Mirran – Japanese Transgirl In Hardcore Fuck & Cock Frotting Video

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Jan 062018
Japanese transgirl Miran fucking in uncensored hardcore video at Transex Japan

Japanese transgirl Miran frotting cocks and fucking in uncensored hardcore video at Transex Japan


Over the past few years Miran has become a trans-superstar who is celebrated around the world, appearing in many solo masturbation and hardcore sex scenes.

Take a look at these complete fresh hardcore scenes of Miran at Transex Japan where she enjoys rubbing and frotting her huge erect cock against this guy’s dick! She straddles her lover and wraps her hand around both her own throbbing member and the guys cock and brings him almost to the point of cumming!

Miran knows how to tease a mans cock and is sensitive to the moment when the guy is about to cum by delaying that action for maximum pleasure. She knows how to get him extremely turned on to ensure he gives her butt a real hard fucking!

Miran enjoys riding on her lover’s dick, bouncing up and down on his throbbing erection and squeezing the shaft with the muscles of her tight fucking ass!

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Miran – Tanned Nude Newhalf Wanks Off Her Huge Cock And Cums On Tabletop

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Oct 062014
Newhalf Miran Posing With Her Tanned Fit Body and Hard Cock At Shemale Japan

Tanned newhalf Miran gets naked and wanks off her huge erect cock and ejaculates thick cum onto a glass tabletop in her latest video at Shemale Japan

Miran is one of the most popular newhalfs on Shemale Japan and here she is getting naked and jerking herself off in another great solo video…

Miran smiled in amusement at the size of her thick erection, as her manicured fingers played over the ridge of her stiff cock, trapped behind the stretchy material of her tight fitting yellow swimsuit. She stood to give and even better view of her stiff member, bulging and straining under the stretchy fabric, then she pulled up her swimwear, making the crotch stretch tight, like a hammock around her cock and balls.

Miran bent over and looked between her legs as she pulled her thick cock out from behind the crotch, then pushed her hard erection down so it was framed between her thighs. She waggled it about between her fingers, the thick veins standing out along the shaft and the light shining off the taut skin of her bulbous cockhead.

After a lot of posing and showing off her erect dick standing at an angle from her tanned, lithe body, Miran stripped off and lay on the sofa. She pushed her cock between her thighs so it was sandwiched between the back of her legs, which she then lifted up her legs and crossed at the ankles.

What a gorgeous sight, as she lay there flaunting her thick cock and smooth, round ass, everything on display and presented in a perfect package, just made for fucking. Wrapping her fingers and long nails around her firm buttocks, she pulled the cheeks apart in invitation to cum and fuck the puckered ring of her tight bum hole.

Miran did us proud and finished off by stroking her thick, she-dick in her fist and ejaculating thick gobs of semen onto the glass tabletop. What a star!


Ran Hasegawa – Beautiful Newhalf Gets Naked and Plays With Her Shemale Shecock

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Sep 172014
Ran Hasegawa Japanese Ladyboy Cock Sandwiched Between Her Thighs At Shemale Japan

Beautiful Japanese Newhalf Ran Hasegawa gets naked and plays with her shemale shecock in her debut video

Ran Hasegawa is one of our latest finds and looks so feminine and passable, no-one would believe it possible that she is packing a penis down the front of tight panties…

Her stunning looks, milky white soft skin and thick cock are sure to make her a winner with lovers of pretty tgirls and today we present you with her first photo-set and video….

Sitting on the edge of the bed she looked so beautiful as she chatted with Hiro, crossing and uncrossing her legs to give a flash of the crotch of her red satin panties.

Ran stripped off her dress to show off her fabulous figure and caressing her long, slender legs, she displayed her beautiful feet in their sexy strap-on heels.

Sitting on the bed, she opened her legs and pulled on the elastic of her red satin pantie thong so it was pulled tight like a hammock around her cock and balls.

Ran stripped off her red satin bra to reveal her small tits and bud-like brown nipples and slipped off her panties over her heels. Laying back fully naked on the bed, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of her lovely erection and wanked herself off.

Hiro reached out and wanked her thick cock in his hand, while she fondled her milky white tits and erect nipples. Then she knelt, exposing the puckered ring of her ass and pushed her shemale shlong between her legs, bending her erection right back with the flat of her palm.


Kristel Kisaki Jerks-Off Her Oiled Up Cock And Ejaculates On The Bed Sheets

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Nov 062013
Mixed Race Japanese Ladyboy Wanking Her Erect Cock At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Kristel Kisaki pours oil over her erect cock and jerks herself off she finally ejaculates on the bedsheets in this video at Shemale Japan

In her latest video Kristel shows us just how much she loves sex and playing with her lovely, curved cock…

Kneeling on the bed she lifted her nightie to show off her panties, then pulled them up tight so her heavy balls spread out from the sides of the crotch. Hiro handed her a vibrating wand and she applied the rotating head to the front of her panties and rubbed her cock with it through the flimsy material.

Hiro reached out and pulled at the top of her panties and her stiff cock sprang out erect, then he took the wand and moved it up and down the shaft of her throbbing penis and around the rim of her shiny, purple cockhead.

Kristel reacted to the strong sensation of the wand as Hiro pressed and held it against her cock, causing her to jerk and spasm due to the intense vibrations. She then knelt on the bed with her ass tilted up and her cock and balls on display between the back of her thighs, Hiro once more applied the buzzing vibrator to her genitals.

Afterward, Kristel lay back and rubbed baby-oil over her erect cock, making it look all glistening wet and shiny. Her hand was a blur as it slipped up and down the oiled shaft and fapped it against her tight balls, a look of concentration on her face. She rolled over and started to dry fuck the bed to get some friction, then when she neared her orgasm she lay on her side and ejaculated multiple gobs of thick, white cum onto the bed sheets.


Japanese Shemale Kaede Gets Fucked By Her Boyfriend In Uncensored Hardcore Video

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May 252013
Japanese Ladyboy Kaede Fucking In Hardcore Movie At Shemale Japan

Japanese shemale Kaede get a fucking from her boyfriend then fucks him up the ass in this uncensored hardcore video

Kaede was horny for sex with her boyfriend, so turning around she lifted her skirt to tease him with a view of her panties covering her sweet little ass.

Jiro got down on his knees and put his face right between the cheeks of her butt and savoured the smell of her ass through the soft material of her pretty panties.

Removing her panties, she pulled her ass cheeks to one side and Jiro licked the puckered ring of her anus with lustful abandon, his tongue rimming her perfect butthole and tasting the sweetness of her ass.

Kaede lifted her dress to offer Jiro her stiff cock, so he stuck out his tongue and it glided over the purple crown of her erect prick. She brushed her fingers through Jiro’s hair as he gave her a blow job, which made her utter girly sounds of pleasure as he enthusiastically sucked on her cock.

They both got naked and Jiro lay down on the floor of the shower room while Kaede covered her cock and balls with baby oil. Straddling his hips, she moved her slippery butt crack over the stiff rod of his erect penis, then inserted his cock in her ass and allowed it to slip deep inside her ladyboy pussy.

Kaede’s cock stood hard and erect from her groin as she quickly bounced up and down on Jiro’s cock, and he grabbed her stiff member and jerked it off at the same time.

Jiro then took his turn to have Kaede’s lovely slim cock up his ass and she fucked him hard, while wanking his oiled up erection in her hands.

The pair ended up in the bedroom where they started fucking again on the bed in a series of positions. Jiro pumped his hard prick up her tight, little ass, while she jerked herself off and finally climaxed by squirting hot jizz over her naked belly.


Japanese Shemale Cocoa Teases In Her Sexy Outfit Then Gets Naked And Jerks Off Her Shecock

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Apr 102013
Japanese Newhalf Cocoa Naked Ladyboy Showing Off Her Cock And Jerking Off At Shemale Japan

Japanese Shemale Cocoa Gets Naked And Jerks Off Her Shecock Until She Cums Over Her Belly At Shemale Japan

Newhalf Cocoa is a beautiful looking trap which any man would find attractive and everything about her feminine looks and her sender, honey toned body says, ‘I’m a horny girl, come and fuck me, please!’

Cocoa looked quite funky in her sexy clubbing outfit, wearing an open, short black top which revealed her white bra, a short frilly black skirt that barely covered her thighs and some knee high, fur lined black boots…

Having posed in her outfit she then sat and pulled her bra up her chest to reveal the mounds of her petite breasts with their perky brown nipples. She then slowly opened her legs to show she was wearing some sexy leopard print panties and pulled the stretchy fabric around the bulge of her erect cock.

Cocoa applied the head of a vibrating ‘wand’ to the shaft of her erection through the tight material of her panties that sheathed it and made it grow even harder.

She pulled her panties down to release her stiff member and removed them from over the leather of her shiny boots, then spread her legs so her ass, cock and balls were in full view and applied the wand once more to her throbbing dick.

Pushing her cock and balls forward, she lifted her legs and brought them together so her love making tackle was sandwiched between thighs and offered a view of the brown eye of her anus which looked so inviting and fuckable.

Cocoa finished by laying fully naked on the bed and pumped her cock in her fist until she finally ejaculated her ladyboy cum over the honey toned muscles of her flat belly.


Noa Lijima – Japanese Shemale Shows Off Her New Titties And Plays With Her Hard Cock

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Nov 032012

Noa Iijima Japanese Shemale Shows Off her New Titties And Hard Cock At Shemalejapan

Noa Lijima makes a return visit to Shemale Japan and shows off her new hairstyle, new breasts and plays with her hard cock in her latest video.

Hiro met up with Noa a few weeks ago at the hotel and persuaded her to undo the front of her dress and let us see her brand new breasts. Like a lot of Japanese girls Noa is quite shy is some ways and covered her mouth with her hand as she showed off the perfectly formed, soft mounds of her transsexual titties.

Hiro reached out to fondle and grope her cock through her satin panties and made her get an erection. Her stiffened cock felt uncomfortable behind the front of her tight satin panties, so she pulled it out and was then persuaded to masturbate while she touched and played with the soft, tender nipples of her breasts.

Lifting her legs back, Noa pulled her panties down so they were stretched around her thighs and behind the shaft of her throbbing cock, which was like a big clitoris with a bulbous, purple head which she stroked between her fingers.

Noa stripped out of her dress and in a kneeling position she presented her ass and pushed her erection back between her thighs. Hiro reached out and gave Noa’s prick a helping hand, wanking her shaft and tugging the foreskin back and forth over the shiny, purple crown of her penis.


Jan 122012

Newhalf Sayaka Pretty Ladyboy Cock Wanking Video At Shemale Japan

Pretty Newhalf Sayaka Ayasaki returns to Shemale Japan, flaunting her body and playing with her cock to make herself cum, in her latest video.

Sayaka is real cute looking, with lovely long red hair and a pixie like face, which maybe is due to the fact she is part Chinese.

Sayaka also has a fit, slender body with nice smooth skin and soft, rounded breasts, just like a girl. If it wasn’t for her cock you’d never have guessed she was a transsexual, and boy what a cock!

Sayaka begins her video by showing off her pert ass in those red leather hotpants she’s wearing. Then she takes off her pants and pulls down her fur thong to get out her huge cock for a play.

Sitting on the sofa she shows us her lovely ass as she strokes her cock with manicured fingers wrapped around the shaft.

Sayaka cries out with pleasure as her orgasm nears, and she sits forward to splash her thick white cum over the glass table top.


Japanese Ladyboy Kaede Plays With Her Cock In Satin Lingerie And Stockings

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Dec 212011

Kaede Japan Ladyboy In Blue Satin Corset Opera Gloves and Stockings Video At Shemalejapan

Japanese Ladyboy Kaede looked very sexy in her pale blue satin corset and stockings, and wasted no time getting out her cock to start wanking herself off in her latest video.

Wearing this sexy lingerie outfit made her feel extremely horny, and her stiff cock poked right out the top of her panties. In her excitement she pulled down the waistband of her pantie thong and immediately began to stroke off her rod.

With her hands covered in satin opera gloves, she tugged back the foreskin of her clitty cock, and fondled her tight ball sack.

The lights shone off the dome of her thick purple cockhead as she gripped the shaft with her satin gloved hand, uttering sounds of tgirl pleasure as she stroked her joy stick.

Kaede then knelt and presented her ass to the camera, pulling her cheeks wide apart so the puckered ring of her ass was right up close to the lens.



Erina Aisaki – Japanese Shemale In School Uniform Plays With Her Hard Cock

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Nov 182011

Erina Aisaki Asian Ladyboy Jerking Off In School Uniform Video At Shemalejapan

Japanese shemale Erina Aisaki has finally returned to Shemale Japan, perkier than ever, and I think she needs a little ruler spanking for being so naughty!

With her golden tan and fashionable girly-glam make-up, Erina is an archetype of the trendy Japanese Gyaru subculture, the look of which many young girls have adopted.

Erina is every mans dream of a rebellious, unconventional-looking Gyaru girl, with the exception that this girl has a nice package in her panties. Erina tells us she only goes out with guys that want something a bit special, if you know what I mean.

Dressed as a slutty schoolgirl in short skirt and socks, Erina licks her lips as she strokes her hard clitty cock, right at the start of this video. The way her eyes look as she pouts those glossy lips and tugs her beautiful cock, tell you this girl is a hot little slut, alright!