Japanese Shemales Hiromi And Yuki Mizuno Hardcore Movie

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Oct 212010

Yuki and Hiromi Japanese ladyboys Fucking In Movie At Shemale Japan


Sexy newhalves Hiromi and Yuki Mizuno both agreed to get together for sex in an hotel room for Shemale Japan.

It turned into an unforgettable fucking session, with both newhalfs all over each other as they were so greedy for cock.

It began with Hiromi lifting Yuki’s dress and getting her friend’s erect cock out of her panties and into her mouth. As she sat in her chair, Yuki lifted her legs up and back while Hiromi sucked on her sweet erection.

Then Hiromi stood and Yuki pulled down her friend’s pretty pink panties and sucked her off in return. The pair then sucked each other even more of the bed and Hiromi fucked Yuki up the ass while wanking her cock at the same time.

It ended with Yuki stroking off Hiromi and making her shoot lots of cum, before she wanked herself off over her cute friend lying on the bed.

If you love the idea of two sexy newhalves groping and sucking each other, this movie featuring Yuki and Hiromi is gonna definitely make you blow your load!

Japanese Maid Hiromi In Cute Panties

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May 132010



Hiromi looks awesome with her beautiful pale, translucent skin, natural hormonal breasts and hard cock sticking out of her panties.

This 23 year old waitress, loves dressing up in maid, nurse or other Cosplay costumes, and likes to be treated like a real girl.

She is like your perfect cute girl toy who is happy to sit on your lap, let you put your hand down her panties and feel her huge cock-clitoris.

Having never done porn before, Shemale Japan persuaded this 23 year old waitress to show off her costumes, one of which is this maids outfit.

She started by showing me her cute ‘gingham’ panties by slowly lifting her skirt. I could see her sweet cock had become so stiff, it was bulging behind the material and she gently rubbed her erection.

Hiromi is very shy, like an innocent girl, but I wanted to touch her prick myself, and she let me tug her panties down and play with her stiffy. Then she stood up and pulled her knickers down even further so I could tug and play with her thick penis-clitoris.

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Oct 122009
Newhalf Maid Hiromi Shows Off Her Cute Cock In Pink Panties

Newhalf Maid Hiromi Shows Off Her Cute Cock In Pink Panties

Hiromi is a 23 year old newhalf who works as a waitress in Japan, and until she appeared on Shemale Japan she had never done porn modeling before.

I knew she’d be a great addition for the site when I saw her one day in Akihabara, Tokyo, which is said to be the Mecca of Anime fans. Akihabara is a unique place where lots of girls dress up as maids, nurses and other Cosplay costumes.

I thought she looked a super cute in her costume, and would be perfect newhalf for us to video. So I stopped her in the street, and talking to her discovered she was a 23 year old newhalf who worked as a coffee shop waitress.

I told her she could make a lot more money as a Cosplay porn model, and she was curious to try the experience, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the sex.

Hiromi is a big anime fan, of course, and has some of the best costumes on here! She also has got a beautiful cock that stands so stiff and proud when she is sexed up!

Hiromi is wearing the same maid costume she wore when I first met her in Akihabara in this video. It was so exciting to see her pull her cock from her cute pink panties and play with it, then kneel like a good submissive girl and offer her ass to me. She is so naughty!