Apr 042014
Newhalf Yuko Momohi Cosplay Cat Wanking Her Erect Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Yuko Momohi gets frisky in her fluffy kitty-cat cosplay costume and plays with her shecock

Newhalf Yuko Momohi Is A Sexy Cosplay Cat At Shemale JapanJapanese Shemale Yuko Momohi Cosplay Cat Wanking Her Stiff Cock At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Yuko Momohi is totally cute and enjoys dressing up in her kitty-cat cosplay outfit and having a lot of fun wanking her cock in her latest video for Shemale Japan.

Yuko is a fun girl and is always smiling like a ray of sunshine, as you’ll see when she opens the sliding shiji doors and reveals herself wearing pink fluffy ears, bra and panties.

Standing in her heels, she turns to show off her sexy cat tail and the white stockings just above her knees, draw the attention to the soft, smooth skin of her naked thighs.

Yuko kneels of the floor and presenting her rear, pulls her stretchy panties to one side to show off the crack of her ass and the puckered ring of her sexy little bumhole where she likes to take cock!

You’ll just want to whip out your cock as she wantonly displays her ladyboy fuckhole, grab the cheeks of her ass and plunge your erection deep inside her tight ring-o-pleasure.

Yuko smiles in a naughty way, almost embarrassed by her stonking erection as it stands at an upright angle from her body, her balls clean and shaven.

Yes, she’s a cocky girl alright and moving her hips, she makes┬áher magnificent shemale schlong swing from side to side and smiles playfully as she strokes it off in her hand.



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