Chihiro Mitsuzuka – Cute Japanese Ladyboy Fucked Up Her Tight and Sexy Ass

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Jan 052015
Chihiro Mitsuzuka - Cute Japanese Ladyboy Prepares To Get Fucked Up Her Tight and Sexy Ass

Horny Japanese newhalf Chihiro Mitsuzuka gets her ass fucked hardcore style in this uncensored video at Shemale Japan

Cute Japanese newhalf Chihiro Mitsuzuka looked quite smart in her pretty clothes when she turned up at the hotel to get the fucking she needed…

Strait into the action, she lifted up her skirt and paraded herself in front of Hiro, her cock already bulging behind her panties under the tight nylon screen of her sexy pantyhose. Hiro reached out and felt the ridge of her excited cock, standing stiff and erect and poking it’s head above the waistline of her tight panties.

Chihiro stripped off her clothes and stood close to Hiro, wanking his cock as he reached behind her and ripped a hole in the rear of her designer pantyhose. She knelt on the sofa with her ass cheeks exposed through the hole in the seat of her pantyhose, then Hiro got on his knees and rimmed her tight, little anus with his tongue.

Hiro handled her stiff rod and tugged the shaft down between her thighs, her balls tightening in their sack as he teased her butthole with a circular motion of his thumb. He inserted a finger up her tight anus and fucked it, while sucking and slurping on the purple bell end of her magnificent cock at the same time.

Hiro lay back on the sofa and Chihiro straddled his thighs, then he grabbed both of their hard cocks and wanked their oiled up erections together in his hand. He then pushed his throbbing member up her tight ladyboy pussy and the meaty flange of her penis thrashed around as she bounced up and down on his stiff pole.


Rui Matsushita – Newhalf Superstar Appears In Her 20th Video At Shemale Japan

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Sep 222014
Gorgeous Newhalf Rui Matsushita Shows Off Her Cock In Panties At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Superstar Rui Matsushita gets in the shower and wanks her cock in her latest Video At Shemale Japan

Rui Matsushita stars in her her 20th video and photo-set at Shemale Japan this week and is one of our most popular newhalfs.

Twenty-six year old Rui came from Hiroshima to work as a show-pub dancer in her early twenties and made her first appearance on SMJ back in March 2012.

Her success on SMJ has made her into one of the biggest newhalf pornstars on the scene, and besides her porn career, she also works as an escort for an exclusive agency in Osaka.

Rui has stunningly feminine looks and a fabulous, shapely body, with lovely round breasts and perky brown nipples. No doubt her time spent dancing in the bar has given Rui a certain elegance in her posture and an exquisite body shape.

Rui has mainly appeared solo in her videos on SMJ, but has also done 3 hardcore videos for us and has made some appearances on our sister site Shemale Japan Hardcore.

Rui tells us she has a voracious sexual appetite and in her latest hardcore video she gets oiled up in the shower with Hiro, who then fucks her tight ass in lots of positions.


Ayu Kamasaki – Horny Japanese Shemale Fucked In Lingerie and Stockings

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Aug 112014
Japanese Ladyboy Ayu Kamasaki In Stockings Hardcore At Shemale Japan

Horny Japanese shemale Ayu Kamasaki gets fucked In lingerie and stockings hardcore video at Shemale Japan

Japanese Newhalf Ayu Kamasaki With Hard Cock In Stockings At Shemale Japan

Japanese Ladyboy Ayu Kamasaki Fucked In Stockings Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

Japanese Shemale Ayu Kamasaki Fucked Up the Ass In Hardcore Video At Shemale Japan

We are delighted to welcome horny bronzed beauty, Ayu Kamasaki who makes her outstanding debut in this steamy hardcore video. Dressed for sex in her racy pink basque, fishnet stockings and heels, she gave an awesome performance as she sucked and fucked like the dirty slut she is…

Ayu has a really huge cock with veins that bulge thickly along the shaft and a plump, purple cock head that looks likes it’s about to erupt jets of hot sperm at any moment.

The fucking girth on that thing…

Ayu sat there in her slutty pink basque with her fingers wrapped around her huge tool, wanking it slowly in her hand. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft and glided over the thick purple knob, polishing it off with rounded strokes of her expert hand. From the look on her face, we could see she was clearly getting a lot of pleasure as she handled her magnificent shemale member…

Ayu stood and repeatedly tightened her sphincter muscle, making her erect cock twitch and bob like it had a life of it’s own and made her heavy balls swing between her stockinged thighs. Hiro got on his knees and swirled his tongue around the thick rim of her cockhead, then popped it in his mouth and made loud slurping sounds as he sucked on her purple helmet.

Ayu returned the favour, squatting in front of Hiro and sucking him off with great gusto as she wanked her own cock between her stockinged thighs. Sucking and slurping on his bell end, she then pushed his cock flat against his belly and flicked her tongue over his heavy, sweaty balls and slid it up the length of his erect shaft.

And that’s just the beginning, as this lusty pair get down and dirty together, sucking and fucking each other, with Ayu squatting and bouncing up and down of Hiro’s dick, her thick cock flapping between her legs as she rides her man.

Hiro finishes by cumming in her ass and his spunk slides out of her creampie cum hole and down the back of her thighs. Then he wanks Ayu off and she gasps with pleasure as him hand tosses her off and she ejaculates thick white sperm over her tanned naked belly.


Nov 012008

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