Mako Aiuchi – Pretty Japanese Shemale Wanking Her Cock In School Uniform

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May 222015
Mako Aiuchi Pretty Japanese Shemale Lifting Her School Skirt and Showing Cock In Panties At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Mako lifts up her school skirt and wanks off her curvy cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Shemale Mako Aiuchi Lifting Her Skirt To Show Her Erect Cock In Panties

Japanese Ladyboy Mako Aiuchi Wanking In School Uniform and Stockings At Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Mako admires how she looks in her sexy school uniform while standing in front of the mirror. Turning around she takes a look at her ass in that short plaid skirt, the flesh of her thighs above those sexy stockings on her legs are so alluring, she knows she looks like a perfect little sweetheart.

She’s the kind of girl you want to play with, the one who looks so hot in her uniform and likes to flirt with you during break time. Smiling and teasing, her short skirt flares as she turns around and gives you a tantalizing glimpse of her sexy panties.

You feel the temptation to run your hand up her stockings and feel the flesh of her thighs, then slide it up under her skirt and feel her panties. Oh, but what’s this you feel in the palm of your hand? Hmm, a nice warm bulge under the soft cotton material in the front of her panties. You give it a rub and she makes soft sounds of pleasure as her cock begins to grow under the touch of your hand.

Mako lifts her skirt and runs her finger over the growing bulge, then pulling aside the crotch of her panties her cock springs out fully erect and her balls swinging heavy between her thighs. You reach out and wrap your fingers around the curved shaft of her cock and wank it off, tugging the foreskin back over the shiny purple knob with each stroke of your hand.

Mako strips off her skirt and sits back on the sofa with her feet up on the seat and her stockinged legs wide open. She reaches between her thighs and wanks her cock, while you touch her heavy balls and explore the exposed the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy with your fingers.


Mao Shinohara – Japanese Schoolgirl Wanks Her Cock and Cums In The Classroom

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May 112015
Japanese Ladyboy Mao Shinohara Lifting Her School Skirt To Show Bulging Cock In Panties At Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy schoolgirl Mao Shinohara jerks off in the classroom and ejaculates onto the floor in her video at Shemale Japan

Mao Shinohara had been caught playing with her cock under the desk, so her teacher made her stay behind in the classroom after lessons for being a naughty girl.

When everyone had left the classroom, her teacher asked to see what was under her skirt and Mao lifted it up to reveal her erect cock poking out of the top of her sexy pantie thong.

Mao giggled like a sweet girl as she held her skirt up around her waist, a little embarrassed as she showed her teacher her lovely erection and her bulging balls in the front of her pretty panties.

Mao sat on top of her desk and opened her legs to give her teacher a view of her silky panties and stiff cock under her sexy school skirt. He reached out and wrapped his fingers around the shaft of her prick and tugged the foreskin over the shiny purple cockhead with each stroke of his hand.

Mao stripped off her top and skirt, then bent over as she pulled her pink panties down her legs. Her teacher reached between her thighs and played with her cock, milking it in his hand and rubbing his thumb over the puckered ring of her sexy bumhole.

Mao’s teacher told her to masturbate for him, so she sat on the desk and pumped her throbbing cock in her hand, a look of concentration on her face as she focused on building up her pleasure. Her hand moved swiftly as she sensed the approach of her orgasm and she cried out softly as she ejaculated jets of thick cum which landed on the classroom floor.