Noa Nishino – Cute Japanese Newhalf Jerks Off Her Hard Cock and Climaxes

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Aug 172016
Cute Japanese Ladyboy Noa Nishino Shows Her Ass and Plays With Her Cock On The Bed

Cute Japanese newhalf Noa Nishino jerks off her throbbing hard cock and makes herself climax in her 10th video for Shemale Japan

Naughty Noa Nishino is back and it looks like she’s pleased to see you as there is a nice stiff cock in her Lycra shorts! Oh yes, this cute little newhalf has been waiting all day for you to arrive home and she sure is excited and ready to have fun in the bedroom.

Noa looks so cute as she lays on the bed and feels the ridge of her erect cock through the tight material of her sports shorts. Her eyes sparkle with playfulness as she puts her hands behind her head and gives us a close-up view of her erect penis, twitching under the stretchy Lycra.

Noa stands and bounces up and down on the bed mattress like a playful girl, looking back over her shoulder as she wiggles her cute ass in those sexy shorts. She turns and shakes her hips, sliding her fingers over the ridge of her boner that throbs in the front of her tight little pants.

Laying back with her head against the pillow, Noa lifts her top and fondles her petite breasts. She hooks her thumbs into the waist of her shorts and pulls them down, her erect cock springing out and slapping against her tummy.

Kneeling with her head against the pillow and her ass tilted up, Noa pulls down her pants and pushes her throbbing little dick between her thighs. She looks back and gives a mischievous smile, pulling the cheeks of her ass aside and presenting her sweet bumhole for the fucking.

Noa lays on her back and strokes her hard cock, her hand moving rapidly up and down the shaft and polishing the purple crown of her cockhead. She focuses on building up her pleasure as she wanks her erection and her naked body jerks into a spasm as she finally climaxes in a full-blown orgasm.


Azusa Yuzuki – Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Erect Cock In Open-Crotch Pantyhose Video

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Jun 152016
Azusa Yuzuki Japanese Ladyboy Shows Her Erect Cock In Open Crotch Black Pantyhose

Japanese ladyboy Azusa Yuzuki wanks her erect tgirl cock in open-crotch pantyhose in her lest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Azusa Yuzuki (22) is a beautiful tgirl from Osaka and one of SMJ’s newest newhalfs. Today, she returns in her second video, wearing a pink sparkly mini-skirt and crotchless pantyhose, she gets herself excited as she handles her erect member and wanks it off!

Azusa parades in her stiletto heels, her ass wiggling inside her tight, pink micro-skirt and the black nylon pantyhose on her legs swishing as she walks up and down the hallway. Pausing, she leans against the wall, looking very sexy as she lifts one leg knee high and brushes it against the other while posing in her stiletto heels.

Stripping off her t-shirt and bra, Azusa squeezes and fondles her tiny tgirl titties in her hands, then turns to kneel on the floor. She pulls up the back of her skirt to reveal her fabulous round ass, balls and cock, perfectly framed by the round circle of her black, open-crotch pantyhose.

Azusa looks back as she reaches around and pulls aside the soft flesh of her buttocks, exposing the puckered ring on her ladyboy pussy. Remaining on her knees in that position allows us to enjoy the view of her gorgeous butt which looks so tempting and fuckable.

Azusa gets up and stands above us to give a close-up of her erection as she waves it around strokes the thick shaft in her hand. She leans back against the wall and thrusts out her hips as she wanks her throbbing dick, her fingers teasing the shiny purple cockhead to fullness.

Watch Japanese ladyboy Azusa Yuzuki wanking her tgirl cock in open-crotch pantyhose at Shemale Japan

Mari Sora – Cute Japanese Newhalf Stripteases and Wanks-Off Her Huge Erection

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Mar 212016
Mari Sora - Horny Japanese Ladyboy Showing Her Erect Cock Sticking Out Under Her Dress

Cute Japanese newhalf Mari Sora stripteases and wanks her huge tgirl erection in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese newhalf Mari Sora enters her apartment and strips off her coat and fondles the front of her dress under which her cock is already hard.

Mari lifts up her pale blue dress to reveal her big cock standing erect over the top of her tiny pantie thong, which holds her tight balls snuggly in place.

Giving a naughty smile, she sways from side to side with the dress draped over the shaft of her raging erection; her delicious cock thrusting out over the elastic waistband of her panties and poking out under the material of the dress.

Mari’s heels clop on the hard tiled surface of the hallway as she walks down it and turns back with her throbbing erection bobbing in front of her as she moves.

Her hand massages her balls through the soft cotton of her tiny thong and strokes the thick shaft of her thrusting prick; the purple cockhead pulsing with the blood of her excitement as she poses with her member fully erect.

Stripping off the dress, Mari reveals her yellow bra and panties as she stands above us and strokes the shaft of her thickly veined cock.

Her fingers press down the flange of her huge erection and brush over the shiny dome of her purple glans; a thin stand of pre-cum sticking to her fingers as she touches the pee-hole leaking tgirl sperm from the enormous bell-end.

Watch Japanese ladyboy Mari Sora stripteasing and wanking her throbbing tgirl erection in her latest movie at Shemale Japan

Rinka Sanjyo – Horny Japanese Schoolgirl Wanking In Uniform and Playing With Her Erect Cock

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Mar 162016
Rinka Sanjyo - Sexy Japanese Ladyboy Schoolgirl Has A Hard Cock In Her Panties

Horny Japanese ladyboy schoolgirl Rinka Sanjyo wanks in her uniform and plays with her erect cock and sexy ass in this video at Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Rinka Sanjyo returns today in her fourth exclusive video for SMJ while dressed as a cute Japanese schoolgirl in short plaid skirt and socks. Watch her pull down her sexy, tight panties and wanking her delicious hard cock for you in her latest hot solo scene…

Breath taking is one way to describe Rinka Sanjyo, a pretty 19 year old newhalf escort from Japan, with her ultra-feminine looks, tight little ass and gorgeous tgirl erection! Being of mixed race, she is gifted with a rare beauty and exotic sensuality, which is why she is much sought after on the escort scene.

If you like girls who smoke, you’ll find Rinka smoking a cigarette while sitting in a chair on the outside balcony at the start of this video. Dressed in her schoolgirl outfit, she gives a teasing view under her short plaid skirt and shows off her beautiful bare thighs and legs in long, white socks.

Indoors, Rinka sits in the leather swing chair with one leg over the arm and lifts up her skirt to reveal her erect cock sticking over the top of her sexy panties. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkle as she takes hold of her stiffy and gives it a leisurely wank in her hand, her balls bulging under the tight cotton material of her pantie crotch.

Rinka pushes her erection between her legs and crosses them over so the thick shaft and purple head of her dick throbs against the soft flesh of her naked thighs. She lays on her side and gives a view of her stiff cock and the cheeks of her butt, divided by the thin cotton thong that stretches over her sexy bum hole.

Rinka pulls her panties from under her buttocks, stripping them right down her legs and over her socks and shoes. She pushes her erect cock downward and lets it spring-back against the soft wool of her sexy plaid skirt, then pulls back her legs and exposes the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy that looks so inviting.

Rinka gets on her knees with her cock pressed back between her thighs as she offers up her shapely ass and spreads the cheeks with her hands. She remains in that position and moons her fabulous ass, swaying her buttocks and spreading them open in invitation to come and fuck her pink, ladyboy pussy.

Watch horny schoolgirl Rinka Sanjyo wanking in her uniform and playing with her cock and sexy butt at Shemale Japan

An Natsume – Japanese Ladyboy Plays With Her Cock In College Uniform

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Mar 022016
An Natsume Pretty Japanese newhalf schoolgirl plays with her erect cock in short skirt at Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy An Natsume strips off her panties and plays with her hard cock in college uniform in first video for Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy An Natsume is a pretty 24-year old newhalf from Tokyo and is our latest discovery, making her first appearance here on SMJ. See her tgirl cock get excited as she plays in her sexy college uniform, stripping off and spreading her ass for you in her debut video.

An Natsume arrived home in her school uniform and sat on the leather swivel chair, looking so cute with her hands in her lap and her bare thighs pressed together. She swiveled gently in the chair and opened her legs giving a tantalizing view of her panties under her plaid school skirt.

An stretched out her legs then lifted them onto a stool and slowly pulled back her skirt to reveal her sweet erect cock sticking out of the waistband of her red panties. She smiled as her fingers gently stroked the underside of her erect penis which throbbed against the surrounding soft material of her sexy school skirt.

An wrapped her fingers around her stiff rod and leisurely stroked it in her hand, her thumb rubbing against the ridge of her purple cockhead increasing her pleasure and excitement. She repeatedly pushed her cock down to trap it between her thighs and opened them again so her erection sprang back into it’s upright position.

Lifting her ass off the chair she pulled her panties from under herself and stripped them down her legs and over her shoes. She pulled backs her legs against her body to expose her sweet bumhole, wanking her cock as she looked at us directly between her raised feet.

See Japanese ladyboy An Natsume strip off her panties and play with her tgirl cock at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Miki Wanking and Cumming Over Herself

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Dec 112015
Naked Japanese Ladyboy Miki Wanking and Cumming Over Herself at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Miki strips down to her stockings and wanks off her tgirl cock until she cums over herself in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Miki is a seductive little newhalf with a lovely pair of tits and a big, thick tgirl cock that you are going to love to worship!

This is Miki’s fourth video and photo-set for SMJ since she made her debut appearance last month dressed in a short see-through blouse that perfectly showed her titties and barely covered the cheeks of her hot little ass. Being a horny tgirl, she pulled down her panties to spread her buttocks for us and stroked the length of her gorgeous, curvy cock!

In her next video she dressed in a pair of hot leather shorts and pulled them aside to reveal her cock, already hard and erect inside her sheer nylon pantyhose. Miki groped her thick erection and wanked her hard dick through the nylon crotch of her pantyhose, all in close up for us to enjoy!

Her latest update shows Miki lifting her dress to show us her black lacy stocking tops and bulging cock inside her lacy orange panties. Pulling the crotch of her panties to one side, she wanks her thick cock and her tight balls bounce up and down as her hand strokes her erect tgirl penis. Having stripped naked, she lays back and concentrates on jerking-off her curvy cock until she ejaculates her hot tgirl cum right onto her tummy!