Mar 112015
Pretty Newhalf Yume Masuda In Sexy School Girl Uniform Skirt and Socks At Shemale Japan

Cute newhalf schoolgirl Yume Masuda strips off her panties and wanks her hard cock in her sexy, short skirt in her latest video at Shemale Japan



Yume sat on the sofa, looking quite demure in her school uniform – grey woolen sweater, short plaid skirt and knee-high socks – her voice both feminine and melodious while she talked about herself to our photographer, Hiro.

Yume appeared so sweet and innocent, with her long brunette hair framing her oval shaped face and cute dimples appearing at the side of her mouth as she chatted away about her sexy, short skirt.

But don’t be fooled – this girl enjoys having a mans hand up her tiny skirt, pulling aside her panties and and getting her hard cock stiff and excited. Yume likes to masturbate a lot and when she gets home after a long day at college, it’s up with her skirt and down with her panties for a much needed wank to relieve her frustrations.

We asked her to show us what she does, so she stood by the window and lifted up her flirty skirt to reveal her cock bulging under the stretchy material of her tiny, black thong. She giggled sweetly as she rubbed her cock through the tight, shiny nylon of her panties, then reached inside to release her erection from it’s confinement. Her stiff member suddenly sprang into view over the top of her panties, throbbing as it stood at an angle to her body.

Yume sat and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, then pulled them from under her ass and attentively stripped them over her naked thighs, socks and shoes. Opening her shirt, she pulled down the cups of her black bra and exposed the soft mounds of her tiny tits, and stroked her rigid cock that stood erect against the folds of her plaid.

Yume went over to the window and standing with her back against the frame, she lifted her skirt up high and took her cock in hand. Smiling sweetly like a real pretty girl, those characteristic dimples appeared at the edges of her soft pouting lips and she wanked her erection in open view of the window.


Feb 132015
Japanese Ladyboy Beni Sisaki In Fuck Bunny Costume At Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Beni Sisaki dressed in a fuck bunny costume wanks her cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan


Japanese Newhalf Beni Sisaki Plays With Her Cock In Bunny Costume At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Beni Sisaki Posing Nude At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Beni Sisaki is ready to entertain you dressed in her fuck bunny outfit, large floppy ears and sexy white pom-pom for a tail in her latest video at SMJ.

What a cute little play thing she is as she poses in that bunny costume, her face so pretty and her shape is so perfect as she poses for your pleasure. She turns to show you the highlight of her bunny tail and the small rounded cheeks of her sexy bum half covered by the black material of the leotard above the flesh of her naked thighs.

Sitting she crosses her legs and her hand brushes over the soft, flawless skin of her thighs, over her knees and down the slender legs. Then she pulls down the top of her costume and reveals the dark brown nipples of her tiny tits.

Beni reclines in the chair and pulls aside the crotch of her costume and gently wanks the curved shaft of her cock between her slender fingers. Then stripping off she climbs onto the bed full naked and lays back against the fluffy pillows with her legs open. She lifts her bum off the bed and spreads the cheeks of her ass to give a view of her puckered anus and pushes her erection forwards so it stands up long and stiff between her thighs.


Feb 042015
Newhalf Yuria Misaki in lacy purple lingerie corset and fishnet stockings at Shemale Japan

Gorgeous Japanese Newhalf Yuria Misaki wanks her huge cock in lacy lingerie and fishnet stockings in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Yuria Misaki wanking her cock in lacy lingerie and fishnet stockings at Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Yuria Misaki playing with her cock in lingerie corset and fishnet stockings

Beautiful. Sophisticated. Elegant. Just a few words describing our impression of Yuria Misaki, who has fast become one of our favorite newhalfs. Just take a look at how stunning she looks dressed in sensual lace lingerie and stockings in her 5th video appearance for Shemale Japan.

Yuria looked almost too beautiful with her long hair, shining eyes and inviting smile as she sat in her lingerie by the bathroom mirror. Wearing a white sheer nylon negligee, purple lingerie corset and fishnet stockings, she opened her legs to reveal the huge bulge of her cock pressing against the crotch of her tight, black panties.

Yuria opened her legs even wider and spread her fingers along the side of the shaft of her bulging erection, rubbing it through the tight material of her thong. She hooked her thumb into the elastic of her panties and pulled them outward, and the purple head and thickly veined shaft of her cock popped over the top and rubbed against the purple lace of her lingerie.

Yuria stood with her perfect erection pointing at an angle from her body, then pulled the stretchy material of her panties up over it to form a cock-hammock. She stripped the panties down her legs and her huge cock sprang up and wobbled as she stood showing it off, all nicely framed by the purple suspenders attached to the tops of her sexy stockings.

Yuria wrapped her fingers lightly around her prick and wanked it off, the foreskin peeled back over the purple cockhead as her hand leisurely stroked the curve of the pulsing shaft. Her erect shecock looked so suckable as she pressed it down to give a close up view of the smooth purple glans and waggled it around with her fingers scissored around the base of the shaft.


Jan 262015

Cute Newhalf Mitsuki Looks So Sexy In Her School Uniform at Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Mitsuki Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Mitsuki Wanking Her Cock In Short School Skirt At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Mitsuki Lifting Her Short School Skirt and Wanking Hard Cock

Japanese newhalf Mitsuki looks so cute as she poses in her school uniform, her short plaid skirt and socks offering a nice contrast to the lovely softness of her bare legs.

After a long hard day studying, Mitsuki is up for some fun an games once she gets home. After all, she is a horny little girlie and her ladyboy cock has been getting stiff inside her tight panties all day long.

Sitting on the sofa she spreads her legs slightly to give an up-skirt view of the bulge of her cock under the tight cotton of her white panties.

Mitsuki pulls aside the crotch of her panties and wanks her erect cock as she opens her shirt and plays with the erect nipples of her petite titties.

Stripping her pantie thong down her legs, she sits back and continues to wank herself off, still dressed in her pleated skirt, socks and shoes.

Mitsuki pulls her legs back against her chest and spreads her ladyboy pussy, her fingers exposing the puckered ring of her tight anus.

Kneeling on the floor she offers up her sweet ass and her balls swing heavy as she pushes her cock between the back of her thighs. Then she kneels on the bed and smiles sweetly as she holds her skirt around her waist, she tugs on her hot, little prick.


Jan 242015
Japanese Ladyboy Ran Hasegawa Wanks Her Cock In Lacy Black Lingerie and Stockings At Shemale Japan

Glamorous Newhalf Ran Hasegawa wanks her hard cock in lacy black lingerie and fishnet stockings in her latest video

Newhalf Ran Hasegawa has worked in the fashion industry and even won competitions for her alluring beauty. In this, her sixth video to date, she entertains by wanking in black, sheer nylon negligee, suspender-belt, panties and fishnet stockings with lace tops.

Looking sexy and glamorous, Ran posed in her black lingerie, the lace garter-belt and black suspenders framing her black pantie thong and the bulge of her stiffening penis. Her negligee opened at the front and brushing her hands over her petite ladyboy tits, she squeezed them together and Hiro tweaked her stiff brown nipples with his fingers.

Ran knelt on the chair and presented her sexy ass, giving a view of the thin, black nylon material of her pantie thong stretched tight between the cheeks of her bum. Hiro reached out and squeezed her soft buttocks in his hand, then pulled the strip of black pantie thong to one side and exposed the puckered ring of her ladyboy fuckhole.

Ran sat back in the chair looking so glamorous as she crossed her legs and caressed them in their black, fishnet stockings and sexy, open-toe heels. She uncrossed her legs and rubbed the front of her panties, then pulled the crotch to one side to allow her big cock to flop out against her naked thigh.

Ran took her cock in hand and wanked it off, making it grow harder as she pumped the shaft in her fist until the dome of her cockhead was thick and bulging. Then she knelt with her ass in full view and pushed her cock between her thighs, tugging it it off between her fingers and exposing the tight ring of her ladyboy pussy.


Jan 192015
Mitsuki Naked Japanese Ladyboy Showing of Her Hard Cock at Japan Shemale

Cute newhalf Mitsuki gets naked and plays with her bumhole while wanking her stiff cock in this video at Shemale Japan

Mitsuki is another cute newhalf from Japan who loves getting naked for the camera and strips down to reveal her super-tight bum hole and erect shemale shecock in her debut video…

Mitsuki is just the girl you’ll want to take home and have strip right in front of you and once you get a look at this hottie, you’ll notice she has a cute little frame, lovely tits and an adorable round ass just right for fucking.

Which is fine, because she likes regular, straight guys who like to play with girls who have something a bit extra, if you know what I mean. Guys who don’t run away as soon as they discover she is packing a penis down the front of her sexy, little panties.

Mitsuki makes an instant impact as soon as she strips down to her black bra and thong, her hot erection already poking out of the waistband of her tight, little panties. You’ll know she’s up for it when she turns and wiggles her cute ass and pulls down sweet lace panties to spread her buttocks and show you the puckered ring of her tight, sexy bumhole.

Stripping off her bra she stands naked with her panties stretched around her thighs and taking her cute cock in her hand, she strokes the shaft of her erect member. Then sitting in the chair with her legs pulled right back, she enjoys having her twitching bumhole stimulated, as she wanks her lovely, stiff penis – she’s such a horny sweetheart.


Jan 052015
Chihiro Mitsuzuka - Cute Japanese Ladyboy Prepares To Get Fucked Up Her Tight and Sexy Ass

Horny Japanese newhalf Chihiro Mitsuzuka gets her ass fucked hardcore style in this uncensored video at Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese newhalf Chihiro Mitsuzuka looked quite smart in her pretty clothes when she turned up at the hotel to get the fucking she needed…

Strait into the action, she lifted up her skirt and paraded herself in front of Hiro, her cock already bulging behind her panties under the tight nylon screen of her sexy pantyhose. Hiro reached out and felt the ridge of her excited cock, standing stiff and erect and poking it’s head above the waistline of her tight panties.

Chihiro stripped off her clothes and stood close to Hiro, wanking his cock as he reached behind her and ripped a hole in the rear of her designer pantyhose. She knelt on the sofa with her ass cheeks exposed through the hole in the seat of her pantyhose, then Hiro got on his knees and rimmed her tight, little anus with his tongue.

Hiro handled her stiff rod and tugged the shaft down between her thighs, her balls tightening in their sack as he teased her butthole with a circular motion of his thumb. He inserted a finger up her tight anus and fucked it, while sucking and slurping on the purple bell end of her magnificent cock at the same time.

Hiro lay back on the sofa and Chihiro straddled his thighs, then he grabbed both of their hard cocks and wanked their oiled up erections together in his hand. He then pushed his throbbing member up her tight ladyboy pussy and the meaty flange of her penis thrashed around as she bounced up and down on his stiff pole.


Dec 242014
Noa Nishino Cute Newhalf Plays With Her Cock In White Lingerie and Stockings

Cute newhalf Noa Nishino plays with her stiff little cock in white lingerie and stockings at Shemale Japan

Noa Nishino is one of our all time favorite newhalfs because she is so cute and has a sweet little cock that looks so goddamn suckable.

Here she is in this seasonal scene, dressed in alluring white lingerie that suggests she’s ready to make love and give pleasure to her man, she’s such a horny little fuck bunny.

Noa looks so adorable in her white garter-belt, with her sweet erection hanging down in front as it swings between the soft flesh of her thighs and the lacy tops of her stockings.

The half-cups of her pretty white bra barely conceal her small tits and their perky brown nipples, while she poses with her erect cock standing at an angle from her youthful body.

Watching naughty Noa stroking her lovely dick in her satin gloved hand, you’ll be wanting to get on your knees to suck her stiff little rod and roll your tongue around that cockhead as it pulses with pleasure inside your mouth.

Have fun…


Nov 282014
Rise Kaneshiro Pretty Naked Japanese Ladyboy Playing With Her Stiff Cock At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese newhalf Rise Kaneshiro strips off her panties and gets naked, then wanks her huge erect cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Newhalf Rise Kaneshiro is fast developing from naughty teenage girl into a beautiful woman, as you will see in her latest video…

This is a Rise that we have never seen before, looking so sophisticated and sexy in her smart office wear as she sits and runs her hands over the soft, bare flesh of her crossed legs.

Rise beguiles with her typical shy manner, so charming and appealing to a lot of men who like the submissive nature of Japanese girls. So naturally, she complies with Hiro’s request to open her legs and show the bulge of her cock behind the crotch of her cute blue panties under her skirt.

Getting up, she stands to pull up the back of her skirt and give a view of her pantie thong between the hemispheres of her cute little butt, then gives her sweet ass cheeks a slap of her hand. She pulls aside the back of her thong and spreads the heart shaped cheeks of her ass to give a naughty look at her lovely tight bumhole, which is where she likes to be fucked.

Rise turns and pulls her stiff cock out of her panties and waggles it between her fingers, tugging back the taut foreskin over the shiny purple cockhead as she wanks it off. Its quite a contrast, seeing this huge cock belonging to such pretty girl, and even Hiro can’t resist reaching out and giving that magnificent specimen an good wank in his hand.


Nov 242014
Japanese Newhalf Miharu Tatebayashi Plays With Her Stiff Erection In Panties In Her Video At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese Newhalf Miharu Tatebayashi jerks off her big cock and ejaculates lots of hot, thick cum in her video at Shemale Japan

Miharu Tatebayashi is a petite, 22 year old, newhalf from Tokyo who loves to play with her big, stiff cock at every opportunity and showed us just how she likes to stroke it and make herself cum…

Miharu was chatting away to Hiro when she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and as if by magic she produced a very stiff cock that stood strong and erect in her lap. She teased her rigid cock, sliding the tips of her fingers of both hands up and down the long shaft and over the dome of her bulbous cockhead.

Stripping off her clothes, pink panties and bra, she stood with her erect member at an angle from her body, then gently thrust her hips back and fourth so her cock stabbed at the air and her heavy balls swung between her soft, creamy thighs.

Thrusting her hips, she pumped her cock with her fingers wrapped around the shaft, the taut foreskin pulling back over the swollen head of her dick as she moved her hips in a steady rhythm. The purple crown of her erect cock poked out of her clenched fist as she fucked her hand, her balls now even tighter in her scrotum, building up under the pressure of releasing her jizz.

Miharu sat with a look of concentration on her pretty face as she squeezed her throbbing cock in her hand, making her tight balls bob between her thighs as she wanked herself off. She uttered small sounds of pleasure at the approach of her orgasm, then suddenly ejaculated multiple ropes of thick semen which poured out of the end of her cock onto the floor.