Miran – Stripping In Seductive Lingerie and Playing With Her Hard Cock

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Aug 172015
Japanese Ladyboy Miran In Sheer Black Nightwear, Red Lingerie and Heels at Japan Shemale

Japanese Ladyboy Miran strips in her seductive sheer black and red lingerie and plays with her hard cock in her latest video at Shemale Japan



Japanese Ladyboy Miran Looks So Hot As She Poses Naked In Her Video at Japan Shemale

The hottest ladyboy on the planet, Miran returns as promised, looking elegant in a sheer black gown, while seductively sipping a glass of red wine, before getting naked and flaunting her amazing body in her latest photo-set and video.

Miran looks so seductive dressed in a sheer nylon night-gown as she lifts the diaphanous material and flaunts her slender, tanned body. Her boobs are supported by a red satin bra and around her hips are matching panties which conceal the bulge of her enormous cock.

Miran’s teeth flashed a beam of whiteness as she smiled and sat with her legs open, rubbing her hand over the bulge of her hard cock through the front of her tight, satin panties.

Miran reached into her panties and her cock emerged fully erect over the elastic waistband and the shaft rubbed against the tan flesh of her lower belly. She opened the front of her gown and pulled down the cups of her red satin bra so her round breasts and perky brown nipples peeked out.

Miran stood and pulled her panties to one side and her lovely hard cock stood out at an angle from her body as her fingers played lightly along the shaft.

Allowing her sheer nightdress to slip and fall away, she stripped off her bra and posed in front off the mirror, admiring her slender frame and lovely rounded titties.

Miran turned and pulled her panties over the pert cheeks of her ass and slipped them down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of her panties and pressed her thick cock back, her heavy balls swinging between her thighs as she spread her tight buttocks with her hands.


Miran – Japanese Newhalf Superstar Oils Up Her Perky Tits and Huge Erection

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Aug 112015
Japanese Newhalf Miran Fit and Tanned Body Plays With Her Cock At Shemale Japan

Japanese newhalf Miran strips off her gold bikini and oils up her tanned fit body, then plays with her huge erection in her 14th video at Shemale Japan

Newhalf superstar Miran returns more beautiful than ever (if that could be possible), with dark red dyed hair and a bronze tan covering the smooth skin of her fit body in her 14th video and photo-set for SMJ.

Miran has become an worldwide sensation ever since she first appeared on SMJ and one of the most recognized newhalfs in the world of transsexual porn. Her spellbinding beauty, flawless body and erect tgirl-cock have kept her fans enthralled for quite a while, and here she is again looking so amazingly sexy in her gold bikini and stiletto heels.

Miran poses and shows off her bronzed body and perky titties covered in baby oil that gives a reflective sheen to her slender frame and limbs. She rubs the ridge of her hard cock that bulges under the tight material of her shiny gold bikini, then pulls aside the crotch and her erection springs out and wobbles stiffly as it stands at a forty-five degree angle from her body.

Miran turns to show off the pert cheeks of her ass in those tight fitting, shiny gold panties, then pulls them to one side and spreads her buttocks to expose the puckered ring of her ladyboy pussy.

Stripping off her her bikini, Miran stands sideways to show the remarkable curve of her supple frame, sliding her hands all over her slender, perfectly formed body and the curve of her lower back and hot little ass.