Oct 212014
Japanese Newhalf Superstar Miran Posing In Bikini At Japan Shemale

Japanese newhalf superstar Miran strips off her bikini and plays with her erect cock and tight balls covered in baby oil in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Superstar Miran In Sexy Bikini Shows Off Her Tits At Shemale Japan

Japanese Shemale Miran Showing Off Her Sexy Body, Huge Cock and Tanlines


Japanese Ladyboy Miran Naked and Covered In Baby Oil Plays With Her Huge Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Superstar Miran is by far one of the most popular newhalfs and is much sought after as an Escort in Nagoya, where she regularly meets up with guys who first saw her on Shemale Japan.

Miran has become a hugely popular since making her debut right here on SMJ back in February 2014, where she made an explosive hardcore debut video in which she got her ladyboy ass pounded by Hiro’s cock.

The video of this hardcore fuck fest lasts 51 minutes, climaxing with Miran jerking her cock while getting fucked up the ass and ejaculating thick cum all over her naked belly covered in baby oil.

Miran has done a further two hardcore videos for us this year and a series of solo videos, in which she strips and shows off her fabulous body, while she wanks her huge, throbbing cock.

In her latest video, Miran strips off her bikini and flaunts her naked self for our pleasure, showing off her slender frame and sexy bikini lines around her tanned tits.

Watch her playing with her stiff cock, so big and erect, it sways under it’s own weight as she stands fully naked and proudly shows it off. Then covering herself in baby oil so her tanned skin glistens wetly, she wraps her slender fingers around the thick shaft of her she-dick and wanks it off in the bathroom.


Oct 152014
Japanese Shemale Ran Hasegawa In White Lingerie and Stockings Wanking Her Cock

Classy newhalf Ran Hasegawa strips and teases in white lingerie and stockings while playing with her cock at Shemale Japan

Ran Hasegawa sat on the edge of the bed looking like a vision of heavenly beauty, her long hair flowing over her shoulders as she adjusted the lace tops of her white stockings.

Ran crossed one leg over the other and caressed the silky soft surface of her stockings, running her hand over her knee and up to the flesh of her thigh above her lacy stocking tops. Pulling on the ribbon of her sheer nylon negligee, she opened it up and let it fall away to reveal her fabulous slender body, petite breasts and flawless ivory colored skin.

Ran slipped off her shiny white heels and got into a kneeling position on the bed so her ass was in full view. The thin material of her thong stretched over the brown circle of her bum hole and ran between her thighs, her balls half-hanging out of the tight crotch of her white panties.

Ran caressed the smooth skin of her buttocks and pulled aside her pantie thong to reveal the puckered ring of her ladyboy asshole. She lay back on the bed in her sensual lingerie and slowly wanked her beautiful cock as she brushed her fingers over the points of her erect, brown nipples.

Ran is such a beautiful example of ladyboy femininity, having a fantastic body, gorgeous cock and tempting ass, which you will see more of as she lathers up her smooth cock and balls in the bathroom tub.


Oct 132014
Newhalf Natsumi Ayase Playing With Her Erect Cock In School Skirt At Shemale Japan

Newhalf schoolgirl Natsumi Ayase takes her panties down and enjoys having her stiff cock wanked in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Natsumi Ayase looked so pretty in her school uniform, as she lifted up her skirt and spread her legs to reveal the bulge of her cock under silky blue panties. Hiro reached out and began to rub her stiff erection through the soft material and the tip of her cockhead appeared over the the lacy waistband of her knickers.

Natsumi pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and released her lovely little erection, which quivered in excitement as it stood up in her lap. Hiro wrapped his fingers around the pulsing shaft of her she-dick and gave it a gently tug, while rubbing his thumb over the perineum, between her ball-sack and anus.

Natsumi opened her shirt and revealed the soft mounds of her perfect ladyboy tits and their stiff, budlike nipples. Hiro squeezed and massaged her petite breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers and making her gasp at having her boobs fondled.

Natsumi allowed Hiro to feel her up and her stiff cock stood out at an angle, throbbing with pleasure under the folds of her plaid skirt bunched around her waist. She then slowly pulled her panties down her legs and left them hanging around her stockinged ankles, her stiff erection wobbling as she stood back up.

Hiro took her stiff member in his hand and wanked her off, making her gasp with little sounds of girly pleasure, as he tugged the taut foreskin back over the shiny, bulbous head of her ladyboy shecock.


Oct 062014
Newhalf Miran Posing With Her Tanned Fit Body and Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Tanned newhalf Miran gets naked and wanks off her huge erect cock and ejaculates thick cum onto a glass tabletop in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Miran is one of the most popular newhalfs on Shemale Japan and here she is getting naked and jerking herself off in another great solo video…

Miran smiled in amusement at the size of her thick erection, as her manicured fingers played over the ridge of her stiff cock, trapped behind the stretchy material of her tight fitting yellow swimsuit. She stood to give and even better view of her stiff member, bulging and straining under the stretchy fabric, then she pulled up her swimwear, making the crotch stretch tight, like a hammock around her cock and balls.

Miran bent over and looked between her legs as she pulled her thick cock out from behind the crotch, then pushed her hard erection down so it was framed between her thighs. She waggled it about between her fingers, the thick veins standing out along the shaft and the light shining off the taut skin of her bulbous cockhead.

After a lot of posing and showing off her erect dick standing at an angle from her tanned, lithe body, Miran stripped off and lay on the sofa. She pushed her cock between her thighs so it was sandwiched between the back of her legs, which she then lifted up her legs and crossed at the ankles.

What a gorgeous sight, as she lay there flaunting her thick cock and smooth, round ass, everything on display and presented in a perfect package, just made for fucking. Wrapping her fingers and long nails around her firm buttocks, she pulled the cheeks apart in invitation to cum and fuck the puckered ring of her tight bum hole.

Miran did us proud and finished off by stroking her thick, she-dick in her fist and ejaculating thick gobs of semen onto the glass tabletop. What a star!


Oct 012014
Natsumi Ayase Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Cock at Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese Newhalf Natsumi Ayase strips off her panties and plays with her stiff little cock in this video at Shemale Japan

Natsumi Ayase (24) is such a pretty newhalf and is a little shy in the way that many Japanese girls appear, which makes them so attractive to men. But she soon strips off and shows us what she keeps in her panties, as this a sweet faced ladyboy loves getting naked for the camera.

Pulling up her short denim skirt and sitting with her legs spread apart, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and released her stiff member. Taking her sweet, little erection in hand, she gently stroked the shaft, pulling the foreskin back over the head of her adorable cock.

Lifting her t-shirt up her chest, she pulled down the cups of her bra and exposed her lovely titties and played with her stiff nipples, which looked like little brown berries. Then stripping off her bra and panties, she got on her knees and presented her hot little ass, pulling aside the cheeks to expose the puckered ring of her ladyboy fuckhole.

Hiro reached out and rubbed his middle finger over the brown circle of her tight anus, making her mew with pleasure as she felt him exploring her sensitive bum hole.

Natsumi stood fully-naked in front of Hiro and he ran his hands over the soft skin of her belly, his fingers touching and playing over the nipples of her tiny titties. She uttered little sounds as his hand explored her body, her stiff little cock quivering if front of his face in close up, as he stroked the smooth flesh of her naked thighs.


Sep 262014
Chihiro Mitsuzuka Japanese Femboy Wanking Her Ladyboy Cock At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese femboy Chihiro Mitsuzuka looks pretty in pink as she wanks off her erect cock in her video at Shemale Japan

Chihiro Mitsuzuka (21) makes her first appearance on Shemale Japan this week, and already she is proving to be a big hit with lovers of pretty ladyboys and newhalfs.

Chihiro has a smooth and slender body and a thick cock, though she is somewhat a little different to most of our newhalfs, as she works both as a feminine boy escort and as a girl.

Her demure appearance, soft spoken voice and feminine charm is just what makes her so attractive to men, though when it comes to sex she prefers the rougher side of things and enjoys fucking both ways.

Chihiro looked so pretty dressed in pink as she sat chatting and obediently opened her legs to give an up-skirt view of bulging cock, concealed behind her pink, pantie thong.

She teased her cock through the flimsy material of her panties, then slowly it emerged over the elastic of the waistband and she flopped it around while holding it between her slender fingers.

Chihiro pulled her panties to one side and her heavy balls hung loose as she played with her erect cock, then Hiro reached out and wanked her off in his hand, tugging the foreskin back over her purple bell end.

Standing with the frills of her dress bunched around her waist and her panties tight under her balls, she swiftly wanked off her thick cock while Hiro stroked the softness of her milky thighs.


Sep 222014
Gorgeous Newhalf Rui Matsushita Shows Off Her Cock In Panties At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Superstar Rui Matsushita gets in the shower and wanks her cock in her latest Video At Shemale Japan

Rui Matsushita stars in her her 20th video and photo-set at Shemale Japan this week and is one of our most popular newhalfs.

Twenty-six year old Rui came from Hiroshima to work as a show-pub dancer in her early twenties and made her first appearance on SMJ back in March 2012.

Her success on SMJ has made her into one of the biggest newhalf pornstars on the scene, and besides her porn career, she also works as an escort for an exclusive agency in Osaka.

Rui has stunningly feminine looks and a fabulous, shapely body, with lovely round breasts and perky brown nipples. No doubt her time spent dancing in the bar has given Rui a certain elegance in her posture and an exquisite body shape.

Rui has mainly appeared solo in her videos on SMJ, but has also done 3 hardcore videos for us and has made some appearances on our sister site Shemale Japan Hardcore.

Rui tells us she has a voracious sexual appetite and in her latest hardcore video she gets oiled up in the shower with Hiro, who then fucks her tight ass in lots of positions.


Sep 172014
Ran Hasegawa Japanese Ladyboy Cock Sandwiched Between Her Thighs At Shemale Japan

Beautiful Japanese Newhalf Ran Hasegawa gets naked and plays with her shemale shecock in her debut video

Ran Hasegawa is one of our latest finds and looks so feminine and passable, no-one would believe it possible that she is packing a penis down the front of tight panties…

Her stunning looks, milky white soft skin and thick cock are sure to make her a winner with lovers of pretty tgirls and today we present you with her first photo-set and video….

Sitting on the edge of the bed she looked so beautiful as she chatted with Hiro, crossing and uncrossing her legs to give a flash of the crotch of her red satin panties.

Ran stripped off her dress to show off her fabulous figure and caressing her long, slender legs, she displayed her beautiful feet in their sexy strap-on heels.

Sitting on the bed, she opened her legs and pulled on the elastic of her red satin pantie thong so it was pulled tight like a hammock around her cock and balls.

Ran stripped off her red satin bra to reveal her small tits and bud-like brown nipples and slipped off her panties over her heels. Laying back fully naked on the bed, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of her lovely erection and wanked herself off.

Hiro reached out and wanked her thick cock in his hand, while she fondled her milky white tits and erect nipples. Then she knelt, exposing the puckered ring of her ass and pushed her shemale shlong between her legs, bending her erection right back with the flat of her palm.


Sep 052014
Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Hard Cock In Schoolgirl Uniform At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Megumi dressed in sexy schoolgirl uniform wanks her hard cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Megumi arrives home and as she looks in the mirror and combs her hair, she gives an upskirt view of her sweet ass cheeks under the folds of her plaid school skirt.

Hiro asks if she has not been wearing any panties at school today, so she lifts up her skirt to show him the thin cotton of her pantie thong stretched over her anus. Pulling her panties to one side, she parts her buttocks, exposing the puckered ring of her ass and touches it playfully with her naughty fingers.

Megumi turns around and pulling up the front of her skirt, she giggles like a girl as she rubs her cock through the cotton triangle if her sexy pantie thong.

Sitting on the desk with her legs open, she pulls down her panties so the elastic is tight under her squishy balls and squeezes the shaft of her cock like it is soft putty in her hands. She looks so pretty as she wanks herself off and handles her girly erection, so perfectly surrounded by the folds of her plaid school skirt bunched around her hips.

Megumi unbuttons the front of her shirt and exposing the soft mounds of her ladyboy tits, she plays with the stiff, brown nipples which stand out hard and teases them with her fingers.

It’s an incredible sight seeing a girl like Megumi, with her lovely hair framing her pretty face and sparkling eyes, wanking her stiff cock with her knickers snagged under her heavy, bouncing balls.


Aug 222014

Japanese Ladyboy Ripo Suzune Hard Cock In Fishnet Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Ripo Suzune Stiff Cock In Sexy Fishnet Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japanese Shemale Ripo Suzune Wanking Erect Cock In Fishnet Pantyhose

Ripo Suzune dressed as a sexy bunny girl, sat in her chair and drew her gloved hands down the length of her shapely legs in their layer of fishnet pantyhose and platform heels. It gave her much pleasure as she felt the softness of her satin gloves brushing over the surface of her pantyhose that clung to her legs.

The cupid bow of her lips formed into a smile as she opened her legs and rubbed the ridge of her erect cock through the tight material of her leotard. Pulling aside the crotch revealed her stiff penis and balls, trapped behind the diamond shaped mesh of her tight fitting, fishnet pantyhose.

Ripo contracted the muscles of her sphincter and made her erection twitch so the mesh tightened around the pink and purple crown of her cockhead inside her pantyhose. She cupped her balls with her gloved fingers and stroked the shaft of her throbbing member through the exciting layer surrounding her erect prick.

Ripo cut a hole in the front of her hose with some scissors, then pulled out her tumescent penis and it lolled around like a thick sausage next to her pantyhosed thigh. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and wanked it off in her hand, the purple head enlarging with every stroke as she tugged on her meaty schlong.

Ripo knelt on the bed and jerked herself off, eyes closed with a look of concentration on her face as she focused on building up her pleasure. She gasped with joy as she climaxed and multiple jets of sperm ejaculated from the end of her prick and landed on a tray that she’d placed before her on the bed to catch the strands of her ladyboy cum.