Chuling – Japanese Crossdresser Wanking Her Huge Cock In Sexy Designer Pantyhose

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Jul 032013
Chuling Is A Sexy Japanese Crossdresser Wanking In Pantyhose At Shemale Japan

Chuling is a Japanese crossdresser who loves wanking in sexy designer pantyhose in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Chuling had just been shopping in Shibuya (a very popular area for fashion and clothes in Tokyo) where she had bought some very sexy ‘dogtooth’ patterned pantyhose.

When Chuling arrived at the apartment she opened the package to put them on, then stood and posed by the window to show off her lovely legs in their sexy hose. She must have been very turned on as we could see she already had an erection by the bulge that showed through the front of her tight fitting skirt.

Chuling smiled as her hands caressed the length of her long legs as she sat with them crossed in several positions, obviously enjoying the thrilling sensation of her sexy new pantyhose. Then she sat with her legs open and we could see there was a bulge in the white panties she was wearing, which showed through the patterned crotch of her designer pantyhose.

Chuling put her hand down the front of her pantyhose and pulled her panties to one side to reveal her throbbing erection. Then she pushed her cock forward so the thick shaft and bulging, purple head were pressed against the tight mesh of her pantyhose which surrounded it.

Getting into a kneeling position she put her hands down the front of her hose and began wanking her cock, the massive cockhead straining against the tight netting of her pantyhose.

Chuling then ripped a hole in the front of her hose and released her huge erection and heavy, spunk laden balls from their confinement. Her prick stood out in contrast against her black pantyhose as she masturbated, tugging back the foreskin in repeated movements of her hand and enjoying every moment of her pantyhose wank.


Japanese Crossdresser Chuling Plays With Her Cock In School Uniform & Panties

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May 082013

Sexy Japanese Crossdresser Chuling Plays With Hard Cock In School Uniform And Panties At Shemale Japan

Chuling is proving to be a big hit on Shemale Japan which is no surprise as she is a very cute, 18 year old Japanese crossdresser with a pretty face, lush, jet-black hair, a slim figure and nice big cock.

Chuling lives in Tokyo and is already a bit of a starlet with her own cult following in Japan and her debut photo set and video which we recently released at SMJ has attracted a lot of new followers.

Chuling tells us she falls easily for bad-ass guys and would you believe it she’s still a virgin… Maybe she’s waiting for the right guy to some along and give her what she needs.

In her latest video Chuling is dressed as a sexy Japanese schoolgirl who lifts up her skirt and rubs her cock to hardness through her tight fitting panties.

It’s very erotic to watch as she puts her hand down her panties and plays with her cock behind the stretchy material that covers it. Then pulling her panties to one side to allow her cock it’s freedom, to give it a long, loving stroke of her hand as she tugs back the foreskin over the shiny purple knob of her erection.

Stripping off her panties, she pushes her penis so it is sandwiched between the back of her thighs, then sits and thrusts her hips up and down so the thick cock shaft slips through her fist as she enjoys her masturbation session on the bed.