Miwa – Cute Japanese Shemale In Stockings

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May 212010

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Miwa is a Tokyo newhalf who is both sexy and stylish, with a thing for dating older men.

Miwa is so cute and sexy, she will totally convince you into thinking she’s a chick! I was sure she was a real lady when she first walked into the hotel, until I reached down under her skirt and found her hard little dick nesting in her panties.

Miwa was excited about the video shoot, so I got her up the stairs to the hotel room as fast as possible. I just wanted to see this hot little bitch with her panties around her legs and her stiff cock jerking in her hand.

She’s a horny girl ready to please, and she was soon lying on the couch with her skirt up, showing off her slutty net stockings and rubbing her hand over the black triangle of her thong panties.

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Japanese Maid Hiromi In Cute Panties

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May 132010



Hiromi looks awesome with her beautiful pale, translucent skin, natural hormonal breasts and hard cock sticking out of her panties.

This 23 year old waitress, loves dressing up in maid, nurse or other Cosplay costumes, and likes to be treated like a real girl.

She is like your perfect cute girl toy who is happy to sit on your lap, let you put your hand down her panties and feel her huge cock-clitoris.

Having never done porn before, Shemale Japan persuaded this 23 year old waitress to show off her costumes, one of which is this maids outfit.

She started by showing me her cute ‘gingham’ panties by slowly lifting her skirt. I could see her sweet cock had become so stiff, it was bulging behind the material and she gently rubbed her erection.

Hiromi is very shy, like an innocent girl, but I wanted to touch her prick myself, and she let me tug her panties down and play with her stiffy. Then she stood up and pulled her knickers down even further so I could tug and play with her thick penis-clitoris.

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