May 132013
Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Lisa Shows Her Cock In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Lisa wanks her shecock in her ripped and torn sheer nylon pantyhose in this video at Shemale Japan

Lisa  looked very sexy in her smart suit as she stood and lifted up the back of her skirt to give us a view of her pert ass cheeks sheathed in a layer of fine, sheer nylon pantyhose.

Reaching under her skirt she used her fingers to rip open the front of her pantyhose and her fabulous cock flopped out and hung down with the purple bell end swinging between her thighs.

Lisa’s fingers clawed at the delicate nylon of her pantyhose so it laddered down her legs and got tangled around her heavy balls, uttering sounds of sexual delight as she grabbed the meaty shaft of her erect cock and wanked it off.

Sitting down in the chair she pulled her legs back and then ripped a hole in the rear of her pantyhose so her ass was exposed through the shredded nylon. Then she pushed her cock and balls between her thighs and pressed them together, the puckered ring of her anus winking in response to the sensation of her hand tugging on the shaft of her shemale shecock.

Lisa looked so beautiful as she lay on the bed wanking her cock and her hand increased in rhythm as she felt her sperm begin its journey from her balls, whispering words of sweet joy at the approach of her impending orgasm.

Suddenly she came and her body jerked in a series of spasms as thick, white cum shot out of the end of her throbbing prick and splattered over the laddered nylon of her pantyhosed thighs.


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