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Japanese Ladyboy Ripo Suzune Hard Cock In Fishnet Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Ripo Suzune Stiff Cock In Sexy Fishnet Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japanese Shemale Ripo Suzune Wanking Erect Cock In Fishnet Pantyhose

Ripo Suzune dressed as a sexy bunny girl, sat in her chair and drew her gloved hands down the length of her shapely legs in their layer of fishnet pantyhose and platform heels. It gave her much pleasure as she felt the softness of her satin gloves brushing over the surface of her pantyhose that clung to her legs.

The cupid bow of her lips formed into a smile as she opened her legs and rubbed the ridge of her erect cock through the tight material of her leotard. Pulling aside the crotch revealed her stiff penis and balls, trapped behind the diamond shaped mesh of her tight fitting, fishnet pantyhose.

Ripo contracted the muscles of her sphincter and made her erection twitch so the mesh tightened around the pink and purple crown of her cockhead inside her pantyhose. She cupped her balls with her gloved fingers and stroked the shaft of her throbbing member through the exciting layer surrounding her erect prick.

Ripo cut a hole in the front of her hose with some scissors, then pulled out her tumescent penis and it lolled around like a thick sausage next to her pantyhosed thigh. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and wanked it off in her hand, the purple head enlarging with every stroke as she tugged on her meaty schlong.

Ripo knelt on the bed and jerked herself off, eyes closed with a look of concentration on her face as she focused on building up her pleasure. She gasped with joy as she climaxed and multiple jets of sperm ejaculated from the end of her prick and landed on a tray that she’d placed before her on the bed to catch the strands of her ladyboy cum.


Aug 112014
Japanese Ladyboy Ayu Kamasaki In Stockings Hardcore At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese shemale Ayu Kamasaki gets fucked In lingerie and stockings hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Ayu Kamasaki With Hard Cock In Stockings At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Ayu Kamasaki Fucked In Stockings Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

Japanese Shemale Ayu Kamasaki Fucked Up the Ass In Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

We are delighted to welcome horny bronzed beauty, Ayu Kamasaki who makes her outstanding debut in this steamy hardcore video. Dressed for sex in her racy pink basque, fishnet stockings and heels, she gave an awesome performance as she sucked and fucked like the dirty slut she is…

Ayu has a really huge cock with veins that bulge thickly along the shaft and a plump, purple cock head that looks likes it’s about to erupt jets of hot sperm at any moment.

The fucking girth on that thing…

Ayu sat there in her slutty pink basque with her fingers wrapped around her huge tool, wanking it slowly in her hand. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft and glided over the thick purple knob, polishing it off with rounded strokes of her expert hand. From the look on her face, we could see she was clearly getting a lot of pleasure as she handled her magnificent shemale member…

Ayu stood and repeatedly tightened her sphincter muscle, making her erect cock twitch and bob like it had a life of it’s own and made her heavy balls swing between her stockinged thighs. Hiro got on his knees and swirled his tongue around the thick rim of her cockhead, then popped it in his mouth and made loud slurping sounds as he sucked on her purple helmet.

Ayu returned the favour, squatting in front of Hiro and sucking him off with great gusto as she wanked her own cock between her stockinged thighs. Sucking and slurping on his bell end, she then pushed his cock flat against his belly and flicked her tongue over his heavy, sweaty balls and slid it up the length of his erect shaft.

And that’s just the beginning, as this lusty pair get down and dirty together, sucking and fucking each other, with Ayu squatting and bouncing up and down of Hiro’s dick, her thick cock flapping between her legs as she rides her man.

Hiro finishes by cumming in her ass and his spunk slides out of her creampie cum hole and down the back of her thighs. Then he wanks Ayu off and she gasps with pleasure as him hand tosses her off and she ejaculates thick white sperm over her tanned naked belly.


Aug 042014
Sexy Naked Newhalf In Jacuzzi Playing With Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Naked Japanese newhalf Yuki Onjyoji plays with her erect cock in the jacuzzi and jizzes over her belly in this video at Shemale Japan

Delectable newhalf Yuki Onjyoji  looks and sounds just like a girl and even if she is packing a nice firm cock down the front of her bikini panties, any guy would want to spend time with this beauty in the jacuzzi.

Yuki talked and laughed playfully with us acting a little shy at first, but soon began to strip and unwrapped the flimsy little skirt around her waist and reveled her pretty bikini panties. Her shapley figure looked fabulous as she posed sideways on, the flawless skin and muscles of her legs looked perfect as she stood and posed in her sexy open-toed heels.

Yuki turned around and Hiro put his hand under her pantie crotch and lightly drew his fingers over the bulge of her penis, feeling it’s warmth through cotton material of her panties. Hiro got a good grope of her cock and she reacted with delight, like a teenage girl being felt up for the first time through her knickers, feeling that first tingle of sexiness in her panties.

Later, Yuki stood in the jacuzzi and stripped off her bra and panties, then covered her body in baby oil which made her pale skin look wet and shiny. Sliding her hands over the surface of her oiled up limbs, she slid her finger over the puckered ring of her anus and wanked her erect cock with her other hand at the same time.

Yuki went and lay down on the bed, fondling the hard brown nipples of her perfect tits while wanking her cock, drawing in sharp little breaths of joy as she ejaculated jets of sperm onto her flat, naked belly.


Jul 302014
Airi Mochizuki Cute Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Cock In College Uniform At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese ladyboy Airi Mochizuki wanks herself off in her college uniform in this video at Shemale Japan

Breath taking newhalf Airi Mochizuki made her debut a few weeks ago and she’s proving to be very popular. We’ve got a real good feeling about this girl as she just seems to have it all – pretty face and soft skin, perfect tits and an ass that is just begging to be fucked!

Today, Airi returns for her second SMJ appearance, dressed in a slutty school skirt and pull up socks, showing us how she likes to jerk-off when she gets home from school.

Not shy of letting us look under her short skirt, she turns and lets us get an eyeful of her hot little ass in those sexy cotton panties she’s wearing. What a naughty tease, this girl! It’s like she wants to get you excited to the point where you’d rip her knickers off!

Sitting on the floor, Airi opens her legs and rubs her hand over the bulge in the front of her pretty panties. Reaching inside her panties, she pushes her erect cock out of the side leg and pulls back the foreskin over the purple crown of her dick.

Walking up the stairs, she stops half way and gives another look up her skirt as she pulls down her panties and strips them off. Standing above us, she pulls the cheeks of her bare naked ass apart and tempts us with the puckered ring of her ladyboy bumhole.

Turning around, Airi lifts the folds of her sexy schoolgirls skirt and tugs on her shemale schlong and her shaved balls tighten in her nut sack as she wanks herself off.


Jul 232014
Cute Japanese Ladyboy Schoolgirl Wanking Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese shemale Rise Kaneshiro wanks her stiff cock in her school uniform skirt and sexy cotton panties at Shemale Japan

Rise Kaneshiro is a cute ladyboy with beautiful pale skin and a super stiff cock, yet she somehow manages to pack it down the front of her tight, little panties.

Not only does she look and sound like a cute Japanese girl, she’s also very submissive and likes to lay back and have someone pull down her knickers and play with her erection.

Today, we find her dressed in a slutty schoolgirl outfit, lifting up her flirty pleated skirt and showing us her sexy little cotton panties, which barely conceal the bulge of her cock.

Rise strokes the ridge of her cock through the front of her tight panties for a while, then pulls the crotch to one side and her dick springs out fully hard and erect.

Your going to love it when she rolls back and pushes her stiff member between her legs, trapping her flange at the back of her thighs and tangled in her knickers. It’s an incredible sight to see her cock straining against the stretched cotton of her panties and the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy, ready to be fucked.

Enjoy this seductive little minx hitching up her skirt and wanking her fabulous cock, as she tempts us some awesome shots of her tight, little button, bum hole!


Jul 112014
Cute Japanese Ladyboy Wanking her Cock In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese ladyboy Yui Kawai plays with her her stiff little cock in sexy school uniform in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Yui Kawai arrived home dressed in her sexy schoolgirl uniform, feeling horny and ready to play with her cock for us…

She looked so cute in her uniform as she stood and flirted, her bare legs smooth and sexy below the hem of her short plaid skirt, which she lifted up slightly to give brief flashes of her panties.

Holding up her skirt to give a better view of her pretty pink panties, her fingers tickled the bulge of her shemale cock under the tight cotton material. Then she turned around and looking back over her shoulder, lifted up her skirt and pulled the rear of her panties up, so they slipped between the sweet cheeks of her sexy little bum.

Yui stood and reaching under her skirt, she slowly pulled her panties down her naked legs, than sat on the floor and began to play with her lovely little cock, which was standing erect between her thighs.

She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled up the cups of her bra to play with her lovely, transsexual titties and their bud-like nipples, stiff and hard with arousal.

Yui knelt and lifted up the back of her skirt, pushing her thickly veined cock between her thighs and pulling the cheeks of her ass with one hand to expose the puckered ring of her tight, fuckable bum-hole.


Jul 072014
Newhalf Maid Miharu Lifts Her Dress And Shows Her Hard Cock In Uniform At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Maid Miharu in black satin uniform pulls down her panties and wanks her hard cock at Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Maid Miharu Wanking Her Hard Prick In Uniform At Shemale Japan

Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Maid Miharu Wanking Her Stiff Cock In Uniform At Shemale Japan

Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Maid Wanking Her Hard Cock In Maids Uniform At Shemale Japan

Miharu Tatebayashi looks so damn hot in her satin maids outfit, her arms covered in long satin opera gloves, her legs in black stockings and feet in open-toed heels.

Lifting her skirt reveals a frilly white petticoat and pretty pink panties, her cock bulging under the tight triangle of soft cotton; the black hairs of her pubic bush appearing just above the waist of her tiny thong.

Miharu slides her fingers inside her panties and releases the erect shaft of her stiff member, which pops up over the top of her thong. Pulling on her panties she rubs the soft material up and down the shaft of her thickly veined cock, enjoying the sensation as the crotch stretches tightly around her balls.

Releasing her monster erection, she grasps the shaft with her gloved fingers and leisurely pulls the foreskin back over the shiny purple knob of her throbbing cock-head and wanks herself off.

Kneeling on the chair, she pulls the cheeks of her ass apart, exposing the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy, so inviting, you’ll just want to push your cock right up it. Then she pushes her cock back between her thighs, the veins throbbing along the shaft and her balls hanging heavy, tempting you to milk it in your hand.

What slutty little maid… on her knees with her ass on offer… she needs fucking, for sure… that tight ass pussy squeezing every last drop of sperm from your balls, as you empty them inside her ladyboy fuck hole!



Jun 132014
Konatsu Satsuki Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Konatsu Satsuki strips off her panties and plays with her shemale schlong in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Konatsu Satsuki returns after a break, looking a little more sweet and innocent than in her previous videos, but still packing a nice fat cock down her tight little panties.

Dressed in summer casual wear, she sat and lifted up her skirt and pulled the material of her pretty panties up around the bulge of her erect cock, her balls spreading out of the sides of the crotch.

Konatsu pulled the crotch to one side and taking out her stiff, erect cock, she began to stroke the shaft in her hand, making her heavy balls rise and fall as she wanked herself off.

Laughing with a slight embarrassment, she held her hand over her mouth like a shy girl, pulling on her pudding and drawing the taut foreskin back over the shiny purple knob of her magnificent penis.

Taking off her panties, she knelt to give a view of her ass and expose the puckered ring of her tight little butthole, her balls swinging like round pendants between her naked thighs.

Stripping off the rest of her clothes, Konatsu stood naked with her shemale schlong swaying  as it stood at an angle; the thick veins of the shaft standing out prominently as she proudly showed off her fabulous member.


Jun 062014

Newhalf Miran In Sexy School Skirt Plays With Her Hard Cock At Shemale-Japan

Newhalf Miran Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform At Shemale-Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Miran Wanking Her Cock In Sexy School Uniform At Shemale-Japan

Beautiful Japanese Ladyboy Miran Erect Cock In Sexy School Uniform At Shemale-Japan
Miran walked into the room wearing her sexy short plaid skirt, long white knee high socks and a pair of slutty perspex heels, looking so sexy in her slutty schoolgirl outfit.

The jeweled piercing in her belly button drew the eye towards her middle, then she turned and lifted up the back of her skirt to show off the sweet cheeks of her sexy little ass.

Her orange pantie thong ran between the cheeks of her bum, looking like a hammock as it ran under her balls supported by the crotch. Then she pulled her panties to one side and spread the cheeks of her bum with one hand to show of the puckered ring of her ladyboy fuck hole.

Miran pulled down the cups of her pretty orange silk and black lace bra and squeezed the perfectly rounded domes of her transsexual titties, their stiff little nipples standing firm and erect. She slid her panties down to her thighs and out flopped her lovely cock, which she waggled around like a piece of salami sausage as she held it between her slender fingers.

Miran’s meaty cock poked out like a thick rod from under the material of her short skirt, and standing with her panties stretched around her thighs, she proudly showed it off to us. Then she gripped the shaft in her fist and pumped her hips back and fourth, pulling the taut foreskin back over the purple knob of her fantastic schlong.

Stripping off her uniform, Miran sat in the chair and pumped her throbbing erection in her closed fist. Feeling the arrival of her orgasm, she cried out and ejaculated thick sperm which spilled over her fingers and slid down the shaft of her huge shemale penis.


Jun 032014
Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Yuria Misaki Naked Tits and Cock In School Skirt  At Shemale Japan

Yuria Misaki playing with her huge erect cock in sexy school uniform at Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Yuria Misaki Playing With Her Shecock In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Yuria Misaki Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform At Shemale Japan

Yuria Misaki certainly is a pretty newhalf who is driving everyone crazy with her stunning looks, shapely figure and hard cock, as you’ll see in her latest video…

Yuria flaunted herself in front of Hiro, looking perfect in her grey sweater and short plaid skirt, her bare naked legs so shapely as she stood in her slutty stiletto heels. Then she smiled like a sweet teen girl as she lifted up her skirt to reveal the bulge of her cock in the front of her pretty panties.

She turned and lifting the back of her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and spread the soft cheeks to show the puckered ring of her of her gorgeous little ass. Hiro drew his breath at the sight of Yuria with her skirt bunched around her waist, holding her sweet cheeks apart in her hands to show off her perfectly tight fuck hole.

Laying back on the bed, she lifted her legs as she slipped off her panties to give a view of her cock and balls sandwiched between the back of her thighs. Sitting upright, she opened her legs and taking hold of her erect cock, wiggled it about from the base of the shaft and wanked her thickly veined erection in her slender, manicured fingers.

Yuria knelt and held up her plaid skirt and show off the long curve and thick bulbous crown of her magnificent cock, pressing down on the shaft and releasing it, to make it wobble in front of her as it stood out at an angle.