, she fucked her ladyboy pussy and stroked off the thick meat of her shemale schlong in her hand.


Mar 122014
Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Plays With Her Tits And Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Miran strips off her bra and panties to play with her huge cock at Shemale Japan

After seeing Miran explode onto the newhalf scene in her amazing debut video in which she gave an outstanding hardcore performance, we are delighted to welcome her back in her first solo masturbation set for Shemale Japan.

Only a couple of weeks have passed since we launched Miran on SMJ and the response to her appearance has been over-whelming. Suddenly, everyone who is into Asian Transsexuals wants to know more about her and she has rapidly shot into newhalf super-stardom on the social networks.

It’s easy to see why everyone is talking about this funky escort from Nagoya when you watch her videos. Her striking looks, tanned body, firm tits and gorgeous thick cock are just some of her attractions, but it’s her outgoing personality and sensual charm that have totally bewitched her fans.

In her latest video, Miran strips off her bra and brushes her fingertips over her perky tits, while she stands and displays her fabulous body. Then pulling down her panties and leaving them stretched around her thighs, she flaunts her huge erection above us and smiles with pleasure as she wanks it off in her hand.


Mar 072014
Rise Kaneshiro Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Wanking In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Rise Kaneshiro strips off her school uniform and wanks herself off until she cums in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Rise Kaneshiro was feeling really horny when she got home from college, so she went straight to the bathroom to have a wank and play with her shecock.

She looked at herself in the mirror and admired how sexy she looked with her hard, erect cock surrounded by the folds of her sexy little skirt. She could have almost spunked over herself, right there and then!

Hiro caught her playing with her cock and wrapped his fingers around her warm erection, feeling it pulse in his hand as he pulled the taut foreskin back over the shiny, purple dome of her stiff shecock.

Rise opened her legs to show she was wearing her panties pulled to one side, her cock standing upright and the cockhead bulging as she slowly wanked herself off.

Rise stripped off her school uniform and climbed into a bubble bath, where she covered her slender body, tiny tits and hard cock in lots of soapy suds, which made her feel so sexy she needed to cum.

Having dried off, she lay on the bed and with short strokes her hand, she jerked herself off and eventually shot her cum over the soft flesh of her flat naked belly.


Mar 052014
Elegant Japanese Ladyboy Kana In Fetish Lingerie, Suspenders and Stockings At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Kana looking elegant and sexy in her fetish lingerie, suspenders and stockings in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Kana looked stunning wearing her black fetish lingerie, her tummy button framed by the suspenders of her basque stretching down her flat belly and pulling taut on the tops of her fishnet stockings.

Threading her riding crop through both sides of her black thong, she gripped it in her hands and pulled it upward horizontally, so the crotch of her panties stretched tight around her bulging genitals.

Kana massaged the ridge of her stiff cock through the front of her thong and then pulled her panties to one side so her erect cock sprang out fully erect, surrounded by the black hair of her pubic bush.

Her long red hair hung over her shoulders as she posed in her sexy lingerie and performed a slight belly dance, her stiff cock sticking out curved and erect in front of her as she moved.

Pulling down the top of her basque, she exposed her flat transsexual breasts with their pert brown nipples, then rolled her erection between her hands in their long, soft satin gloves.

Kana sat with her legs spread open and uttered sounds of pleasure as she played with her stiff cock, then getting on her knees she presented her ass and rubbed her anus with her fingers.


Feb 282014
Japanese Schoolgirl Newhalf Misaki Sakurai Plays With Her Erect Cock At Shemale Japan

———————— Pretty Japanese newhalf schoolgirl Misaki Sakurai masturbates in her uniform in this video at Shemale japan

Misaki Sakurai is just the type of cute Japanese girl you’d want to meet and give a nice cuddle and slip your hands up her short, plaid skirt to feel the bulge of that cock she’s packing in her panties!

Misaki looks very desirable in her uniform and her bare legs look so smooth and flawless, you’ll just want to reach out and run your hands under her skirt and feel how warm and soft her thighs are to the touch.

What a real teaser, turning around and lifting one leg to let you glimpse her pink panties under her skirt, running between the cheeks of her sweet little ass.

She bends over and looks back over her shoulder as she tugs at the crotch of her panties, then pulls them to one side to expose the puckered ring of her sexy bum.

Opening her shirt reveals she is wearing a pretty pink bra which covers her small breasts. Then she rolls herself back on the bed and hooking her thumbs into the waist of her panties, she strips them over her bum and down her bare legs to take them off.

Misaki kneels on the bed and tilts up her ass, her heavy balls dangling between her thighs as she exposes the tight hole of her ladyboy pussy where she likes to be fucked.

Taking off her skirt, Misaki lays back on the bed with a beauteous look on her pretty face as she quietly masturbates her sweet cock in her hand.


Feb 262014
Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Japanese Newhalf Miran In Hardcore Transsexual Video At Shemale Japan

– Cute Japanese newhalf Miran gets her body covered in oil, then sucks and fucks in this uncensored hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Miran embodies all the qualities that makes sexy femboys so attractive and does us the honor of making her explosive debut on Shemale Japan, in an uncensored, all out hardcore video…

Her striking looks and fabulous body has caught the attention of everyone and we believe she is set to become an international newhalf superstar, so remember where you saw her first, right!

Miran was born in Hiroshima, but now lives in Nagoya where she works as an escort and porn star. Her English is exceptionally good, having learned a lot at English conversation school, as well as living in Vancouver Canada for ten months, where she studied hotel management.

Lucky for us, Miran decided to become an escort and you can see her for the first time in this uncensored hardcore movie right here on SMJ…

Watch as Miran gets her naked body covered all over with oil, which makes her honey-toned skin glisten as she indulges in kissing and foreplay. She gets sucked and wanked off while standing in the bath, then bends over like a good girl and gets fucked from behind, her heavy balls and cock hanging between her thighs.

The action continues in the bedroom and we see Miran getting fucked in lots of positions, from riding on top to laying on her back. As she gets penetrated up the ass, she jerks off her erect cock and climaxes by ejaculating thick cum all over her naked belly covered in slippery, shiny baby oil.


Feb 242014
Japanese Newhalf Konatsu Satsuki Wanking Her Tranny Cock In Lingerie and Stockings at Shemale Japan

— Japanese Newhalf Konatsu Satsuki strips off her black lingerie and jerks off in her fishnet stockings at Shemale Japan

Konatsu Satsuki looked like a sexy fuck doll as she stood in her black lingerie, slutty fishnet stockings and perspex heels.

The muscles of her legs tautened under the mesh of her net stockings as she posed, her heavy balls sagging from the sides of the thin crotch of her pantie thong.

Konatsu squatted in her heels and pulling her pantie crotch to one side, she wrapped her hand in their lace gloves around the stiff shaft of her erect penis.

Keeling, she untied the sides of her panties and stripped them away and her tumescent cock looked so erotic as it hung down, framed by the bows and frilly lace of her black suspenders stocking tops.

Konatsu stripped off her lingerie and kneeling on the bed in her stockings, she wiggled her slender hips so her thick dong swung from side to side.

She stroked the sides of her stiff member between the fingers of her palm and tugged the short foreskin back from the thick dome of her erect schlong.

Konatsu lay back and jerked off her prick until she climaxed and ejaculated thick, white jets of cum over her flat belly. The milky sperm spurted out of the end of her throbbing cock and pooled in sticky gobs around her belly button.


Feb 192014
Pretty Japanese Newhalf Erika Kiryu Wanking Her Sweet Cock In Sexy Lingerie At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Newhalf Erika Kiryu wanks her sweet cock and cums over her In sexy lingerie in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Erika Kiryu sat on the edge of the bed wanking her cock. She looked so beautiful, her pretty face framed by her long hair falling over her shoulders, dressed in lacy black lingerie and fishnet stockings.

Hiro touched her perfectly formed breasts which appeared over the top of her lacy basque and played with her stiff, brown nipples, as she leisurely stroked her erect cock in her gloved hand. Then he reached down to take her erect cock in his hand, his fingers rubbing against the rim of her shiny, purple cockhead, as he gave it a wank.

Erika got into a kneeling position so that her ass was exposed. Then Hiro wrapped his fingers around the curved shaft of her cock and tugged downward on her shemale schlong, as he rubbed his thumb over the puckered ring of her ladyboy ass.

Erika lay back on the bed in her lingerie, her breasts swollen and the nipples already stiff, as she jerked off her erect cock. She had a look of concentration on her sweet face as her hand moved rapidly up and down the shaft of her prick, slowly working up her pleasure.

Erika sensed the approach of her orgasm and tensed her body as a jet of cum ejaculated from the bell end of her cock and splashed over her sexy, lace lingerie.