Rinka Sanjyo – Pretty Japanese Ladyboy In Black Stockings Wanks Her Cock & Cums

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Nov 232016

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Rinka Sanjyo strips down to her black stockings, wanks her cock and cums in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Pretty newhalf Rinka looked so desirable as she posed in her sexy black lingerie and stockings. Leaning against the wall, she lifted up her sheer nylon negligee, revealing the tight black pantie thong that cupped her cock and balls.

Rinka turned and looked over her shoulder, the tresses of her beautiful long hair falling down her back as she swayed. She pulled up the negligee and ran her thumb under the elastic waist of her panties that divided soft, round cheeks of her cute little ass.

Rinka lay back on the bed with a dreamy look on her face, her mouth so sensual and kissable in shiny lipstick. Her hand went to her pantie thong and pulled out her limp cock and began to play with it. She leisurely stroked her cock and made it full and erect, her fingers tugging back the foreskin over the shiny purple knob. She repeatedly pushed her erection forward with her thumb, then let the shaft spring back and slap against her tummy.

Rinka took off her panties and lay on her front, tilting her rear end up and swaying gently from side to side to show the broad round cheeks of her of her fuckable ass. Stripping off her negligee, she turned to lay on her side, her erect cock pushed to the back of her stockinged thighs. She spread one hand over her ass and pulled it wide to show the soft brown ring of her ladyboy pussy, so inviting and fuckable.

Rinka reclined against the pillows, closed her eyes and focused on wanking her hard cock. Her shiny, full lips parted and exhaled soft sounds of pleasure as she sensed the onset of her orgasm. Hand moving swiftly up and down the shaft of her throbbing dick, her body jerked as she reached climax and ejaculated jets of hot cum over her naked tummy.

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Miran – Japanese Shemale Strips and Plays With Her Cock At Bob’s Tgirls

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Aug 152016
Japanese Shemale Miran at Bobs Tgirl 00001

Japanese shemale Miran strips and plays with her cock at Bob’s Tgirls

As well as her many appearances on Shemale Japan you’ll find other exclusive pics and videos of Japanese newhalf Miran on Bob’s Tgirls.

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Megumi – Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Tgirl Cock In Nylon Pantyhose

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Jul 202016
Megumi - Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Shows Her Perky Tits and Hard Cock In Pantyhose

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Megumi pulls down her pantyhose, plays with her perky tits and wanks her tgirl cock her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Megumi returns looking even more stunning than ever, flaunting her fabulous body and stripping off her pantyhose to play with her delicious tgirl cock in her 9th photo-set and video for Shemale Japan.

Megumi is ready for a night out clubbing, dressed in a tight fitting white dress, her shapely legs look so sexy in pantyhose as she parades around her room in her stiletto heels. This girl has a sexy way of moving as she walks up and down, hand on her hip as she gives her ass a nice wiggle in the short dress that barely covers her pantyhosed thighs.

Megumi gives us a close up view, right up her dress at the white lace panties under the sexy beige-tan of her sheer nylon pantyhose. Grabbing her tits through the dress, she runs her hand over the crotch of her pantyhose and panties to get her tgirl cock nice and hard.

Turning, she stands with her legs apart and pulls up the back of the dress to show the ‘whale tail’ of her panties. She strips off the dress and fondles her naked tits as she squeezes the firm cheeks of her ass through the clingy layer of her sexy nylon pantyhose.

Megumi pulls her panties and hose down around her thighs, giving her ass a sexy wiggle as she spreads her buttocks and exposes the puckered ring of her butthole. Her fingers knead the soft flesh of her buttocks and she bends slightly, offering us the pleasure of her hot tgirl pussy for the fucking.

Megumi stands above us, squeezing her tits and rock hard nipples and swiftly stroking the shaft of her throbbing dick in her hand. Bending over, she pushes her cock between her thighs, milking the shaft in her expert hand and pulling apart the sweet cheeks of her ladyboy ass.

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Mako Aiuchi – Pretty Japanese Shemale Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform

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May 222015
Mako Aiuchi Pretty Japanese Shemale Lifting Her School Skirt and Showing Cock In Panties At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Mako lifts up her school skirt and wanks off her curvy cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Shemale Mako Aiuchi Lifting Her Skirt To Show Her Erect Cock In Panties

Japanese Ladyboy Mako Aiuchi Wanking In School Uniform and Stockings At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Mako admires how she looks in her sexy school uniform while standing in front of the mirror. Turning around she takes a look at her ass in that short plaid skirt, the flesh of her thighs above those sexy stockings on her legs are so alluring, she knows she looks like a perfect little sweetheart.

She’s the kind of girl you want to play with, the one who looks so hot in her uniform and likes to flirt with you during break time. Smiling and teasing, her short skirt flares as she turns around and gives you a tantalizing glimpse of her sexy panties.

You feel the temptation to run your hand up her stockings and feel the flesh of her thighs, then slide it up under her skirt and feel her panties. Oh, but what’s this you feel in the palm of your hand? Hmm, a nice warm bulge under the soft cotton material in the front of her panties. You give it a rub and she makes soft sounds of pleasure as her cock begins to grow under the touch of your hand.

Mako lifts her skirt and runs her finger over the growing bulge, then pulling aside the crotch of her panties her cock springs out fully erect and her balls swinging heavy between her thighs. You reach out and wrap your fingers around the curved shaft of her cock and wank it off, tugging the foreskin back over the shiny purple knob with each stroke of your hand.

Mako strips off her skirt and sits back on the sofa with her feet up on the seat and her stockinged legs wide open. She reaches between her thighs and wanks her cock, while you touch her heavy balls and explore the exposed the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy with your fingers.


Yume Masuda – Cute Newhalf Schoolgirl Strips Off Her Panties and Wanks Her Hard Cock

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Mar 112015
Pretty Newhalf Yume Masuda In Sexy School Girl Uniform Skirt and Socks At Shemale Japan

Cute newhalf schoolgirl Yume Masuda strips off her panties and wanks her hard cock in her sexy, short skirt in her latest video at Shemale Japan



Yume sat on the sofa, looking quite demure in her school uniform – grey woolen sweater, short plaid skirt and knee-high socks – her voice both feminine and melodious while she talked about herself to our photographer, Hiro.

Yume appeared so sweet and innocent, with her long brunette hair framing her oval shaped face and cute dimples appearing at the side of her mouth as she chatted away about her sexy, short skirt.

But don’t be fooled – this girl enjoys having a mans hand up her tiny skirt, pulling aside her panties and and getting her hard cock stiff and excited. Yume likes to masturbate a lot and when she gets home after a long day at college, it’s up with her skirt and down with her panties for a much needed wank to relieve her frustrations.

We asked her to show us what she does, so she stood by the window and lifted up her flirty skirt to reveal her cock bulging under the stretchy material of her tiny, black thong. She giggled sweetly as she rubbed her cock through the tight, shiny nylon of her panties, then reached inside to release her erection from it’s confinement. Her stiff member suddenly sprang into view over the top of her panties, throbbing as it stood at an angle to her body.

Yume sat and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, then pulled them from under her ass and attentively stripped them over her naked thighs, socks and shoes. Opening her shirt, she pulled down the cups of her black bra and exposed the soft mounds of her tiny tits, and stroked her rigid cock that stood erect against the folds of her plaid.

Yume went over to the window and standing with her back against the frame, she lifted her skirt up high and took her cock in hand. Smiling sweetly like a real pretty girl, those characteristic dimples appeared at the edges of her soft pouting lips and she wanked her erection in open view of the window.


Beni Sisaki – Pretty Newhalf Playing With Her Naked Tits and Hard Cock

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Jun 182014
Newhalf Beni Sisaki Pulling Down Her Panties And Showing Her Ladyboy Cock At Shemale Japan

Pretty Newhalf Beni Sisaki pulls down her panties and plays with her shedick in her second video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Beni Sisaki Legs Open and Wanking her Erect Cock At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Beni Sisaki Nude And Posing With Her Cock Hard And Erect At Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Beni Sisaki Plays With Her Naked Tits and Stiff Cock  At Shemale Japan

Beni is going out tonight because she wants to get fucked and decided to wear one of her sexiest outfits to attract attention. Which isn’t difficult for a Japanese ladyboy like Beni, as she is so passable as a girl and lots of men will want to fuck her once they see her partying on the dance floor in that short, black satin dress and stiletto heels.

Beni’s long blond hair falls around her pretty face and down to her shoulders as she looks in the mirror and applies red lipstick to her soft mouth. She knows that by the end of the night she will have those luscious lips wrapped around some guys’ throbbing cock, and it won’t take long before he is gushing sperm into her wet and willing mouth.

Beni knows she is a hot girl and gets turned on as she looks at herself, feeling the pressure of her cock getting hard in the her tiny, satin pantie thong. She reaches behind and pulls the crotch of her panties to the side and exposes the puckered ring of her sweet bum hole where she likes to get fucked. The tanned flesh of sweet ass cheeks look so hot, no man could resit wanting to thrust his member deep inside her tight, ladyboy pussy.

Now she’s feeling really horny and pulls her panties down so they are stretched between her bare thighs and begins to stroke her erect cock. She really needs to have an wank now, so stripping off her clothes she gets on the bed and plays around with her adorable shedick.


Newhalf Jyuri – Sexy Japanese Shemale Schoolgirl Masturbating In Short Skirt

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Feb 062013
Jyuri - Sexy Japanese Shemale Schoolgirl Masturbating Her Erect Cock In Short Skirt

Newhalf Jyuri lifts up her tiny skirt and plays with her hard cock when she gets home from school to masturbate

Jyuri dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl in her short, red plaid skirt and sitting she pulled up her long white socks, smiling and looking very pretty as she stroked her bare legs.

Her hand reached down to lift up her skirt, revealing she was wearing a tiny pantie thong which barely covered her cock, then she pulled the thong tight against her scrotum so her balls spread out at the sides.

Jyuri lifted her white top to uncover the soft mounds of her perky, brown tits and sat stroking the shaft of her erect clitty cock, circling the girth of her penis with finger and thumb wrapped around the thick shaft.

Such a pretty face and such a lovely hard cock! Jyuri got into a kneeling position and lifting her skirt she waved her cock from side to side, letting it waggle about and twitch without her hands touching it.