Makina Hoshinome – Naked Japanese Newhalf Wanks Her Curvy Cock and Cums Over Herself

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Jul 272016
Makina Hoshinome Cute Naked Japanese Shemale Wanking her Curvy Cock In Video

Japanese newhalf Makina Hoshinome gets naked and wanks her curvy cock and cums over herself in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Makina Hoshinome Naked Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Hard Cock at Shemale Japan

Pretty Japanese Makina is an ultra-feminine newhalf, with petite tits and curvaceous body, her hard cock is a good six-inches when erect! She is everything you’d want to find in a Japanese transgirl and enjoys being submissive and dominated in the bedroom.

In her latest scene, Makina strips off her top to reveal her naked breasts and sits with her legs open, showing the triangle of her white lace panties stretched tight around her cock and balls.

Pulling aside the crotch of her panties, she releases her curvy cock and gives it a stroke, tugging back the foreskin over the purple crown of her cockhead.

She smiles at the enjoyment she gets from tweaking her nipples between her fingers, her cock twitching in it’s tumescent state of arousal against her soft, naked thigh.

Makina stands and walks up and down in her heels, her gorgeous cock poking out from under her short dress and swinging in front as she parades around the room.

Turning, she spreads the cheeks of her ass with both hands and bends slightly so the white pantie thong stretches over the puckered ring of her fuckable anus.

Makina strips off her panties and sprawls naked on the bed, laying face down and pulls her buttocks apart to offer up her ladyboy pussy.

Laying on her back she smiles and laughs, holding her hand over her mouth like a shy girl as she wanks her throbbing dick in her hand.

A look of mounting pleasure fills her eyes as she senses the onset of her orgasm and she gasps as a heavy load of hot cum ejaculates over her naked tummy.


Megumi – Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Tgirl Cock In Nylon Pantyhose

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Jul 202016
Megumi - Pretty Japanese Ladyboy Shows Her Perky Tits and Hard Cock In Pantyhose

Pretty Japanese ladyboy Megumi pulls down her pantyhose, plays with her perky tits and wanks her tgirl cock her latest video at Shemale Japan

Japanese ladyboy Megumi returns looking even more stunning than ever, flaunting her fabulous body and stripping off her pantyhose to play with her delicious tgirl cock in her 9th photo-set and video for Shemale Japan.

Megumi is ready for a night out clubbing, dressed in a tight fitting white dress, her shapely legs look so sexy in pantyhose as she parades around her room in her stiletto heels. This girl has a sexy way of moving as she walks up and down, hand on her hip as she gives her ass a nice wiggle in the short dress that barely covers her pantyhosed thighs.

Megumi gives us a close up view, right up her dress at the white lace panties under the sexy beige-tan of her sheer nylon pantyhose. Grabbing her tits through the dress, she runs her hand over the crotch of her pantyhose and panties to get her tgirl cock nice and hard.

Turning, she stands with her legs apart and pulls up the back of the dress to show the ‘whale tail’ of her panties. She strips off the dress and fondles her naked tits as she squeezes the firm cheeks of her ass through the clingy layer of her sexy nylon pantyhose.

Megumi pulls her panties and hose down around her thighs, giving her ass a sexy wiggle as she spreads her buttocks and exposes the puckered ring of her butthole. Her fingers knead the soft flesh of her buttocks and she bends slightly, offering us the pleasure of her hot tgirl pussy for the fucking.

Megumi stands above us, squeezing her tits and rock hard nipples and swiftly stroking the shaft of her throbbing dick in her hand. Bending over, she pushes her cock between her thighs, milking the shaft in her expert hand and pulling apart the sweet cheeks of her ladyboy ass.

Watch pretty Japanese ladyboy Megumi playing with her perky tits and wanking her cock at Shemale Japan