Nov 062008

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These two hot Asian shemales enjoy playing with each other’s cocks when they get together in this movie from Shemale Japan.

Maria Tominaga, is a 24 yr old, slim red head with soft round boobs, as cute as a Japanese Ningyo Doll, and Miki, her fuck buddy, is a lovely brunette with a nice butt and small perky tits and is the biggest newhalf AV actress (porn star) in Japan

Maria and Miki suck each other’s ladyboy cocks then take turns to fuck the others ass.

Miki lies back opens her stocking legs and takes Maria’s newhalf love cock in her tight butthole, while Maria fucks her like a slut doll.

The sexy pair lie together and jerk each others cute cocks in a scene of mutual masturbation which ends with Maria’s orgasm.


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  1. This trannies look so innocent. I think they are a bit shy but hard in bed 🙂

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