Feb 192014
Pretty Japanese Newhalf Erika Kiryu Wanking Her Sweet Cock In Sexy Lingerie At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Newhalf Erika Kiryu wanks her sweet cock and cums over her In sexy lingerie in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Erika Kiryu sat on the edge of the bed wanking her cock. She looked so beautiful, her pretty face framed by her long hair falling over her shoulders, dressed in lacy black lingerie and fishnet stockings.

Hiro touched her perfectly formed breasts which appeared over the top of her lacy basque and played with her stiff, brown nipples, as she leisurely stroked her erect cock in her gloved hand. Then he reached down to take her erect cock in his hand, his fingers rubbing against the rim of her shiny, purple cockhead, as he gave it a wank.

Erika got into a kneeling position so that her ass was exposed. Then Hiro wrapped his fingers around the curved shaft of her cock and tugged downward on her shemale schlong, as he rubbed his thumb over the puckered ring of her ladyboy ass.

Erika lay back on the bed in her lingerie, her breasts swollen and the nipples already stiff, as she jerked off her erect cock. She had a look of concentration on her sweet face as her hand moved rapidly up and down the shaft of her prick, slowly working up her pleasure.

Erika sensed the approach of her orgasm and tensed her body as a jet of cum ejaculated from the bell end of her cock and splashed over her sexy, lace lingerie.


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